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30th International Symposium on Shock Waves 1

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Table of contents

Part I. Invited Lectures

1. Studies of Shock Wave Reflections and Interactions (Paul Vieille Lecture)
B. W. Skews

2. Dispelling Misconceptions about Bast Waves (Irvine Israel Glass Lecture)
Charles Needham

3. A Review of the Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability from an Experimental Perspective
R. Bonazza

4. Medical and Biomedical Applications of Shock Waves: The State of the Art and the Near Future
Achim M. Loske

5. Making Shock Waves Pay: The Commercial Aspects of Shock Waves
K. P. J. Reddy

6. Time-Developing 3D-CT Measurement of Shock Waves and Supersonic Density Flow Field
K. Maeno

7. Chemical Kinetics and Reacting Flows
R. K. Hanson, D. F. Davidson

8. Shock-Induced Combustion and Its Applications to Power and Thrust Generation
M. Brouillette, M. Picard, D. Rancourt, J.-S. Plante

9. The Shock Fitting Technique from Gino Moretti Towards the Future
Marcello Onofri, Francesco Nasuti, Renato Paciorri, Aldo Bonfiglioli

Part II. Nozzle Flow

10. New Modified Pekkari Model to Analyse the Aeroelastic Stability Behaviour for a Flexible Overexpanded Rocket Nozzle
N. Bekka, M. Sellam, A. Chpoun

11. Adaptation of the Transpiration Method to Simulate the Fluid–Structure Interaction Phenomena for a Flexible Overexpanded Rocket Nozzle
N. Bekka, M. Sellam, A. Chpoun

12. Transverse Jet Injection into a Supersonic Nozzle Flow
V. Emelyanov, K. Volkov, M. Yakovchuck

13. Flow Visualization in Out-of-Round Rocket Nozzles
C. Génin, S. Jack, R. Stark

14. Effect of the Adiabatic Index on the Shock Reflection in Overexpanded Nozzle Flow
Emanuele Martelli, Barbara Betti, Francesco Nasuti, Marcello Onofri

15. Mixing Enhancement in Free Jets from Supersonic ESTS Lobed Nozzles
Albin Varghese, S. K. Karthick, Srisha M. V. Rao, Gopalan Jagadeesh

16. Study of Cluster Linear Plug Nozzle Flow Field in Freestream Flow
M. Viji, Kiran Chutkey, S. B. Verma

17. Studies in Free Jets from Supersonic ESTS Lobed Nozzles
Albin Varghese, P. Suriyanarayanan, Srisha M. V. Rao, Gopalan Jagadeesh

18. Unsteadiness of Supersonic Flows in Over-Expanded Nozzles
A. Piquet, A. Georges-Picot, A. Hadjadj

19. Design of Optimized Two-Dimensional Scramjet Nozzle Contour for Hypersonic Vehicle Using Evolutionary Algorithms
A. Govinda, Manoj Kumar K. Devaraj, Yogendra Singh, Nimesh Thakor, Venkat Rao Kulkarni, S. N. Omkar, Gopalan Jagadeesh

20. Passive Flow Control in Laval Nozzles Due to Bypass Mass Flow in Narrow Longitudinal Gaps
M. Giglmaier, M. Krüger-Sprengel, J. F. Quaatz, N. A. Adams

Part III. Hypersonic Flow

21. Investigation of Chemical Non-equilibrium Hypersonic Flows in Carbon Dioxide–Nitrogen Atmospheres Using a Coupled Euler–Boundary-Layer Method
M. Starkloff, Ch. Mundt

22. Radiative Heat flux Measurements for Titan Atmospheric Entry Condition in a Superorbital Expansion Tunnel
H. Porat, R. G. Morgan, T. J. McIntyre

23. Study of Hypersonic Dissociating Flows over Spheres Using the Space-Time CE/SE Method
H. Saldivar Massimi, H. Shen, C. Y. Wen

24. The Direct Measurement of Skin Friction in Shock Tunnel
Lv Zhiguo, Li Guojun, Zhao Rongjuan, Jiang Hua, Liu Jichun, Huang Jun, Liu Shiran

25. Effects of Attack Angle on Starting Performance of a Hypersonic Inlet
Shuaitao Guo, Wenzhi Gao, Enlai Zhang, Zhufei Li, Jiming Yang

26. Optimization of Hypersonic Power Law Derived Waverider Using TLBO
Yogendra Singh, Manoj Kumar K. Devaraj, S. N. Omkar, Gopalan Jagadeesh

27. Experimental Analysis of Shock Standoff Distance in Hypersonic Flows over Spherical Bodies
Ruchi Thakur, Gopalan Jagadeesh

