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Advances in Computational Intelligence Systems

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Table of contents

Part I. Search and Optimisation

1. The Pilot Environmental Performance Index 2006 as a Tool for Optimising Environmental Sustainability at the Country Level
Tatiana Tambouratzis Fima

2. Integrated Demand and Supply Side Pricing Optimization Schemes for Electricity Market
Zixu Liu, Xiao-Jun Zeng

3. Dynamic Resource Allocation Through Workload Prediction for Energy Efficient Computing
Adeel Ahmed, David J. Brown, Alexander Gegov

4. Harmony Search Algorithm for Fuzzy Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller Networks Optimization
Dajun Zhou, Fei Chao, Chih-Min Lin, Minghui Shi, Changle Zhou

5. A Dynamic Tabu Search Approach for Solving the Static Frequency Assignment Problem
Khaled Alrajhi, Wasin Padungwech

6. A New Multi-objective Model for Constrained Optimisation
Tao Xu, Jun He, Changjing Shang, Weiqin Ying

Part II. Modelling and Simulation

7. Complex Network Based Computational Techniques for ‘Edgetic’ Modelling of Mutations Implicated with Cardiovascular Disease
Ken McGarry, Kirsty Emery, Vithusa Varnakulasingam, Sharon McDonald, Mark Ashton

8. TSK Inference with Sparse Rule Bases
Jie Li, Yanpeng Qu, Hubert P. H. Shum, Longzhi Yang

9. Complexity Control in Rule Based Models for Classification in Machine Learning Context
Han Liu, Alexander Gegov, Mihaela Cocea

10. Modified Evolving Participatory Learning Algorithms for Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy System Modelling from Streaming Data
Dong-Jiao Ge, Xiao-Jun Zeng

11. Guiding Fuzzy Rule Interpolation with Information Gains
Fangyi Li, Changjing Shang, Ying Li, Qiang Shen

Part III. Analysis and Detection

12. Harnessing the Power of Text Mining for the Detection of Abusive Content in Social Media
Hao Chen, Susan Mckeever, Sarah Jane Delany

13. Towards Chinese Metaphor Comprehension Based on Attribute Statistic Analysis
Hualin Zeng, Xianming Lin, Changle Zhou, Fei Chao

14. Bioinformatic Analysis Using Complex Networks and Clustering Proteins Linked with Alzheimer’s Disease
Suthinan Rujirapipat, Ken McGarry, David Nelson

15. Applications of Asymmetric Networks to Bio-Inspired Neural Networks for Motion Detection
Naohiro Ishii, Toshinori Deguchi, Masashi Kawaguchi, Hiroshi Sasaki

16. Content Representation for Microblog Rumor Detection
Ben Ma, Dazhen Lin, Donglin Cao

17. Detecting Anomalous Behaviour Using Heterogeneous Data
Azliza Mohd Ali, Plamen Angelov, Xiaowei Gu

Part IV. Cognition and Control

18. Human Emotional Understanding for Empathetic Companion Robots
Alyxander David May, Ahmad Lotfi, Caroline Langensiepen, Kevin Lee, Giovanni Acampora

19. Evolutionary Algorithms with Linkage Information for Feature Selection in Brain Computer Interfaces
Jason Adair, Alexander Brownlee, Gabriela Ochoa

20. SentiNet: Mining Visual Sentiment from Scratch
Lingxiao Li, Shaozi Li, Donglin Cao, Dazhen Lin

21. Cognitive and Neuromuscular Robotic Rehabilitation Framework
Atta Badii, Maryam Karimi, Qinggang Meng

22. Classification of Human Hand Movements Using Surface EMG for Myoelectric Control
Jiefei Wei, Qinggang Meng, Atta Badii

23. Vision Based Human Activity Recognition: A Review
Allah Bux, Plamen Angelov, Zulfiqar Habib

Part V. Learning and Evolution

24. Model-Free and Model-Based Active Learning for Regression
Jack O’Neill, Sarah Jane Delany, Brian MacNamee

25. (1+1)-Evolutionary Gradient Strategy to Evolve Global Term Weights in Information Retrieval
Osman Ali Sadek Ibrahim, Dario Landa-Silva

26. A Data Driven Stopping Criterion for Evolutionary Instance Selection
Walter D. Bennette

27. A Method for Location Based Search for Enhancing Facial Feature Detection
Ahmad Al-dahoud, Hassan Ugail

28. Learning Input Features Representations in Deep Learning
Alan Mosca, George D. Magoulas

Part VI. Clustering and Regression

29. Natural Language Interface to Relational Database (NLI-RDB) Through Object Relational Mapping (ORM)
Abdullah Alghamdi, Majdi Owda, Keeley Crockett

30. On Facial Age Progression Based on Modified Active Appearance Models with Face Texture
Ali Maina Bukar, Hassan Ugail, Nosheen Hussain

31. Multi Objective Symbolic Regression
C. J. Hinde, N. Chakravorti, A. A. West

32. Dynamic Stream Clustering Using Ants
Conor Fahy, Shengxiang Yang

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Control, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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