Mantica, Giorgio

Emergent Complexity from Nonlinearity, in Physics, Engineering and the Life Sciences

Mantica, Giorgio - Emergent Complexity from Nonlinearity, in Physics, Engineering and the Life Sciences, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Classical and Quantum Dynamics

1. Nonlinear Systems Characterization Using Phase Space Density
T. L. Carroll, J. M. Byers

2. Complex Bifurcation of Arnol’d Tongues Generated in Three-Coupled Delayed Logistic Maps
Daiki Ogusu, Shuya Hidaka, Naohiko Inaba, Munehisa Sekikawa, Tetsuro Endo

3. Phase Response Properties of Rulkov Model Neurons
Karlis Kanders, Ruedi Stoop

4. Treating Many-Body Quantum Systems by Means of Classical Mechanics
Andrey R. Kolovsky

5. Mean-Field Transport of a Bose-Einstein Condensate
Samy Mailoud Sekkouri, Sandro Wimberger

Part II. Chaotic Oscillations

6. Continuous and Differentiable Approximation of a TaO Memristor Model for Robust Numerical Simulations
Alon Ascoli, Ronald Tetzlaff, Leon Chua

7. Ultrawideband Microwave 3–7GHz Chaotic Oscillator Implemented as SiGe Integrated Circuit
E. V. Efremova, A. S. Dmitriev

8. Cryptanalysis of a Random Number Generator Based on a Chaotic Oscillator
Salih Ergün

Part III. Networks

9. Experiments on Clustering and Synchronous Patterns in a Configurable Network of Chaotic Oscillators
Soudeh Yaghouti, Carlo Petrarca, Massimiliano Magistris

10. Complex Structures and Behavior from Elementary Adaptive Network Automata
Daniel Wechsler, Ruedi Stoop

11. Hebbian Learning Clustering with Rulkov Neurons
Jenny Held, Tom Lorimer, Carlo Albert, Ruedi Stoop

Part IV. Biological Dynamics

12. Network Physiology: From Neural Plasticity to Organ Network Interactions
Plamen Ch. Ivanov, Kang K. L. Liu, Aijing Lin, Ronny P. Bartsch

13. Temporal Excitation Patterns on the Cerebral Cortex as a Result of Migraine Modeling
Julia M. Kroos, Ibai Diez, Jesus M. Cortes, Sebastiano Stramaglia, Luca Gerardo-Giorda

14. Persistent Memories in Transient Networks
Andrey Babichev, Yuri Dabaghian

15. A Multiplex Network Model to Characterize Brain Atrophy in Structural MRI
Marianna Rocca, Nicola Amoroso, Roberto Bellotti, Domenico Diacono, Alfonso Monaco, Anna Monda, Andrea Tateo, Sabina Tangaro

16. Topological Complex Networks Properties for Gene Community Detection Strategy: DRD2 Case Study
Anna Monda, Nicola Amoroso, Teresa Maria Altomare Basile, Roberto Bellotti, Alessandro Bertolino, Giuseppe Blasi, Pasquale Carlo, Annarita Fanizzi, Marianna Rocca, Tommaso Maggipinto, Alfonso Monaco, Marco Papalino, Giulio Pergola, Sabina Tangaro

17. Power Laws in Neuronal Culture Activity from Limited Availability of a Shared Resource
Damian Berger, Sunghoon Joo, Tom Lorimer, Yoonkey Nam, Ruedi Stoop

Keywords: Physics, Complex Systems, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation, Systems Biology, Mathematical Models of Cognitive Processes and Neural Networks, Biochemistry, general, Statistical Physics and Dynamical Systems

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Springer Proceedings in Physics
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25 pages
Natural Sciences
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