28. Oscillatory Behaviors of a Hypersonic Inlet with Trips
Wenzhi Gao, Shuaitao Guo, Zhufei Li, Jiming Yang

29. Aerodynamic Force and Moment Measurement Under Duplicated Hypersonic Flight Conditions in the JF12 Shock Tunnel
Z. Jiang, Y. Wang, Y. Liu, C. Yuan

Part IV. Supersonic and Hypersonic Flows with Shocks

30. A Method of Detecting Self-Starting Ability of Hypersonic Inlets: A Numerical Investigation
Zhufei Li, Jiming Yang

31. Experimental Investigation on the Self-Starting Characteristics of Hypersonic Inlets
Xiao Xu, Lianjie Yue, Yinan Jia, Xinyu Chang

32. An Investigation of Type IV Shock Interaction Over a Blunt Body with Forward-Facing Cavity
F. S. Xiao, Zhufei Li, Yujian Zhu, Jiming Yang

33. Particularities of the Shock Wave Propagation Through the Region of Gas Discharge Plasma
Tatiana Lapushkina, Alexandr Erofeev, Sergei Poniaev

34. Numerical Research of Supersonic Mixing in Conditions of Localized Pulse-Periodic Energy Supply Upstream of Tandem Shock and Expansion Waves
E. Pimonov, A. Zheltovodov

35. Effect of Differential Sweep on a Three-Dimensional Sidewall-Type Intake at Mach 3.5
C. Manisankar, S. B. Verma

36. Experimental Study of Dynamic Characteristics of Oblique Shock Trains in Mach 5 Flow
C. P. Wang, X. A. Tian, K. M. Cheng

37. Aero-Optical Measurement in Shock Wave of Hypersonic Flow Field
Sangyoon Lee, Man Chul Jeong, In-Seuck Jeung, Hyoung Jin Lee, Jong Kook Lee

38. Super-/Hypersonic Aero-Optical Effects Induced by External Jet Cooling
Sangyoon Lee, Hee Yoon, In-Seuck Jeung, Hyoung Jin Lee, Jong Kook Lee

39. Thermal Analysis of Scramjet Combustor Panel with Active Cooling Using Cellular Materials
Ragini Mukherjee, N. K. Gopinath, V. Vignesh, Anupam Purwar, D. Roy Mahapatra

40. A Methodology for Coupled Thermal-Structural Analysis and Structural Design of Scramjet Combustor
Anupam Purwar, D. Roy Mahapatra, Nimesh Thakor, K. S. Priyamvada, Ragini Mukherjee

41. Thermomechanical Deformation Behavior of a Hypersonic Waverider Using Finite Element Method
N. K. Gopinath, V. Vignesh, Yogendra Singh, Manoj Kumar K. Devaraj, D. Roy Mahapatra

42. Effect of Mach Number on Shock Oscillations in Supersonic Diffusers
S. Manoj Prabakar, Chimakurthy Srikanth, T. M. Muruganandam

43. Turbulence Compressibility Effects for Supersonic and Hypersonic Separated Flows
S. Seror, L. Kosarev

44. Imaging of the Conical Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability
R. T. Paton, B. W. Skews

45. Shock Standoff Distance over Spheres in Unsteady Flows
T. Kikuchi, Kazuyoshi Takayama, Dan Igra, J. Falcovitz

Part V. Supersonic Jets

46. The Formation of Mach Waves from Supersonic Jets with Outer Co-flowing
H. Oertel sen., F. Seiler, J. Srulijes

47. The Limits of Mach Wave Emission from Supersonic Jets
H. Oertel sen., F. Seiler, J. Srulijes

48. Overexpanded Jet Flow Theoretical Analysis in the Vicinity of the Nozzle Lip
M. V. Silnikov, M. V. Chernyshov, V. N. Uskov

49. Design and Validation of an Uncooled Pitot Probe for Hot, Supersonic Flow Investigations
Felix J. Förster, Nils C. Dröske, Jens Wolfersdorf, Bernhard Weigand

50. Large Eddy Simulation of a Supersonic Underexpanded Square Jet
Huanhao Zhang, Zhihua Chen

Part VI. Chemical Kinetics and Chemical Reacting Flows

51. Species Time-History Measurements During Jet Fuel Pyrolysis
D. F. Davidson, A. Tulgestke, Y. Zhu, S. Wang, R. K. Hanson

52. Rapid Chemiluminescent Imaging Behind Reflected Shock Waves
D. F. Davidson, A. Tulgestke, C. Strand, M. F. Campbell, V. A. Troutman, V. A. Miller, R. K. Hanson

