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The Science and Practice of Lithium Therapy

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Table of contents

Part I. The Science of Lithium

1. The Lithium Ion
Dominique Larcher, Jean-Marie Tarascon

2. The Pharmacokinetics of Lithium
Camille Couffignal, Lucie Chevillard, Souleiman Balkhi, Salvatore Cisternino, Xavier Declèves

3. Lithium: Neurotransmission and Cellular Mechanism Pathways Underlying Neuroprogression in Bipolar Disorder
Gin S. Malhi, Tim Outhred, Pritha Das

4. The Effect of Lithium on Gene Expression Modulation
Alessio Squassina, Claudia Pisanu, Martin Alda

5. Neuroimaging and Lithium
Josselin Houenou, Chloé Benizri, Barbara Jakubowicz

6. Lithium and Circadian Rhythms
Pierre Alexis Geoffroy, Bruno Etain

7. Clinical Predictors Relevant to Lithium Response
Thomas Mauras, Sarah Sportiche, Sami Richa, Marc Masson

8. Lithium Response Variability (Pharmacogenomics Studies)
Alexandre Dayer, Nader Perroud, Jean-Michel Aubry

9. Lithium Response Variability: New Avenues and Hypotheses
Frank Bellivier, Cynthia Marie-Claire

Part II. Lithium in Practice

10. The History of Lithium in Medicine and Psychiatry
Marc-Louis Bourgeois, Marc Masson

11. Recommendations in International Clinical Practice Guidelines for Lithium Therapy of Bipolar Disorder
Gin S. Malhi, Danielle Gessler, Kristina Fritz, Christine Allwang, Tim Outhred, Pritha Das

12. Lithium in Acute and Maintenance Treatment of Bipolar Disorders
Chantal Henry, Aroldo A. Dargél, Jan Scott

13. Lithium and Suicide Prevention
Helen Jones, John Geddes, Andrea Cipriani

14. Lithium Discontinuation and Reintroduction
Nicolas Schaad, Jean-Michel Aubry

15. Short- and Midterm Side Effects of Lithium Therapy
Rebecca F. McKnight, John R. Geddes, Guy M. Goodwin

16. Lithium and Renal Failure
Aude Servais, Marc Masson, Jean-Pierre Grünfeld

17. Lithium Toxicity: Clinical Presentations and Management
Souleiman Balkhi, Bruno Mégarbane

18. Lithium and Pregnancy
Anne-Laure Sutter-Dallay, Stéphanie Brun

19. Lithium in Children and Adolescents
Nathalie Nanzer, Jean-Michel Aubry

20. Lithium Use in Elderly Patients with Bipolar Disorder
Frédéric Limosin, Jean-Pierre Schuster

21. Lithium in the Twenty-First Century
Guy M. Goodwin

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Psychopharmacology, Pharmacotherapy, Neurosciences

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