Ghorbanpour, Mansour

Nanoscience and Plant–Soil Systems

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Table of contents

Part 1. Nanoscience and Nanomaterials

1. An Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
G. Ali Mansoori

2. Biosynthesis of Metal and Semiconductor Nanoparticles, Scale-Up, and Their Applications
Mojtaba Salouti, Neda Faghri Zonooz

3. Nanomaterial and Nanoparticle: Origin and Activity
Cristina Buzea, Ivan Pacheco

Part II. Nanomaterials in Soil Environment

4. Engineered Nanomaterials’ Effects on Soil Properties: Problems and Advances in Investigation
Vera Terekhova, Marina Gladkova, Eugeny Milanovskiy, Kamila Kydralieva

5. Nanomaterial Effects on Soil Microorganisms
Ebrahim Karimi, Ehsan Mohseni Fard

6. Synthesis and Characterization of Pure and Doped ZnO Nanostructures for Antimicrobial Applications: Effect of Dopant Concentration with Their Mechanism of Action
Khanuja Manika, Uma, Ajit Varma

7. Behavior of Nanomaterials in Soft Soils: A Case Study
Zaid Hameed Majeed, Mohd Raihan Taha

8. Potentiality of Earthworms as Bioremediating Agent for Nanoparticles
Shweta Yadav

9. Remediation of Environmental Pollutants Using Nanoclays
Mohsen Soleimani, Nasibeh Amini

10. The Role of Nanomaterials in Water Desalination: Nanocomposite Electrodialysis Ion-Exchange Membranes
Sayed Mohsen Hosseini, Sayed Siavash Madaeni

11. Nano-fertilizers and Nutrient Transformations in Soil
Kizhaeral S. Subramanian, M. Thirunavukkarasu

Part III. Nanomaterials in Plant Systems

12. Nanoparticle Interaction with Plants
Ivan Pacheco, Cristina Buzea

13. Stimulatory and Inhibitory Effects of Nanoparticulates on Seed Germination and Seedling Vigor Indices
Mehrnaz Hatami

14. Role of Nanoparticles on Plant Growth with Special Emphasis on Piriformospora indica: A Review
Ajit Varma, Uma, Khanuja Manika

15. Application of Nanofertilizer and Nanopesticides for Improvements in Crop Production and Protection
Mujeebur Rahman Khan, Tanveer Fatima Rizvi

16. Engineered Nanomaterials and Their Interactions with Plant Cells: Injury Indices and Detoxification Pathways
Mansour Ghorbanpour, Javad Hadian

17. Gold Nanoparticles from Plant System: Synthesis, Characterization and their Application
Azamal Husen

18. Encapsulation of Nanomaterials and Production of Nanofertilizers and Nanopesticides: Insecticides for Agri-food Production and Plant Disease Treatment
Nahid Sarlak, Asghar Taherifar

19. Simultaneous Determination of Pesticides at Trace Levels in Water Using Functionalized Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes as Solid-Phase Extractant and Partial Least-Squares (PLS) Method
Nahid Sarlak, Asghar Taherifar

20. Nanomaterials–Plant–Soil System: Challanges and Threats
Jośko Izabela, Stefaniuk Magdalena, Oleszczuk Patryk

21. Toxicity of Nanoparticles and Their Impact on Environment
Pankaj goyal, Rupesh Kumar Basniwal

Keywords: Life Sciences, Agriculture, Soil Science & Conservation, Microbiology, Plant Breeding/Biotechnology

Publication year
Soil Biology
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13 pages
Natural Sciences
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