Borutzky, Wolfgang

Bond Graphs for Modelling, Control and Fault Diagnosis of Engineering Systems

Borutzky, Wolfgang - Bond Graphs for Modelling, Control and Fault Diagnosis of Engineering Systems, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Bond Graph Theory and Methodology

1. Decomposition of Multiports
Peter C. Breedveld

2. A Method for Minimizing the Set of Equations in Bond Graph Systems with Causal Loops
Jesus Felez

3. Controlled Switched Structures for Bond-Graph Modelling and Simulation of Hybrid Systems
Matías A. Nacusse, Sergio J. Junco

4. Dynamic Causality in Hybrid Bond Graphs
Rebecca Margetts, Roger F. Ngwompo

Part II. Bond Graph Modelling for Fault Diagnosis, Fault Tolerant Control, and Prognosis

5. Integrating Bond Graph-Based Fault Diagnosis and Fault Accommodation Through Inverse Simulation
W. Borutzky

6. Model-Based Diagnosis and Prognosis of Hybrid Dynamical Systems with Dynamically Updated Parameters
Om Prakash, A. K. Samantaray

7. Particle Filter Based Integrated Health Monitoring in Bond Graph Framework
Mayank S. Jha, G. Dauphin-Tanguy, B. Ould-Bouamama

Part III. Thermodynamic Systems and Distributed Parameter Systems

8. Convection Bond Graphs for Thermodynamic Systems
Forbes T. Brown

9. Finite Element Formulation for Computational Fluid Dynamics Framed Within the Bond Graph Theory
Jorge Luis Baliño

10. Model Complexity of Distributed Parameter Systems: An Energy-Based Approach
L. S. Louca

Part IV. Applications

11. Bond Graph Modeling and Simulation of a Vibration Absorber System in Helicopters
Benjamin Boudon, François Malburet, Jean-Claude Carmona

12. Manual Driven Wheelchair Bond Graph Modelling
Abdennasser Fakri, Japie Petrus Vilakazi

13. Bond Graph Modelling and Control of Hyper-Redundant Miniature Robot for In-Vivo Biopsy
Mihir Kumar Sutar, Pushpraj Mani Pathak

14. Bond graph Modeling and Control of Compliant Legged Quadruped Robot
M. M. Gor, P. M. Pathak, A. K. Samantaray, J. M. Yang, S. W. Kwak

15. Modeling and Control of a Wind Turbine
R. Tapia Sánchez, A. Medina Rios

16. Bond-Graph Modelling and Causal Analysis of Biomolecular Systems
Peter J. Gawthrop

Part V. Software

17. Multibody System Modeling, Simulation, and 3D Visualization
Vjekoslav Damić, Majda Čohodar

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Control, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Circuits and Systems, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering

Publication year
2nd ed. 2017
Page amount
17 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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