Dinçer, Hasan

Risk Management, Strategic Thinking and Leadership in the Financial Services Industry

Dinçer, Hasan - Risk Management, Strategic Thinking and Leadership in the Financial Services Industry, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Economic Outlook and Expectations for the Financial Services Industry

1. Global Economic Outlook
Gökçe Çiçek Ceyhun

2. Sustainable and Inclusive Finance in Turkey
Sibel Yılmaz Türkmen, Gülcan Çağıl

3. Monetary Policy Divergence and Central Banking in the New Era
Bilal Bagis

4. In Looking into the Foreign Exchange Risk Management
Asim K. Karmakar, Sovik Mukherjee

5. The Link Between Dollarization and Its Determinants in Turkey
Ozlem Tasseven

6. Enhancing the Risk Management Functions in Banking: Capital Allocation and Banking Regulations
Serpil Kuzucu, Narman Kuzucu

Part II. Managing Risks in Capital Markets

7. The Calibration of Market Risk Measures During Period of Economic Downturn: Market Risks and Measures
John Weirstrass Muteba Mwamba

8. Computation of Operational Value at Risk Using the Severity Distribution Model Based on Bayesian Method with Gibbs Sampler
John Weirstrass Muteba Mwamba

9. Liquidity Risk and Optimal Redemption Policies for Illiquid Investments
Cenk C. Karahan

10. Credit Derivatives, Their Risks and Role in Global Financial Crisis
Fatma Sezer Dural

11. An Approach to Measure Financial Risk Relative Indices: A Case Study of Indonesian Insurance Companies
Heri Kuswanto

Part III. Volatility, Hedging and Strategy in Risky Environment

12. Extreme Value Theory in Finance: A Way to Forecast Unexpected Circumstances
B. Esra Aslanertik, Sabri Erdem, Gülüzar Kurt Gümüş

13. Value at Risk Performance of Emerging Market Equity Portfolios During the Fed’s Tapering
Mehmet Baha Karan, Ertuğrul Umut Uysal, Mustafa Kaya

14. Jumps and Earnings Announcement: Empirical Evidence from An Emerging Market Using High Frequency Data
Shabir A. A. Saleem, Abdullah Yalaman

15. Hedging Scenarios Under Competition: Exploring the Impact of Competitors’ Hedging Practices
Genco Fas, Kerem Senel

16. Option Strategies and Exotic Options: Tools for Hedging or Source of Financial Instability?
Sıtkı Sönmezer

Part IV. Risk-Based Audit and the Structured Finance

17. Risk Based Internal Audit
Ali Görener

18. Recent Financial Crisis and the Structured Finance: Accounting Perspective for Future
Soner Gokten, Pınar Okan Gokten

19. Compliance and Reporting Trends: Essential Strategies
Semen Son-Turan

20. Developing a Risk Management Framework and Risk Assessment for Non-profit Organizations: A Case Study
Elif Karakaya, Gencay Karakaya

Part V. Culture and Leadership in Risk Management

21. Giving Risk Management Culture a Role in Strategic Planning
Tuba Bozaykut-Bük

22. Agile Intrapreneurship in Volatile Business Environment: Changing Roles of Financial Managers and Risk Takers According to Schumpeterian Approach
Tuna Uslu

23. Emerging Trends in the Post-Regulatory Environment: The Importance of Instilling Trust
Semen Son-Turan

24. The Effect of National Culture on Corporate Financial Decisions
Emin Huseyin Cetenak, Ayse Cingoz, Elif Acar

25. Human Side of Strategic Alliances, Cooperations and Manoeuvrings During Recession and Crisis
Tuna Uslu

Keywords: Finance, Risk Management, Business Strategy/Leadership, Macroeconomics/Monetary Economics//Financial Economics

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