Oral, Ahmet Yavuz

3rd International Congress on Energy Efficiency and Energy Related Materials (ENEFM2015)

Oral, Ahmet Yavuz - 3rd International Congress on Energy Efficiency and Energy Related Materials (ENEFM2015), ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. General Issues

1. Urban DC Microgrids for Advanced Local Energy Management with Smart Grid Communication
Manuela Sechilariu

2. Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Applied to a Turbine Stage with In-Situ Combustion
Dragos Isvoranu, Sterian Danaila, Paul Cizmas, Constantin Leventiu

3. Strategies of Maximizing the Benefits of Storage and Diesel Generator for Standalone Microgrid
Abubakar Abdulkarim, Sobhy M. Abdelkader, D. John Morrow

4. Optimal Control of the DC Motors with Feedforward Compensation of the Load Torque
Marian Gaiceanu

5. Photovoltaic Power Conversion System as a Reserve Power Source to a Modern Elevator
Marian Gaiceanu, Cristian Nichita, Sorin Statescu

6. Urban Cycle Simulator for Electric Vehicles Applications
Marian Gaiceanu, Razvan Buhosu, Sorin Statescu

7. Impacts of Network Structure on the Optimum Design of Hybrid Standalone Microgrid
Sobhy M. Abdelkader, Abubakar Abdulkarim, D. John Morrow

8. Energy Yield Potential Estimation Using Marine Current Turbine Simulations for the Bosphorus
Hasan Yazicioglu, K. M. Murat Tunc, Muammer Ozbek, Tolga Kara

9. Co-pyrolysis of Lignite-Oil Shale Mixtures
Uğur Hayta, Pınar Acar Bozkurt, Muammer Canel

10. Airborne Wind Energy—A Review
Mahdi Ebrahimi Salari, Joseph Coleman, Daniel Toal

11. Full Utilization Control of Stored Energy in Lithium-Ion Batteries Based on Forecasted PV Output for HEMS
Ahmad Syahiman Mohd Shah, Yuki Ishikawa, Hiroki Takahashi, Suguru Odakura, Naoto Kakimoto

12. Optimization of Hydropower Plants’ Tailwater Energy: A Case Study for 317MW Adana Sanibey Dam, Turkey
K. M. Murat Tunc, Sedat Sisbot, Muammer Ozbek

Part II. Environmental Issues

13. Adsorption Study of Reactive Blue 2 Dye on CTAB-Bentonite in Aqueous Solution
Kheira Chinoune, Zohra Bouberka, Nesrine Touaa, Ulrich Maschke

14. Deactivation of Polybrominated Flame Retardants by Ultraviolet Radiation
Kahina Bentaleb, Zohra Bouberka, Abdelouahab Nadim, Ulrich Maschke, Yassine Agguine, Said Eddarir

15. Bandwidth Improvement of Patch Antenna Printed on Anisotropic Substrate with Modified Ground Plane
Amel Boufrioua

Part III. Economical Issues

16. An Expert Committee Evaluation for Load Forecasting in a Smart Grid Environment
Th. Boutsika, G. Sideratos, A. Ikonomopoulos

17. Linking Smart Energy and Smart Irrigation: Integration, System Architecture, Prototype Implementation and Experimentation
Elias Houstis, Antonia Nasiakou, Manolis Vavalis, Dimitris Zimeris

Part IV. Materials for Sustainable Energy

18. Some Issues of Industrial Scale Silicon Isotopes Separation by the Laser Assisted Retarded Condensation Method (SILARC)
K. A. Lyakhov, H. J. Lee

19. Inkjet Printing and Inkjet Infiltration of Functional Coatings for SOFCs Fabrication
R. I. Tomov, M. Krauz, Chenlong Gao, S. Hopkins, R. V. Kumar, B. A. Glowacki

20. Modelling of the Bending Behaviour of a Double-Reinforced Beam from Recycled Materials for Application in NZEBs
Anguel Baltov, Ana Yanakieva, Gergana Nikolova

21. Tuning of Dielectric Parameters of (CNTS)X/Cutl-1223 Nanotubes-Superconductor Composites
M. Mumtaz, Zahir Usman

22. Modeling of a Heat Pipe for Using in Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting Systems
Marco Nesarajah, Georg Frey

23. Electron Thermostating Elements for Controlling Consumption of Heat Transfer Agent in the Heating Systems
Yury I. Shtern, Ya S. Kozhevnikov, I. S. Karavaev, V. M. Rykov, M. Yu Shtern

24. Investigation and Calibration Methods of Precise Temperature Sensors for Controlling Heat Consumption
Yury I. Shtern, Ya. S. Kozhevnikov, I. S. Karavaev, M. Yu. Shtern, A. A. Sherchenkov, Maxim S. Rogachev

25. Thermoelectric Generators: A Review of Present and Future Applications
Daniel Champier

26. Electron-Spin Resonance of Type II Si-Clathrate Thin Film for New Solar Cell Material
Mitsuo Yamaga, Takumi Kishita, Tetsuji Kume, Koki Uehara, Masaki Nomura, Fumitaka Ohashi, Takayuki Ban, Shuichi Nonomura

27. The Power Supply of the Hydrogen Generator
Krzysztof Górecki, Janusz Zarębski, Paweł Górecki, Sławomir Halbryt

28. The Use of Photo-Voltaic Panels to Charge Mobile Electronic Devices
Paweł Górecki, Krzysztof Górecki, Ewa Krac, Janusz Zarębski

29. Optimized Rapid Thermal Process for Selective Emitter Solar Cells
Abdelkader Djelloul, Abderrahmane Moussi, Linda Mahiou, Mourad Mebarki, Samir Meziani, Abdelkader Guenda, Kamel Bourai, Abdelkader Noukaz

30. Integrating Superficially Treated 2024 Aluminum Alloy in Steel Drill String to Deal with Fatigue Problem in Crooked Trajectory for Vertical Deep Well
Lallia Belkacem, Noureddine Abdelbaki, Mohamed Gaceb, Elahmoun Bouali, Hedjaj Ahmed, Mourad Bettayeb

31. Performance of Bi2Te3 Thermoelectric Element Improved by Means of Contact System Ni/Ta-W-N/Ni
Dmitry G. Gromov, Yury I. Shtern, Maxim S. Rogachev, Alexey S. Shulyat’ev, Alexey Yu. Trifonov, Elena P. Kirilenko

32. Investigation of the Crystallization Kinetics in the Phase Change Memory Materials of Ge–Sb–Te System
A. Sherchenkov, S. Kozyukhin, A. Babich, P. Lazarenko, S. Timoshenkov, A. Shuliatyev, A. Baranchikov

33. Fuel Cell for Standalone Application Using FPGA Based Controller
Kamalakanta Mahapatra, Kanhu Charan Bhuyan

34. Al2O3+TiO2 Thin Film Deposited by Electrostatic Spray Deposition
Alicja K. Krella, Andrzej Krupa, Arkadiusz T. Sobczyk, Anatol Jaworek

35. Mechanism of Breakdown and Plasma Evolution in Water Induced by Wide Pulse Widths of Laser Radiation: Numerical Study
Kholoud A Hamam, Yosr E. E. D. Gamal

36. Research Towards Energy-Efficient Substation Connectors
F. Capelli, J.-R. Riba, A. Rodriguez, S. Lalaouna

Keywords: Energy, Energy Efficiency, Physics of Energy Technology, Renewable and Green Energy, Energy Technology, Optical and Electronic Materials

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