Chen, Shui-Li

Quantitative Logic and Soft Computing 2016

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Table of contents

Part I. Keynote Speakers

1. Information Processing with Information Granules of Higher Type and Higher Order
Witold Pedrycz

2. Similarity-Based Logics for Approximate Entailments
Lluís Godo

3. Theoretical and Applicational Aspects of Fuzzy Implication Functions
Micha? Baczy?ski

4. A Novel Description of Factor Logic
Hai-Tao Liu, Yi-Xiang Chen, Pei-Zhuang Wang, Hua-Can He

5. A Brief Introduction to Probabilistically Quantitative Logic with Its Applications
Hong-Jun Zhou

Part II. Quantitative Logic and Uncertainty Logic

6. A Quantitative Approach for Linear Temporal Logic
Hui-Xian Shi

7. A New Theory of T Truth Degree on {text {G}}ddot{text {o}}{text {del}}




n-Valued Propositional Logic System
Nai-Diao Zhu, Xiao-Jing Hui, Xiao-Li Gao

8. Soundness and Completeness of Fuzzy Propositional Logic with Three Kinds of Negation
Zheng-Hua Pan

9. Normal Form of n-Valued Lukasiewicz Logic Formulas
Qing-Ping Wang

10. Relative Divergence Degree and Relative Consistency Degree of Theories in a Kind of Goguen Propositional Logic System
Xiao-Li Gao, Xiao-Jing Hui, Nai-Diao Zhu

11. A Class of Fuzzy Modal Propositional Logic Systems with Three Kinds of Negation
Cheng Chen, Li-Juan Zhang, Zheng-Hua Pan

12. Robustness Analysis of Fuzzy Computation Tree Logic
Li Li, Hong-Juan Yuan, Hai-Yu Pan

13. Localic Conuclei on Quantales
Fang-Fang Pan, Sheng-Wei Han

14. An Equivalent Form of Uncertain Measure
Xing-Fang Zhang, Feng-Xia Zhang

15. A Propositional Logic System for Regular Double Stone Algebra
Hua-Li Liu, Yan-Hong She

16. The Comparison of Expressiveness Between LTL and IGPoLTL
Jia-Qi Dang, Yong-Ming Li

Part III. Automata and Quantification of Software

17. Analyzing Quantitative Transition Systems
Guo-Wu Wang, Ying-Xiong Shen, Hai-Yu Pan

18. An Approach of Matching Based on Performance Specification of Components
Bao-Hua Wang, Yi-Xiang Chen

19. Bisimulation Relations for Weighted Automata over Valuation Monoids
Chao Yang, Yong-Ming Li

20. Weighted Automata Over Valuation Monoids with Input and Multi-output Characteristics
Jian-Hua Jin, Dong-Xue Li, Chun-Quan Li

21. Splitting Algorithm of Valuation Algebra and Its Application in Automaton Representation of Semiring Valued Constraint Problems
Bang-He Han, Yong-Ming Li, Qiong-Na Chen

