Fisher, Molly H.

Teacher Noticing: Bridging and Broadening Perspectives, Contexts, and Frameworks

Fisher, Molly H. - Teacher Noticing: Bridging and Broadening Perspectives, Contexts, and Frameworks, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Probing Beneath the Surface of Experience
John Mason

Part I. Teacher Noticing in Various Grade Bands and Contexts

2. Teacher Noticing in Various Grade Bands and Contexts: Commentary
Brett Criswell, Rebecca McNall Krall

3. From a Framework to a Lens: Learning to Notice Student Mathematical Thinking
Dawn Teuscher, Keith R. Leatham, Blake E. Peterson

4. Investigating Secondary Preservice Teacher Noticing of Students’ Mathematical Thinking
Erin E. Krupa, Maryann Huey, Kristin Lesseig, Stephanie Casey, Debra Monson

5. A Case Study of Middle School Teachers’ Noticing During Modeling with Mathematics Tasks
Brandon Floro, Jonathan D. Bostic

6. Using Video of Peer Teaching to Examine Grades 6–12 Preservice Teachers’ Noticing
Lorraine M. Males

Part II. Examining Student Thinking through Teacher Noticing

7. Examining Student Thinking Through Teacher Noticing: Commentary
Randolph Philipp, Mike Fredenberg, Casey Hawthorne

8. Mathematical Teacher Noticing: The Key to Learning from Lesson Study
Mi Yeon Lee, Ban Heng Choy

9. Learning to Notice Student Thinking About the Equal Sign: K-8 Preservice Teachers’ Experiences in a Teacher Preparation Program
Leigh A. den Kieboom, Marta T. Magiera, John C. Moyer

10. Following a Teacher’s Mathematical and Scientific Noticing Across Career Progression from Field Experiences to Classroom Teaching
Julie M. Amador, Ingrid Carter, Rick A. Hudson, Enrique Galindo

11. Noticing Students’ Conversations and Gestures During Group Problem-Solving in Mathematics
Kevin J. Wells

Part III. Extending Equitable Practices in Teacher Noticing

12. Extending Equitable Practices in Teacher Noticing: Commentary
Cindy Jong

13. “Everything Matters”: Mexican-American Prospective Elementary Teachers Noticing Issues of Status and Participation While Learning to Teach Mathematics
Crystal Kalinec-Craig

14. “Maybe It’s a Status Problem.” Development of Mathematics Teacher Noticing for Equity
Evra M. Baldinger

15. Making Visible the Relationship Between Teachers’ Noticing for Equity and Equitable Teaching Practice
Elizabeth A. Es, Victoria Hand, Janet Mercado

Part IV. Complexities in Measuring Teacher Noticing

16. Complexities in Measuring Teacher Noticing: Commentary
Victoria R. Jacobs

17. Measuring Noticing Within Complex Mathematics Classroom Interactions
Shari L. Stockero, Rachel L. Rupnow

18. Using Mathematical Learning Goals to Analyze Teacher Noticing
Sandy M. Spitzer, Christine M. Phelps-Gregory

19. Measuring Elementary Mathematics Teachers’ Noticing: Using Child Study as a Vehicle
Heidi L. Beattie, Lixin Ren, Wendy M. Smith, Ruth M. Heaton

20. Investigating the Relationship Between Professional Noticing and Specialized Content Knowledge
Lara K. Dick

21. A Standardized Approach for Measuring Teachers’ Professional Vision: The Observer Research Tool
Kathleen Stürmer, Tina Seidel

22. Challenges in Measuring Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Professional Noticing of Students’ Mathematical Thinking
Susan D. Nickerson, Lisa Lamb, Raymond LaRochelle

Part V. Exploring the Boundaries of Teacher Noticing

23. Exploring the Boundaries of Teacher Noticing: Commentary
Miriam Gamoran Sherin

24. Shifting Perspectives on Preservice Teachers’ Noticing of Children’s Mathematical Thinking
Alison Castro Superfine, Amanda Fisher, John Bragelman, Julie M. Amador

25. Curricular Noticing: Theory on and Practice of Teachers’ Curricular Use
Julie M. Amador, Lorraine M. Males, Darrell Earnest, Leslie Dietiker

26. The FOCUS Framework: Characterising Productive Noticing During Lesson Planning, Delivery and Review
Ban Heng Choy, Michael O. J. Thomas, Caroline Yoon

27. Noticing Distinctions Among and Within Instances of Student Mathematical Thinking
Shari L. Stockero, Keith R. Leatham, Laura R. Zoest, Blake E. Peterson

28. Teachers’ Professional Noticing from a Perspective of Key Elements of Intensive, One-to-One Intervention
Thi L. Tran, Robert J. Wright

Part VI. Conclusion

29. The Ascendance of Noticing: Connections, Challenges, and Questions
Jonathan Norris Thomas

Keywords: Education, Mathematics Education, Learning & Instruction, Educational Psychology

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Research in Mathematics Education
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