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Social and Ecological System Dynamics

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Table of contents

Part I. Overview

1. Introduction: Regional Challenges and Policy Questions
Baylie Damtie, Emily Boersma, Krystyna Stave

2. Problem Overview of the Lake Tana Basin
Goraw Goshu, Shimelis Aynalem

3. System Dynamics as a Framework for Understanding Human—Environment Dynamics
Krystyna Stave, Birgit Kopainsky

4. Bahir Dar and the Lake Tana Basin: Historical Phases of Growth and Ecology
James C. McCann

Part II. Ecosystem Characteristics

5. Climate of Lake Tana Basin
Wubneh Belete Abebe, Tesfahun G/Michael, Elias Sime Leggesse, Biaznelign S. Beyene, Fenta Nigate

6. Temporal and Spatial Climate Variability and Trends Over Abay (Blue Nile) River Basin
Tadesse Terefe Zeleke, Baylie Damtie

7. Overview of the Hydrogeology and Groundwater Occurrence in the Lake Tana Basin, Upper Blue Nile River Basin
Fenta Nigate, Tenalem Ayenew, Wubneh Belete, Kristine Walraevens

8. Characterization, Classification and Mapping of Soils of Agricultural Landscape in Tana Basin, Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia
Mekonnen Getahun, Yihenew G. Selassie

9. Hydrology of Lake Tana Basin
Elias Sime Leggesse, Biazenlegn S. Beyene

10. Water Quality of Lake Tana Basin, Upper Blue Nile, Ethiopia. A Review of Available Data
Goraw Goshu, A. A. Koelmans, J. J. M. Klein

11. Plankton of Lake Tana
Ayalew Wondie, Seyoum Mengistu

12. The Fish and the Fisheries of Lake Tana
Abebe Ameha Mengistu, Chalachew Aragaw, Minwyelet Mengist, Goraw Goshu

13. Birds of Lake Tana Sub-basin
Shimelis Aynalem

14. Herpetofauna and Mammals
Shimelis Aynalem, Abebe Ameha Mengistu

15. Forest Resources in Amhara: Brief Description, Distribution and Status
Alemayehu Wassie

16. Wetlands of the Lake Tana Watershed
Shimelis Aynalem, Goraw Goshu, Ayalew Wondie

17. Exotic and Invasive Plants: Water Hyacinth
Alie Seid, Banchiamlak Getenet

Part III. Socioeconomic System Characteristics and Land Use

18. Demographic Characteristics of the Lake Tana Basin
Mesfin Anteneh

19. Gender and Rural Livelihood in the Lake Tana Basin
Sewmehon Demissie, Azanaw Abebe

20. Examining the Characteristics of Stakeholders in Lake Tana Sub-basin Resource Use, Management and Governance
Dessalegn M. Ketema, Nicholas Chisholm, Patrick Enright

21. Lake Tana Subbasin’s Economy and the Role of Natural Resources
Daregot Berihun

22. Land Use Distribution and Change in Lake Tana Sub Basin
Amare Sewnet Minale, Wubneh Belete

23. Agriculture in the Lake Tana Sub-basin of Ethiopia
Merkuz Abera

24. Challenges and Opportunities for Increased Farm Animal Productivity in the Lake Tana Sub-Basin
Kefyalew Alemayehu, Asaminew Tassew

25. Urban Areas and Planning in the Lake Tana Region
Genet Gebreegziabher

Part IV. Management

26. Environmental Protection in the Lake Tana Basin
Solomon Addisu Legesse

27. Institutional Analysis of Environmental Resource Management in Lake Tana Sub-basin
Belachew Getenet, Berihun Tefera

28. Land Use and Watershed Management Practices in Lake Tana Basin
Wubneh Belete Abebe, Amare Sewnet Minale

29. Establishment of the Lake Tana Biosphere Reserve within the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves
Ellen Kalmbach

30. Water-Induced Shift of Farming Systems and Value Addition in Lake Tana Sub-basin: The Case of Rice Production and Marketing in Fogera District, Northwestern Ethiopia
Berihun Tefera

31. Trends and Driving Forces of Eucalyptus Plantation by Smallholders in the Lake Tana Watershed of Ethiopia
Berihun Tefera, Habtemariam Kassa

32. Waste Management in Lake Tana Basin—Case of Rapidly Urbanizing Bahir Dar City
Biruk Abate, Goraw Goshu

Part V. Synthesis

33. Problems, Efforts and Future Directions of Natural Resources Management in Western Amhara Region of the Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia: Review
Yihenew G. Selassie

34. Participatory System Dynamics Mapping for Collaboration and Socioecological Integration in the Lake Tana Region
Krystyna Stave, Birgit Kopainsky, Mesfin Anteneh, Abebe Ameha Mengistu, Mesenbet Yibeltal Sebhat, Shimelis Aynalem, Berihun Tefera, Alemayehu Wassie, Chalachew Aragaw, Belachew Getenet, Biazenlegn S. Beyene, Azanaw Abebe, Goraw Goshu, Aklilu Tilahun Tadesse, Melak Mesfin Ayenew

35. Research Needs in the Lake Tana Basin Social-Ecological System
Goraw Goshu, Shimelis Aynalem, Baylie Damtie, Krystyna Stave

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Management, Environmental Geography, Environmental Economics

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AESS Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies and Sciences Series
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17 pages
Natural Sciences
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