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Engineering Systems and Networks

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Table of contents

Part I. OR, Modelling and Simulation

1. A Simulation-Based Analysis of a Cork Transformation System
J. Teles, R. B. Lopes, A. L. Ramos

2. Using Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to Predict Shutdown Maintenance
Rolando Jacyr Kurscheidt Netto, Eduardo Alves Portela Santos, Eduardo Loures, Rodrigo Pierezan

3. Forecasting Cloud Computing: Producing a Technological Profile
Iñaki Bildosola, Rosa Rio-Bélver, Ernesto Cilleruelo, Javier Gavilanes

4. Modelling the Strategies Alignment Process in the Collaborative Network Context
Beatriz Andres, Raúl Poler

5. The Role of Complexity and Flexibility of the Instance in the Joint Solution Approach
Raul Pulido, Álvaro García-Sánchez, Alessandro Brun, Miguel Ortega-Mier

6. Towards Increasing Sustainability in Large Urban Mobility Attractors
Jesús Muñuzuri, Luis Onieva, José Guadix, Elena Barbadilla

7. Stock Market Firm Value Effects of Research and Development Expenditures in the Oil and Gas Industry
Eduardo Pontual Ribeiro, Willian Freitas Almeida, Rosemarie Bröker Bone

Part II. Logistics, Production and Information Systems

8. A Decision Support Framework for Production Flow Coordination Using Supply Chain Management Practices, Ordering Systems and Modeling Techniques
Wagner Barros Neto, Laisa Caroline Paiva Gomes, Maico Roris Severino, Moacir Godinho Filho

9. A Greedy Primal-Dual Type Heuristic to Select an Inventory Control Policy
Nazanin Esmaili, Bryan A. Norman, Jayant Rajgopal

10. A Model that Integrates Direct and Reverse Flows in Omnichannel Logistics Networks
Javier Guerrero-Lorente, Eva Ponce-Cueto, Edgar E. Blanco

11. A Nonlinear Integer Programming Model for Warehousing Sustainable Logistics
Francesco Boenzi, Salvatore Digiesi, Francesco Facchini, Giorgio Mossa, Giovanni Mummolo

12. A Reference Framework to Design Inventory Policies Using a Fill Rate Criterion in Lost Sales Contexts
Eugenia Babiloni, Ester Guijarro, Manuel Cardós

13. Contribution of Lean Principles in the Information Systems Development: An Experience Based on a Practical Case
Joana Pereira, Leonor Teixeira

14. Data-Driven SKU Differentiation Framework for Supply Chain Management
Alexander Kharlamov, Luís Miguel D. F. Ferreira, Janet Godsell

15. Deploying “Packaging Logistics” in Paper Napkins
Jesús García-Arca, A. Trinidad González-Portela Garrido, José Carlos Prado-Prado

16. Differentiation of the Difficulty Level of Supply Chain Management Integration Actions
Fernanda Arantes, Maria Leite, Antonio Cezar Bornia

17. Establishing a Link Between Lean Practices and Corporate Sustainability
Cristóvão Silva, Paulo Vaz

18. Explaining Alliance Success Factors in Spanish Food and Beverage Supply Chain: Case Analysis
Jesús Morcillo Bellido, Alfonso Durán Heras

19. How to Design an Efficient and Sustainable Box?
Jesús García-Arca, A. T. González-Portela Garrido, J. A. Comesaña-Benavides, J. C. Prado-Prado

20. Interoperability Frameworks in Public Administration Domain: Focus on Enterprise Assessment
Alexandre Costa Castro, José Marcelo Almeida Cestari, Eduardo Rocha Loures, Edson Pinheiro Lima, Eduardo Alves Portela Santos

21. Main Factors Affecting the Development of Interorganizational Partnerships in Biodiesel Supply Chain in Brazil
Eliene Cristina Barros Ribeiro, António Carrizo Moreira, Luís Miguel Domingues Fernandes Ferreira, Leonardo Leocádio Coelho Souza, Aldara Silva César

