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Table of contents

1. 2001: Principles for Designing Computer Music Controllers
Perry Cook

2. 2001: Problems and Prospects for Intimate Musical Control of Computers
David Wessel, Matthew Wright

3. 2002: The Importance of Parameter Mapping in Electronic Instrument Design
Andy Hunt, Marcelo M. Wanderley, Matthew Paradis

4. 2002: Multimodal Interaction in Music Using the Electromyogram and Relative Position Sensing
Atau Tanaka, R. Benjamin Knapp

5. 2002: The Plank: Designing a Simple Haptic Controller
Bill Verplank, Michael Gurevich, Max Mathews

6. 2003: Contexts of Collaborative Musical Experiences
Tina Blaine, Sidney Fels

7. 2003: Sonigraphical Instruments: From FMOL to the reacTable*
Sergi Jordà

8. 2003: Designing, Playing, and Performing with a Vision-Based Mouth Interface
Michael J. Lyons, Michael Hähnel, Nobuji Tetsutani

9. 2003: OpenSound Control: State of the Art 2003
Matthew Wright, Adrian Freed, Ali Momeni

10. 2004: The Electronic Sitar Controller
Ajay Kapur, Ariel J. Lazier, Philip Davidson, R. Scott Wilson, Perry R. Cook

11. 2004: PebbleBox and CrumbleBag: Tactile Interfaces for Granular Synthesis
Sile O’Modhrain, Georg Essl

12. 2004: Toward a Generalized Friction Controller: From the Bowed String to Unusual Musical Instruments
Stefania Serafin, Diana Young

13. 2004: On-the-Fly Programming: Using Code as an Expressive Musical Instrument
Ge Wang, Perry R. Cook

14. 2005: Towards a Dimension Space for Musical Devices
David Birnbaum, Rebecca Fiebrink, Joseph Malloch, Marcelo M. Wanderley

15. 2005: The Overtone Violin
Dan Overholt

16. 2006: Sensemble: A Wireless, Compact, Multi-user Sensor System for Interactive Dance
Ryan Aylward, Joseph A. Paradiso

17. 2006: Mobile Music Technology: Report on an Emerging Community
Lalya Gaye, Lars Erik Holmquist, Frauke Behrendt, Atau Tanaka

18. 2007: Wireless Sensor Interface and Gesture-Follower for Music Pedagogy
Frederic Bevilacqua, Fabrice Guédy, Norbert Schnell, Emmanuel Fléty, Nicolas Leroy

19. 2007: Don’t Forget the Laptop: Using Native Input Capabilities for Expressive Musical Control
Rebecca Fiebrink, Ge Wang, Perry R. Cook

20. 2007: Expression and Its Discontents: Toward an Ecology of Musical Creation
Michael Gurevich, Jeffrey Treviño

21. 2007: The Acoustic, the Digital and the Body: A Survey on Musical Instruments
Thor Magnusson, Enrike Hurtado

22. 2008: Eight Years of Practice on the Hyper-Flute: Technological and Musical Perspectives
Cléo Palacio-Quintin

23. 2009: A History of Hemispherical Speakers at Princeton, Plus a DIY Guide
Scott Smallwood, Perry Cook, Dan Trueman, Lawrence McIntyre

24. 2011: Satellite CCRMA: A Musical Interaction and Sound Synthesis Platform
Edgar Berdahl, Wendy Ju

25. 2012: The Fingerphone: A Case Study of Sustainable Instrument Redesign
Adrian Freed

26. 2012: To Be Inside Someone Else’s Dream: Music for Sleeping and Waking Minds
Gascia Ouzounian, R. Benjamin Knapp, Eric Lyon, R. Luke DuBois

27. 2012: TouchKeys: Capacitive Multi-touch Sensing on a Physical Keyboard
Andrew McPherson

28. 2013: The Web Browser as Synthesizer and Interface
Charles Roberts, Graham Wakefield, Matthew Wright

29. 2014: To Gesture or Not? An Analysis of Terminology in NIME Proceedings 2001–2013
Alexander Refsum Jensenius

30. 2015: Fourteen Years of NIME: The Value and Meaning of ‘Community’ in Interactive Music Research
Adnan Marquez-Borbon, Paul Stapleton

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Acoustics, Music, Acoustics

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Current Research in Systematic Musicology
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