Izak, Michał

The Future of University Education

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: The Future of University Education
Michał Izak, Monika Kostera, Michał Zawadzki

Part I. Dissecting the Status Quo

2. Academic Freedom in the Corporate University: Squandering Our Inheritance?
Carl Rhodes

3. The University of the Common: Beyond the Contradictions of Higher Education Subsumed under Capital
Krystian Szadkowski

4. “The Last in the Food Chain”: Dignity of Polish Junior Academics and Doctoral Candidates in the Face of Performance Management
Michał Zawadzki

5. The Culture of Control in the Contemporary University
Łukasz Sułkowski

Part II. University in Context

6. Living in a World of Foam: Global Ideas, Bubbles, Institutions and the Fairy Tale of Business Education
Carmelo Mazza, Paolo Quattrone

7. The Future of the University? Social Activism among Young Polish Scholars
Krzysztof Leja, Anna M. Kola

8. University as a Terminal: Socio-Material Infrastructure for Post-Neoliberal Society
Krzysztof Nawratek

Part III. Teaching and Research

9. McLearning and the So-Called Knowledge Society: An Essay
Roy Jacques

10. Neoliberalism’s War against Higher Education and the Role of Public Intellectuals
Henry A. Giroux

11. Re-Imagining Business Schools of the Future as Places of Theorizing
Hugo Gaggiotti, Peter Simpson, Svetlana Cicmil

12. Re-Integrating the Professional Learner: The Complementarity of Teaching and Research in Academic Life
David Sims

Part IV. Into the Future

13. Escape from the Neo-Liberal Higher Education Prison: A Proposal for a New Digital Communist University
Roger Hallam

14. A Curious and Collaborative Future
Todd Hannula

15. Speculations on University Futures in 2025: Corporate Cloning, Intellectual Underground, and a New Critical Awareness
George Cairns

16. 2021: A Campus Odyssey
Monika Kostera

17. Anti-Coda
Michał Izak, Monika Kostera, Michał Zawadzki

Keywords: Education, Sociology of Education, Higher Education, Educational Policy and Politics, Sociology of Education, Education Policy

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Palgrave Critical University Studies
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13 pages
Upbringing, Education
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