Borzemski, Leszek

Information Systems Architecture and Technology: Proceedings of 37th International Conference on Information Systems Architecture and Technology – ISAT 2016 – Part IV

Borzemski, Leszek - Information Systems Architecture and Technology: Proceedings of 37th International Conference on Information Systems Architecture and Technology – ISAT 2016 – Part IV, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Risk Modeling in Decision Making Process

1. Selected Methods of Risk Modelling in Management Process
Zofia Wilimowska, Sebastian Klaudiusz Tomczak, Marek Wilimowski

2. Joint Treatment of Imprecision and Randomness in the Appraisal of the Effectiveness and Risk of Investment Projects
Bogdan Rębiasz, Bartłomiej Gaweł, Iwona Skalna

3. Analysis of the Insurance Portfolio with an Embedded Catastrophe Bond in a Case of Uncertain Parameter of the Insurer’s Share
Maciej Romaniuk

4. How Can the Fractal Geometry Help with Analyze of the Stock Exchange Market?
Anna Czarnecka, Arkadiusz Górski

5. State-Space Modeling and Analysis of Order-up-to Goods Distribution Networks with Variable Demand and Positive Lead Time
Przemysław Ignaciuk

6. Investment Recommendation Optimism—Results of Empirical Research on Polish Capital Market
Michał J. Kowalski, Jadwiga Praźników

7. Intellectual Capital—Measuring the Immeasurable and Reporting
Anna Maria Kamińska, Agnieszka Parkitna, Sandra Siałkowska

Part II. Management of Innovation

8. Open Innovation Model in Enterprises of the SME Sector—Sources and Barriers
Dominika Mierzwa, Katarzyna Walecka-Jankowska, Joanna Zimmer

9. Methods of Assessing the Level of the Technology Innovation and Polish Innovativeness in Years 2010–2014
Anna Maria Kamińska, Zofia Wilimowska

10. The Formation of Regional Strategy of Innovation-Industrial Development
Kozlov Aleksandr, Gutman Svetlana, Zaychenko Irina, Rytova Elena

11. Modular Experience-Based Smart Innovation Engineering System
Mohammad Maqbool Waris, Cesar Sanin, Edward Szczerbicki

Part III. Finance Management

12. The Acquirement and Functioning of Mezzanine Capital on the Example of Enterprises Operating in the Republic of Poland
Zbigniew Kuryłek

13. Modelling of Currency Exchange Rates Using a Binary Representation
Michał Dominik Stasiak

14. The Factors and Parameters Determining the Formation of the Target Capital Structure in Family Businesses
Maria Malinowska, Danuta Seretna-Sałamaj

Part IV. Models of Organization

15. Measurement of a Hierarchy as an Organizational Structure Feature
Katarzyna Tworek, Marian Hopej, Janusz Martan

16. Creative Thinking in Management of Disruptive Technologies
Aldona Małgorzata Dereń, Jan Skonieczny

17. Relations Between IT and Organizational Learning Capability—Empirical Studies Among Polish Organizations
Katarzyna Tworek, Anna Zgrzywa-Ziemak

18. Efficiency and Maturity Assessment Model of RUP Process in IT Organizations
Włodzimierz Wysocki, Cezary Orłowski, Artur Ziółkowski, Grzegorz Bocewicz

19. Application of Neural Network to Predict Purchases in Online Store
Grażyna Suchacka, Sławomir Stemplewski

20. Searching for a Method of Basic Schedules Generation Which Influences Over the Performance of Predictive and Reactive Schedules
Iwona Paprocka, Wojciech M. Kempa

21. On the Quality of Basic Schedules Influencing over the Performance of Predictive and Reactive Schedules
Iwona Paprocka

22. Synergetic Models of Customer–Seller Relations
Aleksandr Katkow

23. Exponential Inertia Weight in Particle Swarm Optimization
Bożena Borowska

24. Marketing Model of Value Creation (4V’s Model of the Product)
Grzegorz Cieloch

25. The Paradigm of Effectiveness of Public Hospitals
Agnieszka Parkitna, Magdalena Gądek

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Communications Engineering, Networks, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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15 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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