Fineschi, Massimo

Atlas of FFR-Guided Percutaneous Coronary Interventions

Fineschi, Massimo - Atlas of FFR-Guided Percutaneous Coronary Interventions, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Setting the Stage

1. Setting the Stage: How to Perform Intracoronary Pressure Measurements
Edoardo Verna, Tommaso Gori

Part II. Clinical Cases

2. Starting Easy: FFR in a High-Grade Stenosis
Tommaso Gori

3. Another Easy one: This Time in the Other Direction
Tommaso Gori

4. A False-Positive FFR: Drift and Failure to Equalize may cause Troubles!
Boris Schnorbus

5. A Negative FFR (Intracoronary Adenosine Bolus)
Tommaso Gori

6. The Assessment of Diffuse Disease
Tommaso Gori

7. Decision-Making in a Long Lesion: Full Metal Jacket or Spot Stenting?
Salvatore Brugaletta

8. When the Pd/Pa Is Already Significant: A “Quick and Clean” FFR
Tommaso Gori

9. Contrast-Induced Hyperemia and FFR: Slightly Slower but still “Quick and Clean”
Tommaso Gori

10. Reproducibility of FFR
Tommaso Gori

11. Long-Term Repeatability of FFR: Twin Measurements with Two Years In-Between
Massimo Fineschi

12. A Positive FFR in the Absence of Visible Stenosis: Where Is the Problem?
Salvatore Brugaletta

13. Instantaneous Wave-Free Ratio Assessment
Matthias Götberg

14. Simplifying Angioplasty: From Three-Vessel to One-Vessel Disease
Justin E. Davies, Sayan Sen

15. FFR to Determine Stent Length: When the Play Gets Tough
Vasileios F. Panoulas, Antonio Colombo

16. Multiple Lesions, Multiple Measures
Tommaso Gori

17. Sequential Lesions and Bioresorbable Scaffolds
Hiroyoshi Kawamoto, Vasileios F. Panoulas, Antonio Colombo

18. FFR for a Lesion in the Left Main: No One Is So Blind As Those Who Will Not See
Alexander Jabs, Ulrich Hink

19. Imaging of Ostial Lesions: How Reliable Is It?
Salvatore Brugaletta

20. A Complex Left Main Disease
Massimo Fineschi

21. Bifurcation Lesions: A Quicker Solution for Re-entry
Riccardo Turri, Carlo Penzo, Andrea Pacchioni, Salvatore Saccà, Bernhard Reimers

22. A Bifurcation with Surprise
Tommaso Gori

23. A Wire in Jail
Hiroyoshi Kawamoto, Vasileios F. Panoulas, Antonio Colombo

24. Mismatch Between Imaging and Functional Relevance of Coronary Stenoses: Seeing Is Not Believing
Tommaso Gori, Ulrich Hink

25. FFR or IVUS for Small Vessels?
Tadashi Miyazaki, Antonio Colombo

26. Same IVUS, Same Vessel, Different FFR
Katsumasa Sato, Vasileios F. Panoulas, Antonio Colombo

27. In-Stent Restenosis
Massimo Fineschi

28. In-Stent Restenosis with a Twist
Vasileios F. Panoulas, Antonio Colombo

29. Using FFR to Detect Ischemia in Myocardial Bridge Lesions
Tommaso Gori, Massimo Fineschi

Massimo Fineschi

31. A Normal Fractional and Coronary Flow Reserve
Tommaso Gori

32. Impaired Fractional and Coronary Flow Reserve
Tommaso Gori

33. High-Grade Epicardial Stenosis with Microvascular Compensation
Tommaso Gori

34. Threshold FFR, Impaired CFR, and IMR: Macrovascular or Microvascular Disease?
Ascan Warnholtz, Tommaso Gori

35. Coronary Slow Flow in a Patient with Myocarditis
Tommaso Gori

36. A Complex Combination of Microvascular and Macrovascular Diseases
Tommaso Gori

37. The Impact of Venous Pressure on FFR: Do Diuretics Affect FFR?
Tommaso Gori

38. FFR Provides Indication on Myocardial Viability
Massimo Fineschi

39. FFR in a Bypass
Tommaso Gori

40. Heart Failure: Really Idiopathic?
Massimo Fineschi, Tommaso Gori

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