Lasaponara, Rosa

The Ancient Nasca World

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Table of contents

1. Thirty Years of Investigations in Nasca: From Proyecto Nasca to the ITACA Mission
Giuseppe Orefici, Nicola Masini, Rosa Lasaponara

2. The Nasca Area and Its Environment
Giuseppe Orefici, Josué Lancho Rojas

3. The Geology of Cahuachi
Marco Delle Rose

4. Nasca Historical and Cultural Analysis
Giuseppe Orefici

5. Anthropology and Bio-cultural Adaptation of the Ancient Nasca Inhabitants
Andrea Drusini

6. The Role of Plants in the Nasca Culture
Luigi Piacenza

7. The Paracas–Nasca Cultural Sequence
Giuseppe Orefici

8. Religion in Nasca Culture
Giuseppe Orefici

9. The Functions and Distribution of Space in the Urban and Religious Centers of the Río Nasca Valley
Giuseppe Orefici

10. Petroglyphic Images and the Sacred Valleys
Giuseppe Orefici

11. Nasca Geoglyphs: Technical Aspects and Overview of Studies and Interpretations
Nicola Masini, Giuseppe Orefici, Josué Lancho Rojas

12. Cahuachi and Pampa de Atarco: Towards Greater Comprehension of Nasca Geoglyphs
Nicola Masini, Giuseppe Orefici, Maria Danese, Antonio Pecci, Manuela Scavone, Rosa Lasaponara

Puquios: The Nasca Response to Water Shortage
Rosa Lasaponara, Josué Lancho Rojas, Nicola Masini

14. The Ceremonial Center of Cahuachi: Its Origins and Evolution
Giuseppe Orefici

15. Cahuachi Architecture
Giuseppe Orefici

16. Recent Discoveries in Cahuachi: The Templo Sur

Giuseppe Orefici

17. Nasca Antaras and Whistles: A Musicological Study
Anna Gruszczyńska-Ziółkowska

18. Cahuachi and the Paracas Peninsula: Identifying Nasca Textiles at the Necropolis of Wari Kayan
Mary Frame

19. The Decline of Cahuachi and the End of the Nasca Theocracy
Giuseppe Orefici

20. Remote Sensing and Geophysics for the Study of the Human Past in the Nasca Drainage
Nicola Masini, Enzo Rizzo, Luigi Capozzoli, Giovanni Leucci, Antonio Pecci, Gerardo Romano, Maria Sileo, Rosa Lasaponara

21. Satellite SAR Remote Sensing in Nasca
Francesca Cigna, Deodato Tapete

Puquios: New Insights from the Integration of Remote Sensing, GIS-Based Analyses and Geophysical Investigations
Rosa Lasaponara, Gabriele Nolè, Enzo Rizzo, Luigi Capozzoli, Gerardo Romano, Maria Danese, Nicola Masini

23. Geomatics Applications in Cahuachi and Nasca Territory
Gabriele Bitelli, Emanuele Mandanici

24. The Polychromy of Nasca Pottery: A Nondestructive Analytical Approach for Compositional and Mineralogical Investigation of Pigments
Lighea Pappalardo, Nicola Masini, Francesca Rizzo, Francesco Paolo Romano

25. Combating Illegal Excavations
in Cahuachi: Ancient Problems and Modern Technologies
Rosa Lasaponara, Nicola Masini

26. Nasca Lines: Space Tracking of Vandalism
Nicola Masini, Maria Danese, Antonio Pecci, Manuela Scavone, Rosa Lasaponara

Keywords: Social Sciences, Archaeology, Geology, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry, Physical Geography, Anthropology, Earth System Sciences

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