22. Productivity Improvement, Considering Legal Conditions and Just in Time Principles in the Mixed-Model Sequencing Problem
Joaquín Bautista-Valhondo, Rocío Alfaro-Pozo, Cristina Batalla-García

23. Proposal of a Framework for Assessing Environmental Performance of Supply Chains
C. Silva, L. M. D. F. Ferreira, S. G. Azevedo

24. Root Cause Identification of Existing Barriers Detected by People with Disabilities in Air Transport
I. Garcia-Miranda, A. Duran Heras

25. Spare Parts Inventory Management Using Quantitative and Qualitative Classification
Fernanda Oliveira, Clara Bento Vaz

26. Sustainable Supply Chain Management: A Case Study
Cláudia Silva, Joaquim Borges Gouveia

27. Transport KPIs for Supply Chain Improvement. A Literature Analysis
Pablo Domínguez-Caamaño, Jesús García-Arca, Arturo J. Fernandez-González, José Carlos Prado-Prado

28. Using Big Data for Competitive Dimensions Improvement in a Telco Company
Rafael Fernandes Novo, José Manoel Souza Neves

29. Reduction of Drying Process Time of Natural Cork Stoppers Process in Lean Improvement Efforts
Tatiana M. Pinho, Daniel Campos, J. Boaventura-Cunha, Américo Azevedo, A. Paulo Moreira

30. Waste Types in People Processing Services
José Dinis-Carvalho, Rui M. Lima, Andromeda Menezes, Marlene Amorim

Part III. Quality and Management in Engineering Systems and Networks

31. Characterising Knowledge Workers’ Job Positions
Ana Moreno-Romero, Eva Ponce-Cueto, Ruth Carrasco-Gallego

32. Information Quality in Companies Committed to TQM
Marta Zárraga-Rodríguez, Manuel Francisco Suárez-Barraza, M. Jesús Álvarez, Elisabeth Viles, Carmen Jaca

33. Performance Measurement Systems for Designing and Managing Interoperability Performance Measures: A Literature Analysis
Alexandre Costa Castro, José Marcelo Almeida Cestari, Eduardo Rocha Loures, Edson Pinheiro Lima, Eduardo Alves Portela Santos

34. Systematic Analysis of Economic Viability with Stochastic Approach: A Proposal for Investment
José Donizetti Lima, Marcelo Gonçalves Trentin, Gilson Adamczuk Oliveira, Dayse Regina Batistus, Dalmarino Setti

35. Thermal Comfort Field Study Based on Adaptive Comfort Theory in Non-residential Buildings
Elena Barbadilla, José Guadix, Pablo Aparicio, Pablo Cortés

Part IV. Education in Engineering Systems and Networks

36. Agents Playing the Beer Distribution Game: Solving the Dilemma Through the Drum-Buffer-Rope Methodology
José Costas, Borja Ponte, David de la Fuente, Jesús Lozano, José Parreño

37. Organizational Engineering: The Emerging Stage of Industrial Engineering
Javier Carrasco, Carlos Mataix, Ruth Carrasco-Gallego

38. Perception of the Evolution of Industrial Engineering Areas Based on the Brazilian ENADE-INEP Assessment System
Eduardo Guilherme Satolo, Renato Luis Garrido Monaro, Milton Vieira Junior, Daniel Luis Garrido Monaro

39. The Skateboard Manufacturing Company: A Teaching Case on Production Planning and Control
Marco Aurélio Mesquita, Leonel José Girotti, João Vitor Tomotani

40. Erratum to: The Skateboard Manufacturing Company: A Teaching Case on Production Planning and Control
Marco Aurélio Mesquita, Leonel José Girotti, João Vitor Tomotani

Keywords: Engineering, Industrial and Production Engineering, Operations Research, Management Science, Project Management

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