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Global Financial Crisis and Its Ramifications on Capital Markets

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Table of contents

Part I. 2008–2009 Financial Crisis, International Financial Institutions and Regulation

1. The 2008–2009 Financial Crisis in Historical Context
Mevlüt Tatlıyer

2. Global Economy at Turmoil
Gökçe Çiçek Ceyhun

3. International Financial Centers After the 2008–2009 Global Financial Crisis
Mehmet Fatih Bayramoglu, Sinan Yilmaz

4. Economic Crisis and the Changes in Functioning of International Financial Institutions: The Case of European Developing Countries
Ljiljana Kontić

5. Deindustrialization, Public Debts and Euro Crisis
Engin Sorhun

6. Public Debt Management in Developed Economies During the Crisis
Christophe Schalck

7. Fiscal Framework Changes in European Monetary Union Before and After Sovereign Debt Crisis
Hale Kırmızıoğlu

8. The Impact of the Eurozone Crisis on Turkish Foreign Trade
İmre Ersoy, Bilgehan Baykal

9. Regulating Financial Markets After the Global Crisis
Narman Kuzucu

10. Fiscal Sustainability in the G-7 Countries
Ece H. Guleryuz

11. Monetary Coordination and Regulation Policies of Spillover Effects on Asset Dynamics
Erdem Kilic

12. Is the Link Between the Real and Financial Sectors Affected by Mechanism of Governance? A Cross-Country Analysis in Asia
Kamal Ray, Ramesh Chandra Das

Part II. Assessment of Financial Stability in Emerging Markets and Business Cycles

13. External Financial Conditions and Slower Growth in Emerging Economies: 2013–2015
Ece H. Guleryuz

14. Mortgaging the Future? Contagious Financial Crises in the Recent Past and Their Implications for BRICS Economies
Asim K. Karmakar, Sovik Mukherjee

15. Assessment of Financial Stability in Emerging Economies: Evidence from Nigeria
Abiola A. Babajide, Felicia O. Olokoyo

16. Emerging Market Economies and International Business Cycle Fluctuations
Serpil Kuzucu

17. Financial Conditions Index as a Leading Indicator of Business Cycles in Turkey
Umit Bulut

18. Feasibility of Financial Inclusion Mission in India Under Reform and Global Financial Crisis
Ramesh Chandra Das, Kamal Ray

19. Renewable Energy Financing with a Sustainable Financial System Following the 2008 Financial Crisis in Developing Countries
Gülcan Çağıl, Sibel Yilmaz Turkmen

20. The Impact of Russian Economy on the Trade, Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth of Turkey: Pre- and Post-Global Financial Crisis
Ayhan Kapusuzoglu, Nildag Basak Ceylan

21. Export Diversification in Emerging Economies
Hatice Karahan

22. Equity and Debt Financing Strategies to Fuel Global Business Operations During Crisis
Muhammad Azeem Qureshi, Tanveer Ahsan, Toseef Azid

Part III. Market Anomalies and Price Fluctuations in Capital Markets During Crisis

23. Stock Market Development and Economic Growth: The Case of MSCI Emerging Market Index Countries
Veli Akel, Talip Torun

24. Turkish Banking System: Maturing with Crises
Gonca Atici, Guner Gursoy

25. Investigating the Relationship Between Liquidity and Financial Performance in Turkish Banking Sector: A Pre and Post 2008 Financial Crisis Assessment
Kartal Demirgunes, Gulbahar Ucler

26. Market Risk Instruments and Portfolio Inflows in African Frontier Economies
Kehinde A. Adetiloye, Joseph N. Taiwo, Moses M. Duruji

27. The Systemic Benefits of Islamic Banking and Finance Practices: A Comparative Study
Mehdi Sadeghi

28. Determinants of the Credit Risk in Developing Countries After Economic Crisis: A Case of Turkish Banking Sector
Serhat Yüksel

29. Credit Risk Evaluation of Turkish Households Aftermath the 2008 Financial Crisis
Mustafa Kaya, Özgür Arslan-Ayaydin, Mehmet Baha Karan

30. International Credit Default Swaps Market During European Crisis: A Markov Switching Approach
Ayben Koy

31. Does Reputation still Matter to Credit Rating Agencies?
Serkan Cankaya

32. Price Fluctuations in Econophysics
Tolga Ulusoy

33. Forecasting Emerging Market Volatility in Crisis Period: Comparing Traditional GARCH with High-Frequency Based Models
Abdullah Yalaman, Shabir A. A. Saleem

34. Calendar Anomalies in Stock Markets During Financial Crisis: The S&P 500 Case
Evangelos Vasileiou

35. Day of the Week Effect in the Stock Markets of Fragile Five Countries After 2008 Global Financial Crisis
Murat Akbalik, Nasif Ozkan

36. Market Volatility, Beta, and Risks in Emerging Markets
László Nagy, Mihály Ormos, Dusán Timotity

Part IV. Impact of Crisis, Economic Recovery and Sectoral Developments

37. The Relationship Between Firm Size and Export Sales: Sector or Size, What Matters?
Niyazi Berk, Belma Öztürkkal

38. The Relationship Between Economic Development and Female Labor Force Participation Rate: A Panel Data Analysis
Ozlem Tasseven

39. The Impact of the 2008–2009 Global Financial Crisis on Employment Creation and Retention in the Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) Mining Sub-sector in South Africa
Mavhungu Abel Mafukata

40. The Effects of the Crisis on Nautical Tourism: An Analysis of the Italian Situation Regarding Port Features, Linked Economic Activities and Taxation
Enrico Ivaldi, Riccardo Soliani, Gian Marco Ugolini

41. Shipbuilding in Italy at the End of the Crisis: Is There a Road to Recovery?
Enrico Ivaldi, Riccardo Soliani, Gian Marco Ugolini

42. Life Insurance Reforms and Capital Formation Development: Lessons for Nigeria
Patrick O. Eke, Felicia O. Olokoyo

43. Innovation During and Beyond the Economic Crisis
Ayşe Saime Döner

Keywords: Economics, Macroeconomics/Monetary Economics//Financial Economics, International Economics, Capital Markets, Trade, Public Finance, Entrepreneurship

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