Cipolla, Vittorio

Variational Analysis and Aerospace Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Molding Direction Constraints in Structural Optimization via a Level-Set Method
Grégoire Allaire, François Jouve, Georgios Michailidis

2. Adaptive Control for Weakly Minimum Phase Linear Infinite-Dimensional Systems in Hilbert Space Using a Zero Filter
Mark J. Balas, Susan A. Frost

3. Aeroelasticity of the PrandtlPlane: Body Freedom Flutter, Freeplay, and Limit Cycle Oscillation
Rauno Cavallaro, Rocco Bombardieri, Simone Silvani, Luciano Demasi, Giovanni Bernardini

4. HyPSim: A Simulation Tool for Hybrid Aircraft Performance Analysis
Vittorio Cipolla, Fabrizio Oliviero

5. Evolutionary and Heuristic Methods Applied to Problems in Optimal Control
Bruce A. Conway

6. Composite Thin-Walled Beams by Γ-Convergence: From Theory to Application
Cesare Davini, Lorenzo Freddi, Roberto Paroni

7. The Variational Approach to Fracture: A Theoretical Model and Some Numerical Results
Gianpietro Del Piero

8. Minimum Induced Drag Theorems for Nonplanar Systems and Closed Wings
Luciano Demasi, Giovanni Monegato, Rauno Cavallaro

9. On Aerodynamic Design with a POD Surrogate Model
Valentina Dolci, Renzo Arina

10. Trust Region Filter-SQP Method for Multi-Fidelity Wing Aerostructural Optimization
Ali Elham, Michel J. L. van Tooren

11. Tensegrity Rings for Deployable Space Antennas: Concept, Design, Analysis, and Prototype Testing
Pier Luigi Ganga, Andrea Micheletti, Paolo Podio-Guidugli, Lucio Scolamiero, Gunnar Tibert, Valfredo Zolesi

12. Data Analytic UQ Cascade
Bijan Mohammadi

13. Aerodynamic Design of ‘Box Blade’ and ‘Non-planar’ Wind Turbines
Luigi Molea, Emanuele Vitantonio, Aldo Frediani

14. A New Paradigm for the Optimum Design of Variable Angle Tow Laminates
Marco Montemurro, Anita Catapano

15. Numerical Study of a Monolithic Fluid–Structure Formulation
Olivier Pironneau

16. A New, General Neighboring Optimal Guidance for Aerospace Vehicles
Mauro Pontani

17. State-of-the-Art of Optimum Shape Design Methods for Industrial Applications and Beyond
Bruno Stoufflet

18. Variational Analysis and Euler Equation of the Optimum Propeller Problem
Francesco Torrigiani, Aldo Frediani, Antonio Dipace

19. Another View on Planar Anisotropy: The Polar Formalism
Paolo Vannucci

Keywords: Mathematics, Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control; Optimization, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Aerospace Technology and Astronautics, Numerical Analysis, Linear and Multilinear Algebras, Matrix Theory, Partial Differential Equations

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Springer Optimization and Its Applications
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Natural Sciences
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