53. Shock Tube Experimental and Theoretical Study on the Thermal Decomposition of 2-Phenylethanol
M. Kiran Singh, K. P. J. Reddy, E. Arunan

54. Soot Formation During Pyrolysis and Oxidation of Aliphatic and Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Shock Waves: Experiments and Detailed Kinetic Modeling
G. L. Agafonov, I. V. Bilera, Y. A. Kolbanovsky, V. N. Smirnov, A. M. Tereza, P. A. Vlasov

55. 3-Carene Oxidation Mechanism
N. Sharath, K. P. J. Reddy, P. K. Barhai, E. Arunan

56. Shock Tube Ignition Delay Studies of Dicyclopentadiene
Kunal V. Dhoke, K. P. J. Reddy, E. Arunan

57. Model Order Reduction for Reacting Flows: Laminar Gaussian Flame Applications
Van Bo Nguyen, H.-S. Dou, K. Willcox, Boo-Cheong Khoo

58. Numerical Simulation of the Flow with Chemical Reactions Around a Wedge
Georgy Shoev, Yevgeny A. Bondar

59. Computations of a Shock Layer Flow Field with Global and Detailed Chemistry Models
Marie-Claude Druguet, Arnaud Bultel, Julien Annaloro, Pierre Omaly

60. On a Relaxation Zone Structure for Shock Waves Forming in Non-equilibrium Air Flows
O. Kunova, E. Nagnibeda

61. Investigation of Non-catalytic Reaction of Shock-Heated Nitrogen Gas with Powder SiO2

Jayaram Vishakantaiah, Ranjith Ravichandran, H. K. T. Kumara, K. Subba Rao, K. P. J. Reddy

Part VII. Detonation, Combustion and Ignition

62. On the Deflagration-to-Detonation Transition in Narrow Tube with Varying Prechamber-Initiator
S. Golovastov, G. Bivol, V. Golub

63. Experimental Research on Deflagration-to-Detonation Transition (DDT) in an S-Shaped Tube
Li Lei, Teo Chiang Juay, Li Jiun-Ming, Po-Shiung Chang, Boo-Cheong Khoo

64. DDT Triggered by SWBLI: Numerical and Experimental Research
E. Dzieminska, A. K. Hayashi, T. Machida, J. Misawa

65. Flame Acceleration and DDT in a Torus Geometry
M. Kuznetsov, J. Yanez, J. Grune

66. Unconfined Hybrid Detonation in Gas–Particle Flow
F. Zhang, A. Yoshinaka, R. C. Ripley

67. Numerical Simulation of Combustion Process for Two-Phase Fuel Flows Related to Pulse Detonation Engines
Van Bo Nguyen, Li Jiun-Ming, Teo Chiang Juay, Boo-Cheong Khoo

68. Simulation of Laser-Induced Detonation in Particulate Systems with Applications to Pulse Detonation Engines
P. Bulat, K. Volkov

69. Criterion for Detonation Transition in Liquid-Fuel Pulse Detonation Engines
J. Li, Teo Chiang Juay, L. Li, P H. Chang, Boo-Cheong Khoo

70. Numerical Simulation of Reactive Gas Mixes Flows in the Detonation Engines
S. N. Martyushov

71. Stabilization of Detonation Combustion of a Supersonic Flow due to Using the Special Form Plane Channel
V. A. Levin, T. A. Zhuravskaya

72. Role of Wall Temperature on Shock Train in a Rectangular Isolator
Lianjie Yue, Hongbo Lu, Yabin Xiao, Lihong Chen, Xinyu Chang

73. The Correlation Between Detonation Cell Size and Ignition Delay Time
Y. F. Liu, W. Zhang, Z. Jiang

74. An Investigation of the Prompt Oblique Detonation Wave Induced by a Finite-Length Wedge
Yan Liu, Jianping Wang

75. Formation of 3D Detonation in Supersonic Flows by Solid Walls of Special Shape
V. A. Levin, I. S. Manuylovich, V. V. Markov

76. Cellular and Spin Detonation in 3D Channels
V. A. Levin, I. S. Manuylovich, V. V. Markov

77. Galloping Detonation in a Fuel Mixture Jet
V. A. Levin, I. S. Manuylovich, V. V. Markov

78. Propagation of Out Warding Flame for Combustible Gas in Cylindrical Confinement
Wenhu Han, Wenjun Kong

79. Investigation on PIV and PLIF Laser Diagnostics in Turbulent Combustion Field
Long Zhang, Furong Yang, Tie Su, Shuang Chen, Jianjun Yang, Yungang Wu

