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EuroKarst 2016, Neuchâtel

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Table of contents

Part I. Geomorphology and Geophysics

1. Shui Jing Po Shilin, Rock and Relief of Stone Forests on Cone Hills, Yunnan, China
Martin Knez, Hong Liu, Tadej Slabe

2. Geomorphometric Analysis of Karst Terrains
Eulogio Pardo-Igúzquiza, Juan José Durán, Juan Antonio Luque-Espinar, Pedro Robledo-Ardila

3. Distribution and Features of Natural and Anthropogenic Sinkholes in Apulia
Mario Parise, Carmela Vennari

4. Advanced Airborne Electromagnetics for Capturing Hydrogeological Parameters Over the Coastal Karst System of Tulum, Mexico
Arnulf Schiller, Robert Supper, Ingrid Schattauer, Klaus Motschka, Gonzalo Merediz Alonso, Alejandro Lopéz Tamayo

Part II. Geological Control and Speleogenesis

5. Characterization of a Paleokarstic Oil Field (Rospo Mare, Italy): Sedimentologic and Diagenetic Outcomes, and Their Integration in Reservoir Simulation
Arnaud Fournillon, Giuseppe Bellentani, Andrea Moccia, Clement Jumeaucourt, Paolo Terdich, Francesco Siliprandi, Fabio Peruzzo

6. Subsurface Flow and Sulfate Dissolution Response to the Construction and Restoration of the River Weir in Hessigheim, Germany
Héctor Montenegro, Regina Kauther, Daniel Strasser, Tanja Liesch, Nico Goldscheider

7. Development of Sulphate Karst Under Technogenic Impact Conditions in the Western Urals
Nikolay Maksimovich, Olga Meshcheryakova

8. An Integrated Approach for Investigations of Ground-Subsidence Phenomena in the Ovaro Village (NE Italy)
Chiara Calligaris, Stefano Devoto, Luca Zini, Franco Cucchi

9. Investigating Physical Processes Leading to Sinkhole Occurrence in Val d’Orléans (France)
Jérôme Perrin, Sylvain Pasquier, Alexis Gutierrez, Damien Salquèbre, Emilie Vandoudheusden, Emmanuelle Joigneaux, Christophe Château, Audrey Guirimand-Dufour, Nevila Jozja, Christian Défarge, Stéphane Binet

Part III. Hydrodynamics

10. Topographically Driven Fluid Flow at the Boundary of Confined and Unconfined Sub-basins of Carbonates: Basic Pattern and Evaluation Approach on the Example of Buda Thermal Karst
Judit Mádl-Szőnyi, Ádám Tóth

11. Modeling the Hydrologic Cycle in a Mediterranean High-Relief Karst
Eulogio Pardo-Igúzquiza, Juan José Durán, Juan Antonio Luque-Espinar, Pedro Robledo-Ardila, Javier Heredia

12. Process-Based Vegetation Models Improve Karst Recharge Simulation Under Mediterranean Forest
Simon Damien Carrière, Charles Danquigny, Hendrik Davi, Konstantinos Chalikakis, Chloé Ollivier, Nicolas K. Martin-StPaul, Christophe Emblanch

13. Improved Assessment of Groundwater Recharge in a Mediterranean Karst Region: Andalusia, Spain
Lara Kirn, Matías Mudarra, Ana Marín, Bartolome Andreo, Andreas Hartmann

Part IV. Time Series Analysis and Modeling

14. Effect of Cave Ventilation on Karst Water Chemographs
Pierre-Yves Jeannin, Arnauld Malard, Philipp Häuselmann, Pierre-Xavier Meury

15. Comparison of Mine Drainage/Karst Springs Discharge Recession Curves
Peter Malik, Peter Bajtoš

16. Time Lag Analysis of Natural Responses During Unitary Recharge Events to Assess the Functioning of Carbonate Aquifers in Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park (Southern Spain)
Damián Sánchez, José Francisco Martín-Rodríguez, Matías Mudarra, Bartolomé Andreo, Manuel López-Rodríguez, María Rocío Navas

17. Karst Flash Flood Forecasting Using Recurrent and Non-recurrent Artificial Neural Network Models: The Case of the Lez Basin (Southern France)
Thomas Darras, Line Kong-A-Siou, Bernard Vayssade, Anne Johannet, Séverin Pistre

