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Perversion Now!

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Mapping Perversion in the Contemporary World
Diana Caine, Xavier Fourtou, Gyorgyi Koman, Hephzibah Rendle-Short, Colin Wright

Part I. Clinical Reflections from Freud to Lacan

2. Pervert, the Professor?
Xavier Fourtou

3. Exploring Transgression from a Lacanian Perspective
Astrid Gessert

4. Perversion Now
Anne Worthington

5. From a Hierarchy of Desires to an Equivalence of Jouissances
Patrick Landman

6. Perversion and Perversity in Contemporary Love
Gorana Bulat-Manenti

Part II. Symptom or Structure: A Dichotomy?

7. Perversion Since Freud?
Hélène Godefroy

8. A Few Questions About the Idea of Ordinary Perversion
Roland Chemama

9. Perversion in the 21st Century: A Psychoanalytic Conundrum
Dany Nobus

10. Wor(l)ds Apart: Perverse Effects in Postcolonial Times, or a Question of Structure?
Ariana Cziffra

11. Staging the Crucifiction of the Father: Flight 9525’s Game for the Gaze
C. E. Robins

Part III. The Fetish and the Feminine

12. Heads Freud, Tails Lacan: The Question of Feminine Perversion
Gérard Pommier

13. Queer Theory, Sexual Difference and Perversion
Arlette Pellé

14. No Longer a Taboo: Understanding Female Perversion in Motherhood
Estela V. Welldon

Part IV. Sublimation>Sinthome>Culture

15. The Ball-Joint and the Anagram: Perversion and Jouissance in Hans Bellmer
Michael Newman

16. Neither Loss nor Mourning, but Perversion
Diana Kamienny Boczkowski

17. Perversion and Sublimation
Luigi Burzotta

18. The Piano Teacher
Jean-Claude Aguerre

19. Human Versus Mechanical in Lacan: Fetishistic Strategies of Death and Intensity
Željka Matijašević

Part V. Social Discourse, Politics and the Law

20. What Does Sade Teach Us About the Body and the Law?
André Michels

21. Perversion and the Law: From Sade to the ‘Spanner Case’ and Beyond
Colin Wright

22. Narratives of Perversion in the Time of the Psychoanalytic Clinic
Ian Parker

23. Sectarian Discourse: Form of Perversion in Action in Our Modernity
Monique Lauret

24. The Logic of Disavowal in the Production of Subjectivities in the Contemporary World
Maria Izabel Oliveira Szpacenkopf

Keywords: Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology, Sexual Behavior, Self and Identity, Psychoanalysis

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The Palgrave Lacan Series
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