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Ignition Systems for Gasoline Engines

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Table of contents

1. Challenges to the Ignition System of Future Gasoline Engines An Application Oriented Systems Comparison
Martin Schenk, Franz Xaver Schauer, Christina Sauer, Gerhard Weber, Joachim Hahn, Christian Schwarz

2. Extension of Operating Window for Modern Combustion Systems by High Performance Ignition
Martin Brandt, Alexander Hettinger, Andreas Schneider, Hartwig Senftleben, Tim Skowronek

3. Demonstration of Improved Dilution Tolerance Using a Production-Intent Compact Nanosecond Pulse Ignition System
Daniel Singleton, Jason M. Sanders, Mark A. Thomas, Magnus Sjöberg, James Sevik, Michael Pamminger, Thomas Wallner

4. Study of Ignitability in Strong Flow Field
Kotaro Suzuki, Kazuhiro Uehara, Eiji Murase, Shinichiro Nogawa

5. Simulating Extreme Lean Gasoline Combustion – Flow Effects on Ignition
B. Morcinkowski, P. Hoppe, F. Hoppe, M. Mally, P. Adomeit, T. Uhlmann, M. Thewes, J. Scharf, H. Baumgarten

6. High Energy Multipole Distribution Spark Ignition System
Ming Zheng, Shui Yu, Jimi Tjong

7. Development of Homogeneous Charged Multi-point Ignition Engine
Katsuaki Minami

8. Development of an Ignition Coil Integrated System to Monitor the Spark Plugs Wear
Filipa Fernandes, Marco Lönarz, Peter Weyand

9. Fatigue Life Simulation and Analysis of an Ignition Coil
Ravish Masti, Pedro Carreira, Chandrashekhara SM, Ravi Kumar

10. Calorimetry and Atomic Oxygen Laser-Induced Fluorescence of Pulsed Nanosecond Discharges at Above-Atmospheric Pressures
Benjamin Wolk, Isaac Ekoto

11. Comparing Visualization of Inflammation at Transient Load Steps Comparing Ignition Systems
Olaf Toedter, Alexander Heinz, Christian Disch, Thomas Koch, Stefan Seefeldt

12. Spark Control for Ion Current Sensing
Tycho Weißgerber, Gregor Kortendiek

13. Ignition System Development for High Speed High Load Lean Boosted Engines
D. J. Corrigan, E. Pascolini, D. Zecchetti, F. Titus

14. Effects of Microwave-Enhanced Plasma on Laser Ignition
Jun Hayashi, Chen Liu, Fumiteru Akamatsu, Atsushi Nishiyama, Ahsa Moon, Yuji Ikeda

15. Pulse Train Ignition with Passively Q-Switched Laser Spark Plugs Under Engine-like Conditions
Sebastian Lorenz, Mark Bärwinkel, Wolfgang Mühlbauer, Dieter Brüggemann

16. Advanced Plasma Ignition (API): A Simple Corona and Spark Ignition System
Paulus Krüger, Barend Visser

17. Analytical and Experimental Optimization of the Advanced Corona Ignition System
John Burrows, Kristapher Mixell

18. Comparative Optical and Thermodynamic Investigations of High Frequency Corona- and Spark-Ignition on a CV Natural Gas Research Engine Operated with Charge Dilution by Exhaust Gas Recirculation
Fabian Marko, Gerhard König, Tobias Schöffler, Steffen Bohne, Friedrich Dinkelacker

19. Potential of Advanced Corona Ignition System (ACIS) for Future Engine Applications
Cherian A. Idicheria, Paul M. Najt

Keywords: Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Transportation

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