Katsoni, Vicky

Tourism, Culture and Heritage in a Smart Economy

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Table of contents

Part I. ‘Smart’ Cultural Heritage Management

1. Serious Games at the Service of Cultural Heritage and Tourism
Andreas Georgopoulos, Georgia Kontogianni, Christos Koutsaftis, Margarita Skamantzari

2. Dissemination of Environmental Soundscape and Musical Heritage Through 3D Virtual Telepresence
Georgios Heliades, Constantinos Halkiopoulos, Dimitrios Arvanitis

3. Digital Integration of the European Street Art: Tourism, Identity and Scientific Opportunities
Virginia Santamarina-Campos, Blanca de-Miguel-Molina, María de-Miguel-Molina, Marival Segarra-Oña

4. A Hashtag Campaign: A Critical Tool to Transmedia Storytelling Within a Digital Strategy and Its Legal Informatics Issues. A Case Study
Anna Paola Paiano, Giuseppina Passiante, Lara Valente, Marco Mancarella

5. Museums + Instagram
Katerina Lazaridou, Vasiliki Vrana, Dimitrios Paschaloudis

6. Evaluation of Athens as a City Break Destination: Tourist Perspective Explored via Data Mining Techniques
Gerasimos Panas, Georgios Heliades, Constantinos Halkiopoulos, Dimitra Tsavalia, Argyro Bougioura

Part II. Tourism Business Environment—Current Developments and Experiences

7. The Insight of Tourism Operators in Contemporary Business Environment
Eriks Lingeberzins

8. Measuring the Twitter Performance of Hotel E-Mediaries
Vasiliki Vrana, Kostas Zafiropoulos, Konstantinos Antoniadis, Anastasios-Ioannis Theocharidis

9. Modulation of Conditions and Infrastructure for the Integration of Change Management in Tourism Sector
Ioannis Rossidis, Petros Katsimardos, Konstantinos Bouas, George Aspridis, Nikolaos Blanas

10. The Impact of ISO 9001 Quality Management System Implementation in Tourism SMEs
Dimitris Drosos, Michalis Skordoulis, Miltiadis Chalikias, Petros Kalantonis, Aristeidis Papagrigoriou

11. The Concept of the Innovative Tourism Enterprises Assessment Capability
Leszek Koziol, Anna Wojtowicz, Anna Karaś

12. Looking for Determinants of the Environmental Concern at the Hospitality Industry
Angel Peiro-Signes, Marival Segarra-Oña

13. The Importance of Human Resource Management for the Development of Effective Corporate Culture in Hotel Units
Labros Sdrolias, Ioannis Anyfantis, Ioannis Koukoubliakos, Donka Nikova, Ioannis Meleas

14. Human Resource Management, Strategic Leadership Development and the Greek Tourism Sector
Dimitrios Belias, Panagiotis Trivellas, Athanasios Koustelios, Panagiotis Serdaris, Konstantinos Varsanis, Ioanna Grigoriou

15. The Strategic Role of Information Technology in Tourism: The Case of Global Distribution Systems
Dimitris Drosos, Miltiadis Chalikias, Michalis Skordoulis, Petros Kalantonis, Aristeidis Papagrigoriou

16. A Theoretical Model of Weighting and Evaluating the Elements Defining the Change of Organizational Culture
Theodoros Stavrinoudis, Christos Kakarougkas

17. Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Current Aspects
Vasiliki Karagianni, Aristidis Papagrigoriou, Petros Kalantonis, Miltiadis Chalikias, Dimitris Drosos

18. Social Media Tools and (E)Destination: An Italian Case Study
Anna Paola Paiano, Lara Valente, Valentina Ndou, Pasquale Del Vecchio

Part III. Methodological Frameworks, Tools and Approaches for Sustainable Tourism Management

19. PM4SD as a Methodological Framework for Sustainable Tourism
Giusy Cardia, Andrew Jones

20. Project Cultour+: Building Professional Skills on Religious and Thermal Tourism
Afroditi Kamara, Martin Gómez-Ullate, Luis Ochoa-Siguencia, Veronika Joukes, Altheo Valentini

21. The Model Do-Di: An Emerging Methodology for the Management of the Relation Between Tourism, Culture and Development
Giusy Cardia, J. I. Pulido Fernández

22. Participatory Decision-Making for Sustainable Tourism Development in Tunisia
Salma Halioui, Michael Schmidt

23. In Search of Participatory Sustainable Cultural Paths at the Local Level—The Case of Kissamos Province-Crete
Maria Panagiotopoulou, Giorgos Somarakis, Anastasia Stratigea, Vicky Katsoni

24. Digital Strategies to a Local Cultural Tourism Development: Project e-Carnide
Maria Isabel Roque, Maria João Forte

25. Putting Social Innovation into Action: The Case of the Ecotourism at the Dominican Republic
Marival Segarra-Oña, Angel Peiró-Signes

26. Landscape, Culture and Place Marketing—The International Dance Festival in Kalamata, Greece
Sotiria Katsafadou, Alex Deffner

27. Assessment of Impact-Contribution of Cultural Festival in the Tourism Development of Thessaloniki
Sofia Tsiftelidou, Dimitris Kourkouridis, Valia Xanthopoulou-Tsitsoni

28. Is Silver Economy a New Way of Tourism Potential for Greece?
Dimitrios Kyriakou, Dimitrios Belias

29. The Information and Promotion of Rural Tourism in the Globalised Era: The Case of Madeira Island
Elisabete Rodrigues

30. Thermal Spring Health Tourism in Albania: Challenges and Perspectives
Vusal Gambarov, Hecarta Gjinika

31. The Role of Experience in Shaping Student Perception of the Significance of Cultural Heritage
Savvas Makridis, Spyridon Alexiou, Maria Vrasida

32. Forecasting British Tourist Inflows to Portugal Using Google Trends Data
Gorete Dinis, Carlos Costa, Osvaldo Pacheco

Keywords: Business and Management, Tourism Management, Cultural Heritage, Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet), Cultural Economics, Cultural Management, e-Business/e-Commerce

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