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Media and Metamedia Management

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Metamedia, Ecosystems and Value Chains
Francisco Campos Freire

2. Internet, Mind and Communication: New Perspectives and Challenges
Xosé Rúas Araújo

3. Immediacy and Metamedia. Time Dimension on Networks
Valentín Alejandro Martínez Fernández

4. Journalism for Metamedia: Tools and Metrics for Quality and Ethics
Xosé López García

Part II. New Media in the Digital Era

5. Public Information Services in the Digital Era
Miquel Moragas Spà

6. Content Curation in Digital Media: Between Retrospective and Real-Time Information
Javier Guallar

7. The Relationship Between Mainstream Media and Political Activism in the Digital Environment: New Forms for Managing Political Communication
Andreu Casero-Ripollés

8. Jihad Online: How Do Terrorists Use the Internet?
Raphael Cohen-Almagor

9. Spanish General Elections, Microdiscourses Around #20D and Social Mobilisation on Twitter: Reality or Appearance?
Estrella Gualda

10. Video Game Screens: From Arcades to Nintendo DS
Israel Márquez

11. Is the Employer Entitled to Survey Employee’s Internet Communications in the Workplace? Case of “Barbulescu v. Romania”
Jaime Cabeza Pereiro, Emma Rodríguez Rodríguez

Part III. Journalism and Cyberjournalism

12. Press Photography and Right to Privacy
Esperanza Pouso Torres

13. Internet and Social Media in the Prevention Journalism Discourse. A Theoretical Proposal and Main Magnitudes
Silvia Alende Castro, Aurora García González

14. Immersive Journalism: From Audience to First-Person Experience of News
Sara Pérez Seijo

15. Web-Native Media in Galicia. Trends and Characteristics of a Booming Model
María Cruz Negreira Rey, Xosé López García

16. Interactive Feature: A Journalistic Genre for Digital Media
Jorge Vázquez Herrero, Xosé López García

17. A Communication Law Feared and Discussed by the Press: The Case of Ecuador
Jenny J. Yaguache, Hernán Yaguana, Abel Suing

18. The Influence of Printed and Online Diaries in the Attitudes of Their Readers Towards the 2010 and 2012 Spanish General Strikes
Sergio Álvarez Sánchez

Part IV. Audiovisual Sector and Media Economy

19. Public Service Media on Social Networks: The European Case
Andrea Valencia-Bermúdez, Tania Fernández Lombao

20. The Behaviour of Ecuadorian TV Micro-Enterprises
Ana Cecilia Vaca Tapia, Mónica López-Golán

21. The Weaknesses of Spanish Communications Groups and the Challenges They Face in the Wake of the Economic Crisis
José Vicente García Santamaría, María José Pérez Serrano, Lidia Maestro Espínola

22. The Scientific Structure of Media Management: Strategies for Emancipation
Manuel Goyanes

23. New Advances in Transmedia Storytelling in Spanish Fiction. Case Study of the Television Series ‘El Ministerio del Tiempo
Mª Isabel Rodríguez Fidalgo, Adriana Paíno Ambrosio

24. Corporate Communication and Social Media. Spanish Companies’ Communicative Activity Index on the Audiovisual Social Networks
Bárbara Fontela Baró, Carmen Costa-Sánchez

25. Indirect Management and Outsourcing of Contents as an Alternative to the Crisis of the Spanish Public Broadcasters
Ana María López Cepeda

26. Consumer-Oriented Business Models in Spanish Cybermedia
Manuel Gago Mariño, Carlos Toural Bran, Moisés Limia Fernández

Part V. Corporate and Institutional Communication

27. The Situation of Digital Strategic Communication in Ecuador and Other Countries in Latin America: The Management of the Community Manager
Fanny Paladines, Carlos Granda Tandazo, Valentín Alejandro Martínez Fernández

28. Patronage and Sponsorship in the Online Communication Management of Ecuadorian Companies for Improving Visibility in Digital Social Media
Mónica-Patricia Costa-Ruiz, Verónica-Alexandra Armijos-Buitrón, Jhoana-Elizabeth Paladines-Benítez, Raquel Tinoco-Egas

29. Online Organizational Communication: The Communications Department Version 2.0 in Tech Companies
Berta García Orosa

30. Personalisation of Galician Politics in YouTube
Pablo Vázquez-Sande, Andrea Valencia-Bermúdez

31. Social Media in Crisis Communication: Germanwings Flight 4U9525
Diego Rodriguez-Toubes, Yolanda Dominguez-Lopez

32. University-Society. Proposal for New Forms of Communication in the University of the Basque Country Through Service-Learning
Andoni Iturbe Tolosa, Monike Gezuraga Amundarain

33. Management Strategies and Online Communication Tools for Value Creation in Media Companies
María Victoria-Mas, Iván Lacasa-Mas

34. Online Communication Management in Sporting Events. Case: EUC Handball 2013
Carla López Rodríguez, Lorena Arévalo Iglesias, Jessica Fernández Vázquez

35. The Community Manager: Responsibilities Assigned by Companies
Carmen Silva Robles

36. Creating a New Tool for Corporate Communication: The Open Communication Room (OCR)
María Ruiz Aranguren, Leire Iturregui Mardaras, Rosa Martín Sabarís

37. Menextra: Designing a Professional Service for Media Alert Management and Distribution
Aingeru Genaut Arratibel, Iñigo Marauri Castillo, María José Cantalapiedra, María Mar Rodríguez

