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Eye Tracking and Visualization

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Table of contents

Part I. Visualization, Visual Analytics, and User Interfaces

1. A Task-Based View on the Visual Analysis of Eye-Tracking Data
Kuno Kurzhals, Michael Burch, Tanja Blascheck, Gennady Andrienko, Natalia Andrienko, Daniel Weiskopf

2. Interactive Visualization for Understanding of Attention Patterns
Truong-Huy D. Nguyen, Magy Seif El-Nasr, Derek M. Isaacowitz

3. The VERP Explorer: A Tool for Exploring Eye Movements of Visual-Cognitive Tasks Using Recurrence Plots
Çağatay Demiralp, Jesse Cirimele, Jeffrey Heer, Stuart K. Card

4. Gaze Visualization for Immersive Video
Thomas Löwe, Michael Stengel, Emmy-Charlotte Förster, Steve Grogorick, Marcus Magnor

5. Capturing You Watching You: Characterizing Visual-Motor Dynamics in Touchscreen Interactions
Leslie M. Blaha, Joseph W. Houpt, Mary E. Frame, Jacob A. Kern

6. Visualizing Eye Movements in Formal Cognitive Models
J. Timothy Balint, Brad Reynolds, Leslie M. Blaha, Tim Halverson

7. Word-Sized Eye-Tracking Visualizations
Fabian Beck, Tanja Blascheck, Thomas Ertl, Daniel Weiskopf

8. GazeGIS: A Gaze-Based Reading and Dynamic Geographic Information System
Laura G. Tateosian, Michelle Glatz, Makiko Shukunobe, Pankaj Chopra

Part II. Data and Metrics

9. Unsupervised Clustering of EOG as a Viable Substitute for Optical Eye Tracking
Nina Flad, Tatiana Fomina, Heinrich H. Buelthoff, Lewis L. Chuang

10. Accuracy of Monocular Gaze Tracking on 3D Geometry
Xi Wang, David Lindlbauer, Christian Lessig, Marc Alexa

11. 3D Saliency from Eye Tracking with Tomography
Bo Ma, Eakta Jain, Alireza Entezari

12. Visual Data Cleansing of Low-Level Eye-Tracking Data
Christoph Schulz, Michael Burch, Fabian Beck, Daniel Weiskopf

13. Visualizing Dynamic Ambient/Focal Attention with Coefficient


A. T. Duchowski, K. Krejtz

14. Eye Fixation Metrics for Large Scale Evaluation and Comparison of Information Visualizations
Zoya Bylinskii, Michelle A. Borkin, Nam Wook Kim, Hanspeter Pfister, Aude Oliva

Keywords: Mathematics, Visualization, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Computer Graphics, Statistics for Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

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Mathematics and Visualization
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12 pages
Natural Sciences
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