80. Modeling of Aerobic Combustion
T. Hartmann, E. Rottenkolber, A. Boimel

81. Investigations of Equivalence Ratio on Operational Liquid-Fuel Pulse Detonation Engines
J. Li, Teo Chiang Juay, L. Li, K. S. Lim, Boo-Cheong Khoo

82. Detonation of Mechanoactivated Mixture of Ammonium Perchlorate with Aluminum
Alexander Dolgoborodov, Vladimir Kirilenko, Michael Brazhnikov, Arseny Shevchenko, Victor Teselkin

83. Detonation Transition in Relatively Short Tubes
M. Kuznetsov, A. Lelyakin, V. Alekseev, I. Matsukov

84. Propagation of a Pressure-Dependent Detonation with Different Acoustic Impedance Confinements
Jianling Li, Xiaocheng Mi, Andrew J. Higgins

85. Kerosene Ignition and Combustion: An Experimental Study
Alexander Burcat, Erna Olchansky, Ulla Steil, Marina Braun-Unkhoff

86. On Influence of Carbon Tetrachloride on Combustible Mixtures Ignition at Various Temperature Ranges
A. Drakon, A. Eremin

87. Temperature Measurements in the Combustion Zone Behind the Reflected Shock Waves
A. Drakon, A. Eremin, E. Gurentsov, E. Mikheyeva

88. On the Initiation of Combustion by Means of Supersonic High-Enthalpy Jet
S. S. Katsnelson, G. A. Pozdnyakov, D. A. Aleksandrovsky

89. A Test of Ignition Behaviors Induced by a Smoothly Convergent Cylindrical Shock
Yang Jianting, Yujian Zhu, Jiming Yang

Part VIII. Propulsion

90. Nonstationary Interaction of Incoming Flow with Ablative Jet in Supersonic Laser Propulsion
A. A. Schmidt, Yu. A. Rezunkov

91. Axisymmetric Compressible Flow for the Resistojet Thruster Module
S. M. Chang

92. Secondary Injectant Gas Thermodynamic Properties Effects on Fluidic Thrust Vectoring Performances of a Supersonic Nozzle
A. Chpoun, M. Sellam, V. Zmijanovic, L. Leger

Part IX. Shock Wave Reflection and Interaction

93. Three-Dimensional Bow-Shock Interactions Between High-Speed Slender Bodies at Incidence
S. J. Hooseria, B. W. Skews

94. Flow Behind Mach Reflection and the Neumann Paradox
A. Sakurai

95. The Mach Reflection of a Converging Cylindrical Shock Wave Segment Encountering a Straight Wedge
B. J. Gray, B. W. Skews

96. Reflection of Cylindrical Converging Shock Wave Over Wedge
Zhigang Zhai, Fu Zhang, Xisheng Luo

97. Numerical Study of the Interaction Process Between a Planar Shock Wave and a Square Cavity Filled with Different Gases
Dan Igra, Ozer Igra

98. Flow Phenomena of An Expansion Wave Entering a Cylindrical Cavity
M. S. Whalley, B. W. Skews, R. T. Paton

99. Investigation of an Expansion Fan/Shock Wave Interaction Between Low Aspect Ratio Wedges
L. Nel, B. W. Skews

100. Studying Shock Wave Reflections over Double Cylindrical Concave Wedge Reflectors
Vineet Soni, Meital Geva, O. Ram, Abdellah Hadjadj, Arnab Chaudhuri, Oren Sadot, Gabi Ben-Dor

101. High Resolution Experimental Investigation of the Reflection Over a Convex-Concave Cylindrical Model
Meital Geva, O. Ram, S. Sadot, Gabi Ben-Dor

102. Characteristic Properties of the Formation of Shock-Wave Reflection Configurations in Unsteady Flows
I. V. Krassovskaya, M. K. Berezkina

103. Analytical Approach to the Problem of Three-Dimensional Steady Shock Wave Interactions
Chun Wang, Gaoxiang Xiang, Z. Jiang, Yang Yang

104. The Effect of Acoustic Impedance of Reflecting Surface on Oblique Shock Reflection
S. Kobayashi, T. Adachi

105. Experimental Investigation of Normal Shock Wave-Counter Flow Interactions
T. Tamba, N. M. Tuan, A. Iwakawa, A. Sasoh

106. Shock Wave Reflection Over Roughened Wedges
Dan Igra, Kazuyoshi Takayama, Ozer Igra

107. Surface Oxidation Study of ZrB2–SiC Composite for Re-entry Applications Using Free Piston-Driven Shock Tube
Jayaram Vishakantaiah, T. Venketeswaran, C. Venkateswaran, M. R. Ajith, Suraj Natarajan, K. P. J. Reddy

