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Energy and Thermal Management, Air Conditioning, Waste Heat Recovery

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Table of contents

Part I. Thermal Management, Approaches to Optimization

1. Hybrid-Optimized Engine Cooling Concept
Christoph Käppner, Jörg Fritzsche, Nuria Garrido Gonzalez, Holger Lange

2. Analytical Description of Thermal Control Circuits in Vehicles
Alexander Herzog, Carolina Pelka, Frank Skorupa

Part II. Waste Heat Utilization, Rankine Cycle

3. High-Throughput Screening of ORC Fluids for Mobile Applications
Markus Preißinger, Johannes Schwöbel, Andreas Klamt, Dieter Brüggemann

4. Assessment of Evaporators Used in Waste Heat Recovery Rankine Cycle Based Systems for Heavy Duty Truck Application
Vincent Grelet, Pierre Tipner

5. Integration of a Piston Expander for Exhaust Heat Recovery in a Long Haul Truck
Rémi Daccord, Julien Melis, Antoine Darmedru, Edouard Davin, Antoine Debaise, Brice Mandard, Alexandre Bouillot, Stéphane Watts, Xavier Durand

Part III. Air-Conditioning, Thermal Comfort

6. Energy-Efficient Climate Control in Electric Vehicles Through Innovative Sensor Technology and Novel Methods for Thermal Comfort Evaluation
Henning Metzmacher, Daniel Wölki, Carolin Schmidt, Jérôme Frisch, Christoph Treeck

7. Concepts for Comfortable Air-Conditioning – Simulation Using a Zonal Cabin Model and a Metrological Evaluation Based on Equivalent Temperature
Sebastian Stratbücker, Sumee Park, Arnav Pathak, Victor Norrefeldt, Gunnar Grün

8. Reduced Climate Control Unit for Individual Interior Comfort
Thomas Wysocki, Christine Junior, Johannes Ritter

Part IV. Thermal Management, Consumption Optimization

9. Condensation in Exhaust Gas Coolers
Nuria Garrido González

Part V. Waste Heat Utilization, Thermoelectrics, Heat Storage Systems

10. Reproducibility and Reliability in Manufacturing New High-Temperature Thermoelectric Modules
Karina Tarantik, Martin Kluge, Kilian Bartholomé, Eugen Geczi, Uwe Vetter, Mark Vergez, Jan König

11. Thermoelectrics – An Opportunity for the Automotive Industry?
Daniel Jänsch, Jens Lauterbach, Markus Pohle, Peter Steinberg

Part VI. Energy Management, Ventilation

12. Monitoring the Fresh-Air Flow Rate for Energy-Efficient Bus Ventilation
Kemal-Edip Yildirim, Matthias Finkenrath, Mehmet Gökoglu, Frank Seidel

Part VII. Air-Conditioning, Approaches to Optimization

13. Amelioration of Energy Efficiency for Refrigeration Cycles by Means of Ejectors
Ahrendts Fabian, Thoma Werner, Köhler Jürgen

14. Performance Control of Refrigeration Cycles by Adjustment of the Composition of the Working Fluid
T. Tokan, E. Aeini, S. Kabelac

15. New Concept for High-Efficient Cooling Systems Based on Solid-State Caloric Materials as Refrigerant
Kilian Bartholomé, T. Hess, M. Winkler, A. Mahlke, J. König

Keywords: Energy, Energy Efficiency, Automotive Engineering, Transportation

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