Part VI. Marketing, Advertising and Tourism

38. Graphic Design and Social Networks: Methodological Proposal Supported by the Open Innovation and Co-creation
Blas José Subiela Hernández

39. Impact of Religious Tourism in Social Media in the Andean Region of Ecuador: The Case of the Pilgrimage of the Virgin of El Cisne and the Trade Fair of Loja
Eva Sánchez-Amboage, Alex-Paul Ludeña-Reyes, Christian Viñán-Merecí

40. Social Networks and their Role in the Promotion of Emerging Tourist Destinations: The Case of the Area 7 of Ecuador
Clide Rodríguez‐Vázquez, Valentín Alejandro Martínez Fernández, Ramiro Armijos‐Valdivieso, María-Dolores Mahauad‐Burneo

41. Eye Tracking: Methodological and Theoretical Review
Xosé Rúas Araújo, Iván Puentes-Rivera, Sabela Direito-Rebollal

42. Impact and Positioning in Social Media of Events in Southern Ecuador
Eva Sánchez-Amboage, Verónica Mora-Jácome, Estefanía Sánchez-Cevallos

43. Galician Spas in Facebook
María-Magdalena Rodríguez-Fernández, Eva Sánchez-Amboage, Clide Rodríguez-Vázquez, María-Dolores Mahauad-Burneo

44. Gastronomy as a Part of the Ecuadorian Identity: Positioning on the Internet and Social Networks
María-Magdalena Rodríguez-Fernández, Patricio-Mauricio Artieda-Ponce, Patricia-Marisol Chango-Cañaveral, Fabián-Mauricio Gaibor-Monar

45. New Digital Metrics in Marketing: A Comparative Study on Social Media Use
Joan Francesc Fondevila Gascón, Pedro Mir Bernal, Eva Santana López, Josep Rom Rodríguez

46. The Sport as an Element of Appreciation for the Cities. The Case of Pontevedra and Its Treatment in the Digital Media
Montse Vázquez-Gestal, Ana Belén Fernández-Souto

47. Treatment in the Spanish Digital Press of the Brazilian Carnival and Its Dissemination in Social Media
Jaime Álvarez Torre, Diego Rodríguez-Toubes

48. Web Communication: Tourist Content Management in Web Portals for City Councils in the Province of Badajoz
María del Rosario Luna, Guadalupe Meléndez González-Haba

49. Neuromarketing: Current Situation and Future Trends
María Lozano Cortés, María García García

Part VII. The Internet and Social Networks

50. Online Communication and Galician Top Bloggers
Julia Fontenla Pedreira

51. Additional Barriers to Access to Labour Market for Prisoners Due to Digital Isolation
Isabel Novo-Corti, María Barreiro-Gen

52. The Usefulness of Social Networks as Research Tools for the Media
Diana Lago Vázquez

53. Academic Social Networks and Communication Researchers from Universities in the North of Portugal: An Analysis of Academia.edu and ResearchGate
María Isabel Míguez-González, Iván Puentes-Rivera, Alberto Dafonte-Gómez

54. Visibility and Impact of the Microcredit and the Digital Social Media: A Case Study of Financial Institutions in Ecuador
Viviana Espinoza-Loaiza, Rosario Puertas Hidalgo, Valentín Alejandro Martínez Fernández, Aurora Samaniego-Namicela, Eulalia-Elizabeth Salas-Tenesaca

55. Evolution of the Semantic Web Towards the Intelligent Web: From Conceptualization to Personalization of Contents
Blanca Piñeiro Torres, Aurora García González

56. Social Networks in 20 Minutos, the One Survivor of Free Distribution Press in Spain
Ana Bellón Rodríguez, José Sixto García

57. Spanish TV Series on Twitter: What Social Media Audiences Say
Verónica Crespo-Pereira, Óscar Juanatey-Boga

58. Twitter as a Communication Tool for Local Administrations: The Cases of São Paulo and Madrid Municipalities
Flávia Gomes-Franco e Silva

59. The Environment of Web 2.0 as a Relational Factor in the Use of Loyalty-Raising Parameters Within the University Environment
José Rodríguez Terceño, Juan Enrique Gonzálvez Vallés, David Caldevilla Domínguez

Part VIII. New Media and Metamedia

60. Trends in Journalism for Metamedia of Connectivity and Mobility
Ana Isabel Rodríguez Vázquez, Xosé Soengas Pérez

61. The Future of Video-Journalism: Mobiles
Martín Vaz Álvarez

62. Key Features of Digital Media Consumption: Implications of Users’ Emotional Dimension
Javier Serrano-Puche

63. Reports in and from Smartphones: A New Way of Doing Journalism
Alba Silva Rodríguez, Francisco Campos Freire

Part IX. Education, Science and Cultural Identity

64. Crowdfunding: An Alternative for Collaborative Creation and Production in the Spanish Cultural Sector
Mónica López-Golán

65. Architecture Communication in Online Magazines
Jesús Ángel Coronado Martín, Julia Fontenla Pedreira, Darío Flores Medina

66. A Study of Student and University Teaching Staff Presence on ResearchGate and Academia.edu in Spain
Mar Iglesias-García, Cristina González-Díaz, Lluís Codina

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Communications Engineering, Networks, Printing and Publishing

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