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Table of contents

1. The Helmert Transformation Approach in Network Densification Revisited
C. Kotsakis, A. Vatalis, F. Sansò

2. A Study on the Impact of Reference Frame Implementation Strategy on GNSS Time Series for Regional Network Analysis
Miltiadis Chatzinikos, Athanasios Dermanis

3. Validation of Components of Local Ties
Susanne Glaser, Mathias Fritsche, Krzysztof Sośnica, Carlos Javier Rodríguez-Solano, Kan Wang, Rolf Dach, Urs Hugentobler, Markus Rothacher, Reinhard Dietrich

4. Combination of Space Geodetic Techniques on the Observation Level with c5++: Common Nuisance Parameters and Data Weighting
Thomas Hobiger, Toshimichi Otsubo

5. The Processing of Single Differenced GNSS Data with VLBI Software
Younghee Kwak, Johannes Böhm, Thomas Hobiger, Lucia Plank

6. IVS Contribution to ITRF2014
S. Bachmann, L. Messerschmitt, D. Thaller

7. Antenna Axis Offsets and Their Impact on VLBI Derived Reference Frames
Tobias Nilsson, Julian A. Mora-Diaz, Virginia Raposo-Pulido, Robert Heinkelmann, Maria Karbon, Li Liu, Cuixian Lu, Benedikt Soja Minghui Xu, Harald Schuh

8. Scheduling VLBI Observations to Satellites with VieVS
Andreas Hellerschmied, Johannes Böhm, Alexander Neidhardt, Jan Kodet, Rüdiger Haas, Lucia Plank

9. Refined Tropospheric Delay Models for CONT11
D. Landskron, A. Hofmeister, J. Böhm

10. Loading-Induced Deformation Due to Atmosphere, Ocean and Hydrology: Model Comparisons and the Impact on Global SLR, VLBI and GNSS Solutions
O. Roggenbuck, D. Thaller, G. Engelhardt, S. Franke, R. Dach, P. Steigenberger

11. The International Mass Loading Service
Leonid Petrov

12. Pre-combined GNSS-SLR Solutions: What Could be the Benefit for the ITRF?
D. Thaller, K. Sośnica, P. Steigenberger, O. Roggenbuck, R. Dach

13. GGOS-SIM: Simulation of the Reference Frame for the Global Geodetic Observing System
Harald Schuh, Rolf König, Dimitrios Ampatzidis, Susanne Glaser, Frank Flechtner, Robert Heinkelmann, Tobias J. Nilsson

14. Overview of the ILRS Contribution to the Development of ITRF2013
V. Luceri, E. C. Pavlis, B. Pace, D. König, M. Kuzmicz-Cieslak, G. Bianco

15. A Spatial Analysis of Global Navigation Satellite System Stations Within the Context of the African Geodetic Reference Frame
Ivan F. Muzondo, Ludwig Combrinck, Joel O. Botai, Cilence Munghemezulu

16. The Development of a Station Coordinate Estimation Program to Model Time Series from Continuous GPS Stations in New Zealand
C. Pearson, C. Crook, P. Denys

17. Results from the Regional AUSTRAL VLBI Sessions for Southern Hemisphere Reference Frames
Lucia Plank, James E. J. Lovell, Jamie McCallum, Elizaveta Rastorgueva-Foi, Stanislav S. Shabala, Johannes Böhm, David Mayer, Jing Sun, Oleg Titov, Stuart Weston, Sergei Gulyaev, Tim Natusch, Jonathan Quick

18. Implementation of the ETRS89 in Europe: Current Status and Challenges
Carine Bruyninx, Zuheir Altamimi, Elmar Brockmann, Alessandro Caporali, Rolf Dach, Jan Dousa, Rui Fernandes, Michail Gianniou, Heinz Habrich, Johannes Ihde, Lotti Jivall, Ambrus Kenyeres, Martin Lidberg, Rosa Pacione, Markku Poutanen, Karolina Szafranek, Wolfgang Söhne, Günter Stangl, João Torres, Christof Völksen

19. Defining a Local Reference Frame Using a Plate Motion Model and Deformation Model
Richard Stanaway, Craig Roberts, Chris Rizos, Nic Donnelly, Chris Crook, Joel Haasdyk

20. A Development of the Russian Geodetic Reference Network
Suriya Tatevian, Sergei Kuzin

21. Weighted vs. Unweighted MCs for the Datum Definition in Regional Networks
M. Chatzinikos, C. Kotsakis

22. Is Nubia Plate Rigid? A Geodetic Study of the Relative Motion of Different Cratonic Areas Within Africa
Mary Njoroge, Rocco Malservisi, Denis Voytenko, Matthias Hackl

23. How Consistent are The Current Conventional Celestial and Terrestrial Reference Frames and The Conventional Earth Orientation Parameters?
Robert Heinkelmann, Santiago Belda, José M. Ferrándiz, Harald Schuh

24. The Effects of Simulated and Observed Quasar Structure on the VLBI Reference Frame
Stanislav S. Shabala, Lucia Plank, Robert G. Schaap, Jamie N. McCallum, Johannes Böhm, Hana Krásná, Jing Sun

25. Towards Improved Lunar Reference Frames: LRO Orbit Determination
Anno Löcher, Franz Hofmann, Philipp Gläser, Isabel Haase, Jürgen Müller, Jürgen Kusche, Jürgen Oberst

26. Terrestrial Reference Frame Requirements for Studies of Geodynamics and Climate Change
Geoffrey Blewitt

27. The Phase 2 North America Land Data Assimilation System (NLDAS-2) Products for Modeling Water Storage Displacements for Plate Boundary Observatory GPS Stations
Zhao Li, Tonie Dam

28. Non-parametric Estimation of Seasonal Variations in GPS-Derived Time Series
Janusz Bogusz, Marta Gruszczynska, Anna Klos, Maciej Gruszczynski

29. A Two-Frame National Geospatial Reference System Accounting for Geodynamics
Nic Donnelly, Chris Crook, Richard Stanaway, Craig Roberts, Chris Rizos, Joel Haasdyk

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geophysics/Geodesy

Publication year
1st ed. 2017
International Association of Geodesy Symposia
Page amount
12 pages
Natural Sciences
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