22. Topological Constructions of Epsilon-Bisimulation
Yan-Fang Ma, Liang Chen

23. An Outline of 4-Valued Transition Statement Calculus
Long Hong

Part IV. Fuzzy Connectives and Fuzzy Reasoning

24. Generalized G-Generated Implications
Yue Zhu, Dao-Wu Pei

25. On Relations Between Several Classes of Uninorms
Gang Li, Hua-Wen Liu

26. A p-R _0


Type Triple I Method for Interval Valued Fuzzy Reasoning
Li-Na Ma, Shuo Liu

27. Multiple Fuzzy Implications and Their Generating Methods
Fang Li, Dao-Wu Pei

28. Extended Threshold Generation of a New Class of Fuzzy Implications
Zhi-Hong Yi, Feng Qin

29. Mechanisms of Mixed Fuzzy Reasoning for Asymmetric Types
Yan Liu, Mu-Cong Zheng

30. Two Kinds of Modifications of Implications
Wen-Wen Zhang, Dao-Wu Pei

31. Distributivity for 2-Uninorms overSemi-uninorms
Ya-Ming Wang, Feng Qin

32. Further Studies of Left (Right) Semi-uninorms on a Complete Lattice
Yuan Wang, Ke-Ming Tang, Zhu-Deng Wang

Part V. Fuzzy Logical Algebras

33. Interval-Valued Intuitionistic (T, S)-Fuzzy LI-Ideals in Lattice Implication Algebras
Chun-Hui Liu

34. Tense Operators on Pseudo-MV Algebras
Wen-Juan Chen

35. (f,g)-Derivations on R _0


Hua-Rong Zhang

36. Parametrization Filters and Their Properties in Residuated Lattices
Lian-Zhen Liu, Xiang-Yang Zhang

37. Weak Pseudo-Quasi-Wajsberg Algebras
Wen-Jun Liu, Wen-Juan Chen

38. Characterizations of a Class of Commutative Algebras of Logic Systems
Xue-Min Ling, Luo-Shan Xu

39. Ideals in Residuated Lattices
Qing-Jun Luo

40. Hyper Equality Algebras
Xiao-Yun Cheng, Xiao-Long Xin, Young-Bae Jun

41. A Special Sub-algebras of N(2,2,0)-Algebras
Fang-An Deng, Lu Chen, Shou-Heng Tuo, Sheng-Zhang Ren

42. Generalized Fuzzy Filters of R _0


Long-Chun Wang, Xiang-Nan Zhou, Hua-Rong Zhang

43. On Generalized Annihilators in BL-Algebras
Yu-Xi Zou, Xiao-Long Xin, Young-Bae Jun

Part VI. Fuzzy Set Theory and Applications

44. On the Equivalence of Convergence of Fuzzy Number Series with Respect to Different Metrics
Hong-Mei Wang, Tai-He Fan

45. Multicriteria Decision Making Based on Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets with a New Kind of Accuracy Function
Bei Liu, Min-Xia Luo

46. Regression Analysis Model Based on Normal Fuzzy Numbers
Cui-Ling Gu, Wei Wang, Han-Yu Wei

47. Weighted L_p


Metric on Fuzzy Numbers
Hao-Yue Liu, Tai-He Fan

48. Multi-variable-term Latticized Linear Programming with Addition-Min Fuzzy Relation Inequalities Constraint
Hai-Tao Lin, Xiao-Peng Yang

49. Possibility Interval-Valued Multi-fuzzy Soft Sets and Theirs Applications
Dong-Xue Li, Jian-Hua Jin, Wei Ran

50. Weighted Interval-Valued Belief Structures on Atanassov’s Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets
Xin-Hong Xu, De-Chao Li, Zhi-Song Liu

51. Determinations of Soft Topologies
Lu-Lu Liu, Sheng-Gang Li, Wen-Qing Fu, Sheng-Quan Ma, Xiao-Fei Yang

52. C?ech Closure Molecular Lattices
Xue-Mei Dai, Hong-Xia Li, Sheng-Gang Li, Sheng-Quan Ma, Xiao-Fei Yang

53. Multi-L-soft Set and Its Application in Decision Making
Wen-Qing Fu, Yue Shen

54. On Some New Generalizations of Yager’s Implications
Feng-Xia Zhang, Xing-Fang Zhang

Part VII. Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing

55. An Online Mall CRM Model Based on Data Mining
Dao-Lei Liang, Hai-Bo Chen

56. Color Image Segmentation Based on Superpixel and Improved Nyström Algorithm
Jing Zhao, Han-Qiang Liu, Feng Zhao

57. A Vague Sets Based Vertical Handoff Algorithm in Heterogeneous Networks
Ming-Di Hu, Ming-Ming Tan

58. Image Thresholding by Maximizing the Similarity Degree Based on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets
Rong Lan, Jiu-Lun Fan, Ying Liu, Feng Zhao

59. Image Super Resolution Using Expansion Move Algorithm
Dong-Xiao Zhang, Guo-Rong Cai, Zong-Qi Liang, Huan Huang

60. The Minimum Spectral Radius of Strongly Connected Bipartite Digraphs with Complete Bipartite Subdigraph
Shu-Ting Chen, Shui-Li Chen, Wei-Quan Liu

61. A Fuzzy Support Vector Machine Algorithm and Its Application in Telemarketing
Ming Liu, Ya-Mei Yan, Yu-De He

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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