Brennan, Timothy

The Changing Postal and Delivery Sector

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Table of contents

1. The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act After 10Years—Some Proposals for Reform
Michael Crew, Timothy Brennan

2. Lessons from the Postal Sector to Telecommunications and Vice Versa
Pier Luigi Parcu, Virginia Silvestri

3. E-Substitution and the Demand for Business Mail in the UK: Trends and Prospects
Frank Rodriguez, Soterios Soteri, Stefan Tobias

4. An Examination of the Links Between Postal Price Constraints, Efficiency, Competition and Public Welfare
Philippe Donder, Frank Rodriguez, Soterios Soteri

5. The Personalization and Volume Trade-Off: A Future Without Saturation Mail?
Michael D. Bradley, Adam C. Houck

6. An Economic Perspective on Terminal Dues
Henrik Ballebye Okholm, Bruno Basalisco, Jimmy Gårdebrink, Anna Möller Boivie

7. A Case Study of Density of Retail Outlets in Portugal: Regulation and Politics in Postal Markets
João Confraria, Vítor Miguel Ribeiro, Agostinho Franco, Frederico Pereira

8. Minimum Wages in the Award of Public Contracts After RegioPost

Alessandra Fratini

9. Protecting Consumers Using Postal and E-Commerce Delivery Services in Competitive European Markets
John Hearn

10. E-Commerce in Europe: Parcel Delivery Prices in a Digital Single Market
J. Scott Marcus, Georgios Petropoulos

11. U.S. Postal Markets and Delivery Liberalization: A Simulation Approach
Margaret M. Cigno, Edward S. Pearsall

12. The Sharing Economy and the “Uberization” Phenomenon: What Impacts on the Economy in General and for the Delivery Operators in Particular?
Claire Borsenberger

13. Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies: Opportunities for Postal Financial Services
Christian Jaag, Christian Bach

14. Digital Identities: A Good Move for Postal Operators
Claire Borsenberger, Olaf Klargaard, Philippe Régnard

15. The Digital Future of the Printed Publishing Material and the Impact on the Postal Sector
Simona Romito, Stefano Gori

16. Econometric Benchmarking of Delivery and Processing Costs in the UK Postal Sector
Helen Ferguson, Katie Curry, Nick Convery

17. Changes to the Universal Service: Influencing Factors, Impacts and Regulatory Implications
Steven Cape, Philip Groves

18. Mail Composition and Recipients’ Reaction to Direct Mail
Thomas Geissmann, Christian Jaag, Martin Maegli, Urs Trinkner

19. The Total Price of Mail: A Consumer Perspective
Benjamin Gough, Kirk Kaneer, Margaret M. Cigno

20. The Challenge of Designing Access to the Postal Network: An Economics Perspective
Henrik Ballebye Okholm, Bruno Basalisco, Julia Wahl, Mindaugas Cerpickis

21. Should the Postal Sector Change Its Social Model to Succeed in Its Transformation?
Dominique Bailly, Margaux Meidinger

22. Is the Universal Postal Union Still Relevant?
Emmanuel Vivet, Roland Leray

Keywords: Economics, Industrial Organization, Economic Policy, Social Choice/Welfare Economics/Public Choice

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Topics in Regulatory Economics and Policy
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12 pages
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