18. Spectral Analysis of Time Series of Carbonate Aquifer of Sierra Gorda
Juan Antonio Luque-Espinar, Eulogio Pardo-Igúzquiza, Antonio González-Ramón, Manuel López-Chicano, Juan José Durán-Valsero, David Pulido-Velázquez

19. Decomposition of CO2 Signal in Lascaux Cave
Nicolas Peyraube, Roland Lastennet, Philippe Malaurent, Jessica D. Villanueva, Alain Denis

20. Characterizing Functioning of the Dyr Karst (Tebessa, Algeria) by Correlative and Spectral Analysis of Hydro-Pluviometric Chronicles
Mohammed Laid Hemila, Omar Guefaifia, Layachi Gouaidia, Bilel Djoulah

21. Artificial Neural Networks Modeling of a Karstic Watershed in Mount Lebanon
Antoine Allam, Wajdi Najem

Part V. Karst Aquifer Management

22. Hydro-System Flow Modelling for Water Resources Management in the Fractured and Karstified Chalk Aquifer Environment of Eastern Normandy
Didier Pennequin, Pierre-Yann David, Marie Servière, Nadia Amraoui, Chrytèle Loiselet

23. Integrative Passive Samplers to Detect Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Contamination in Karst
Hélène Demougeot-Renard, André Bapst, Celia Trunz, Laurence Fischer, Philippe Renard

24. Concentration of Nitrates in Spanish Carbonate Aquifers: Relation with Soil TOC and Land Use
Juan Antonio Luque-Espinar, Eulogio Pardo-Igúzquiza, Juan Grima-Olmedo, Sandra Martínez-Romero, Juan José Durán-Valsero, Carlos Grima-Olmedo

25. Sin-DRASTIC: A Modified Vulnerability Mapping Method for Alluvial Aquifer Hosted by Karst in the North of Hamadan Province, West of Iran
Kamal Taheri, Milad Taheri, Mostafa Safari Komail

26. Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) to Supply Libreville, a Water-Stressed City (Gabon)
Bernard Collignon, Claude Ondo

Part VI. Multidisciplinary Regional Studies

27. Hydrogeological Characterization of a Geologically Complex Karst Aquifer Using Natural Responses: An Example from Andalusia, Southern Spain
Beatriz Torre Martínez, Matías Mudarra Martínez, Bartolomé Andreo Navarro, Catherine Bertrand

28. Preliminary Data on the Groundwater Geochemistry of Su Bentu Cave (Sardinia, Italy)
Laura Sanna, Jo Waele

29. Comparison of Flow Processes in Drains and Low Permeability Volumes of a Karst System in the French Jura Mountains: High-Resolution Hydrochemical Characterization During a Flood Event
Sophie Denimal, Catherine Bertrand, Marc Steinmann, Nicolas Carry

30. Hydrochemical and Hydrodynamic Behavior of the Epikarst at the Lascaux Cave (Montignac, France)
Nicolas Houillon, Roland Lastennet, Alain Denis, Philippe Malaurent

31. Identification of Vadose Karst Voids and Ventilation Patterns Coupling Hydrochemical and Geophysical Methods (Maro Spring, Near Nerja, Southern Spain)
José Benavente, Iñaki Vadillo, Cristina Liñán, Francisco José Martínez-Moreno, Jesús Galindo-Zaldívar, Francisco Carrasco

32. Analysis of Natural Response and Hydrochemical Data by Statistical Approaches to Characterize the Hydrogeological Functioning of a Highly Karstified Evaporitic System in South Spain
Jose Manuel Gil-Márquez, Matías Mudarra, Bartolomé Andreo

33. Hydrochemical Heterogeneity in Karst Tributaries on Siliciclastic Boundaries: Corrente River, Bahia—Brazil
Emmanoel V. Silva-Filho, Karina L. Lecomte, Cristina C. Bicalho

34. Multidisciplinary Hydrogeological Study of a Folded Karst Aquifer Under Intensive Exploitation: The Bedmar-Jódar Aquifer (Southern Spain)
Antonio González-Ramón, Sergio Martos-Rosillo, Ana Ruiz-Constán, Antonio Pedrera, Jesús Galindo-Zaldivar, Manuel Martínez-Martos

35. Examining the Functioning of a Multilayer Karst System: The Case of Toulon Springs (Dordogne, France)
Guillaume Lorette, Roland Lastennet, Alain Denis, Nicolas Peyraube

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Hydrogeology, Physical Geography, Environmental Science and Engineering, Climate Change

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