Smith, Andrew M.

Biological Adhesives

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Table of contents

1. Adhesive Bacterial Exopolysaccharides
Natalie C. Bamford, P. Lynne Howell

2. Adhesion and Adhesives of Fungi and Oomycetes
Lynn Epstein, Ralph Nicholson

3. Diatom Adhesives: Molecular and Mechanical Properties
Paul J. Molino, Anthony Chiovitti, Michael J. Higgins, Tony M. Dugdale, Richard Wetherbee

4. Progress in the Study of Adhesion by Marine Invertebrate Larvae
Nick Aldred, Luigi Petrone

5. The Adhesive Tape-Like Silk of Aquatic Caddisworms
Nicholas N. Ashton, Ching-Shuen Wang, Russell J. Stewart

6. Interfacial Phenomena in Marine and Freshwater Mussel Adhesion
Eli D. Sone

7. Barnacle Underwater Attachment
Kei Kamino

8. The Biochemistry and Mechanics of Gastropod Adhesive Gels
Andrew M. Smith

9. Adhesive Secretions in Echinoderms: A Review
Patrick Flammang, Mélanie Demeuldre, Elise Hennebert, Romana Santos

10. An Adhesive Secreted by Australian Frogs of the Genus Notaden

Lloyd D. Graham, Veronica Glattauer, Yong Y. Peng, Paul R. Vaughan, Jerome A. Werkmeister, Michael J. Tyler, John A. M. Ramshaw

11. Properties, Principles, and Parameters of the Gecko Adhesive System
Kellar Autumn, Jonathan Puthoff

12. Adhesive Secretions in Harvestmen (Arachnida: Opiliones)
Jonas O. Wolff, Solimary García-Hernández, Stanislav N. Gorb

13. Unraveling the Design Principles of Black Widow’s Gumfoot Glue
Dharamdeep Jain, Todd A. Blackledge, Toshikazu Miyoshi, Ali Dhinojwala

14. High-Strength Adhesive Exuded from the Adventitious Roots of English Ivy
Yujian Huang, Mingjun Zhang

15. Biomimetic Adhesives and Coatings Based on Mussel Adhesive Proteins
Yuan Liu, Hao Meng, Phillip B. Messersmith, Bruce P. Lee, Jeffrey L. Dalsin

Keywords: Life Sciences, Animal Biochemistry, Biomaterials, Biological and Medical Physics, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Animal Physiology, Plant Biochemistry

Publication year
2nd ed. 2016
Natural Sciences
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