108. Shock Wave Reflections Over Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Wedges: Experimental Investigation
H. Jeon, N. Amen, V. Eliasson

109. Ground Effect of Transonic and Supersonic Projectiles: Influence of Mach Number and Ground Clearance
C. Sheridan, J. Young, Harald Kleine, Koju Hiraki, Satoshi Nonaka

110. The Influence of Concave Wedge Tips on Shock Reflection Patterns
Harald Kleine, Federico Alzamori Previtali, Evgeny Timofeev

111. Shock Tunnel Studies on Shock–Shock Interaction
Abhishek Khatta, Gopalan Jagadeesh

112. A Study on Unsteady Shear Layer–Shock Interaction in a Vacuum Ejector-Diffuser System
R. Arun Kumar, G. Rajesh

113. The Compressible Shear Layer of a Mach Reflection
R. E. Hall, B. W. Skews, R. T. Paton

114. Experimental Study of Mach Reflection in Cellular Detonation of C2H2–O2–8.17Ar
Jie Liu, DU Zhong-hua

115. The Existence of a Consistent Stationary Mach Reflection in Shock Tube Flows
Kazuyoshi Takayama, Gabi Ben-Dor

116. Analysis of Wide-Driver Shock Tube Flow with Sharp Area Transition
J. Falcovitz, Dan Igra, Ozer Igra

117. Shock Waves Initiated by Optical Pulsing Discharge in the Supersonic Air Flow
Tatiana Bobarykina, Vladimir Chirkashenko, Vladimir Yakovlev

Part X. Shock Wave Interaction with Obstacles and Porous Media

118. Stationary Regular Reflection: Viscous and Rarefaction Effects
Georgy Shoev, A. A. Kokhanchik, M. Yu. Timokhin, Yevgeny A. Bondar

119. Simplified Models of Shock Waves Interaction with Rigid and Flexible Obstacles
V. R. Feldgun, Y. S. Karinski, D. Z. Yankelevsky

120. Blast Wave Impact on a Parallelepiped Headed with a Semicylindrical Model Drilled with a Rectangular Cavity
R. Tosello, L. Biamino, D. Leriche, C. Mariani, G. Jourdan, J.-C. Loraud, L. Houas

121. A Comparison of Numerical and Experimental Results of Passive Shock Wave Mitigation Using Obstacles in Two-Dimensional Channels
Q. Wan, M. Nguyen, V. Eliasson

122. Mitigation of Weak Shock Waves: Its Applications to Design of Automobile Engine Silencers and Mufflers
Noriaki Sekine, Kazuyoshi Takayama

123. A New Method to Assess Mitigation Efficiency of a Protective Barrier Against the Effects of a Vapor Cloud Explosion
S. Trélat, E. Vyazmina, A. Beccantini, S. Jallais, J. Daubech

124. Numerical and Experimental Analysis of the Effect of Different Shapes of Rigid Barriers on Blast Wave Propagation
R. Hajek, M. Foglar

125. Study on the Effects of Granular Particles on High Speed Gas Flow using DSMC Method
Arun Kumar Chinnappan, G. Malaikannan, Rakesh Kumar

126. Model of Shock Wave Action on Porous Materials and Mixtures
S. A. Kinelovskii, K. K. Maevskii

127. The Collapsing Mechanism of Aluminum Foams
Oren Sadot, I. Anteby, S. Gruntman, O. Ram, Gabi Ben-Dor

Part XI. Shock Wave Interaction with Granular and Dusty Media

128. Study on the Jet Formation During Dispersal of Solid Particles by Shock and Blast Waves
V. Rodriguez, R. Saurel, G. Jourdan, L. Houas

129. Response of Embedded Pipeline to Surface Blast Loading
P. Vivek, T. G. Sitharam, Gopalan Jagadeesh, K. P. J. Reddy

130. Dense Particle Cloud Deflection During Shock Interaction
R. C. Ripley, S. D. Ryan, C. M. Jenkins

131. Shock Mitigation by Dust Lofting: Theoretical Perspective
A. Lipshtat, S. Pistinner

132. Dust Lofting Behind a Shock Wave
Y. Lefler, S. Pistinner, Oren Sadot, A. Yaffe

133. Shock Ignition of Reactive Particles
M. G. Omang, J. K. Trulsen

Keywords: Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Fluid- and Aerodynamics, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Physical Chemistry, Computational Intelligence

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