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Biofuels and Bioenergy (BICE2016)

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Table of contents

1. Waste Cooking Oil (WCO) Biodiesel Production Using Calcined Chalk as Heterogeneous Catalyst
Amit Pal, Balbir Singh, Shashank Mohan

2. Synthesis of Biodiesel from Karanja Oil Using Modified Mordenite as a Heterogeneous Catalyst
Shikha Gangil, Virendra Singh Dhakar, Yashwant Parihar, Divya Bhagat, Priyanka Bhawate, Bharat Modhera

3. A Review on Nano-catalyst from Waste for Production of Biofuel-Via-Bioenergy
Rajani Bharati, S. Suresh

4. A Review on Application of Integrated Solar and Bioenergy Based Technology
Anshika Rani, S. Suresh, Anil Kumar

5. Optimization of Mass Flow Rate for N-Flat Plate Collector Integrated Biogas Plant for Winter Season at Srinagar, Kashmir (India) Location for Achieving Superior Performance
Jasleen Bhatti, G. N. Tiwari

6. Synthesis and Characterization of Biodiesel from Simarouba glauca

Sushma Uppinkere Shivramu, Bheema Raju Venkatappa, Chandrasagar Laxman, Balakrishna Gowda, Rajesh Kumar Kodi, Prasanna Kuthi Thamaiah

7. Preparation of Bio-diesel from Jatropha Curcas Oil and Testing of Its Blends with Diesel on a CI Engine
Abhijeet Dubey, Apurv Pant, Savita Dixit, G. Dixit

8. Indian Energy Sector and Analysis of Potential of Bioenergy in India
Rahil Akhtar Usmani

9. Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass into Gaseous Fuel for Electricity Generation
Manikanta Bhavirisetti, V. S. S. P. Sashank Tallapragada, Aparna Pasula, Sabithakala Tatituri

10. Enrichment of Biogas from Biodegradable Solid Waste—A Review
Hemant Kumar Balsora, Pratibha Gautam, Monoj Kumar Mondal

11. Investigation of Waste Frying Oil as a Green Alternative Fuel: An Approach to Reduce NOx Emission
Shrivastava Nitin

12. Utilization of Waste Biomass into Useful Forms of Energy
Arunabha Sarkar, Ghodke Praveen

13. Experimental Investigation on Use of Bitter Apricot Kernel Biodiesel Blends in Single Cylinder Diesel Engine
Virender Singh Gurau, Akash Deep, Sarbjot Singh Sandhu

14. CFD Simulation of a Common Rail Diesel Engine with Biobutanol-Diesel Blends for Various Injection Timings
Venkatesh T. Lamani, Ajay Kumar Yadav, G.N. Kumar

15. Recovery of Reducing Sugar from Food Waste: Optimization of Pretreatment Parameters Using Response Surface Methodology
Marttin Paulraj Gundupalli, Debraj Bhattacharyya

16. Optimizing Bio-energy Crop Farm Profitability with Spatial Distribution of Bio-fuel Refinery Sites
Kevin Duemmel, Anand Plappally

17. Experimental Study on Jatropha Oil Pool Fire in Full Scale Compartment
Avinash Chaudhary, Akhilesh Gupta, Surendra Kumar, Ravi Kumar

18. Rheology of Karanja (Pongamia) Oil Based Biolubricant
Umesh Chandra Sharma, Gagan Anand, Satya Krishna, Piyush Kuchhal, Nippani Satya Krishna, Sadhana Sachan

19. Removal of Phenylacetic Acid from Aqueous Streams
Sapana S. Madan, Kailas L. Wasewar

20. Investigation of the Kinematic Viscosity of Cottonseed, Palm, Soybean and Jatropha Biodiesel with Diesel Fuel
S. Madiwale, V. Bhojwani

21. Blending of Practices: A Study of Selected Biofuels Complex in India
Rahul Shukla, Sambit Mallick

22. Use of Vegetable Oil as a Fuel in Diesel Engine—A Review
Shiyasharan Patel, Nitin Shrivastava

23. Manufacturing of Biodiesel from Mahua (Madhuca Indica) Oil
Utkarsh, D. Mahto, Arbind Kumar

24. Influence of Intake Air Pre-Heat on a Diesel Engine Operating on Ethanol in Dual Fuel Mode
D. K. Jamuwa, D. Sharma, S. L. Soni

25. Experimental Investigation of the Performance and Emission Parameters of Stationary CI Engine Using Methyl Esters of Karanja and Fumigated Ethanol
D. K. Jamuwa, D. Sharma, S. L. Soni, Amit Sharma

26. Biogas Quality Upgradation Using Musa bulbasiana: A Study on Domestic Biogas Plant
Pinak Pani Baruah, Plaban Bora, Dhanapati Deka

27. Structural and Optoelectronic Properties of Nano Carbons Synthesized by Simple Pyrolysis of Bamboo
Bhagyashree Pani, Puspalata Pattojoshi, Udai P. Singh

28. A Review on Vermicomposting of Different Leaf Litters
Rajesh Babu Katiyar, S. Suresh, A. K. Sharma

29. Hydrogen Gas Generation from Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Pre-Treated Rice Straw by Bacteria Through Dark Fermentation
R. Singh, C. Srivastava, M. Srivastava

30. Review on Microbial Fuel Cell Energy Enhancement Using Nano Materials
Samatha Singh, S. Suresh

Keywords: Energy, Renewable and Green Energy, Physics of Energy Technology, Renewable and Green Energy

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