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New Advances in Mechanisms, Mechanical Transmissions and Robotics

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Table of contents

Part I. MTM—Mechanisms—Analysis and Synthesis

1. Optimal Design of a Grasping Device Through Simplified Pose Synthesis of a Four-Bar Linkage
V. Mesaros-Anghel, E.-C. Lovasz, C. M. Gruescu, C. E. Moldovan

2. Modified Method of the Kinematic Analysis of Planar Linkage Mechanism for Non-stationary Motion Modes
J. Drewniak, P. Garlicka, J. Kopeć, S. Zawiślak

3. A Type Synthesis Method for Parallel Mechanisms Based on SAKCs
Huiping Shen, Chi-Yu Sun, Dan Zhang, Ting-li Yang

4. Matlab GUI for SVAJ Cam Analysis Diagrams
C. Pop, E.-C. Lovasz, F. Pop, A. Davidescu, S. M. Grigorescu

5. On the Kinematic Analysis of a Sixth Class Mechanism
C. E. Moldovan, D. Perju, E.-C. Lovasz, K.-H. Modler, I. Maniu

Zero-Free-Length Elastic Systems for Static Balancing
L. Ciupitu, I. Simionescu

7. Analytic and FEM Study of Load Distribution on the Length of Spline Joints Under Pure Torque
D. Mărgineanu, C. Sticlaru, A. Davidescu, E. Mărgineanu

8. Dimensional Synthesis of Planar Parallel Manipulator Using Geared Linkages with Linear Actuation as Kinematic Chains
S. M. Grigorescu, E.-C. Lovasz, D. T. Mărgineanu, C. Pop, F. Pop

Part II. MTM—Dynamics of Mechanisms and Machines

9. The Concept of Natural Motion for Pick and Place Operations
J. P. Barreto, F. J.-F. Schöler, B. Corves

10. Structural Synthesis of Planar Geared Linkage Mechanisms as Multibody Systems
I. Visa, M. Neagoe, M. D. Moldovan

11. Dynamics of a Vertical Unbalanced Gyroscopic Rotor with Nonlinear Characteristics
Zh. Iskakov

Part III. MTM—Mechanical Transmissions

12. Edge Tooth Addendum Thickness of Hindley Worm
Yaping Zhao

13. A Single Speed (CVT) Transmission
K. Ivanov, B. Tultayev, G. Balbayev

14. An Approach for Modelling Harvester Head Mechanism in the Harvesting Process of Hardwood Stands
B. Hatton, B. C. Bouzgarrou, J.-C. Fauroux, V. Gagnol, G. Gogu

15. Novel Speed Increaser Used in Counter-Rotating Wind Turbines
M. Neagoe, R. Saulescu, C. Jaliu, N. Cretescu

Part IV. MTM—Micromechanisms and Microactuators

16. On Application Melnikov Method to Detecting the Edge of Chaos for a Micro-Cantilever
J. Xie, S.-H. He, Z.-H. Liu, Y. Chen

Part V. MTM—Computational and Experimental Methods

17. Use of the Structomatic Method to Perform the Forward Kinematic and Kinetostatic Analyses of a Hydraulic Excavator
M. Mailloux, M. Éné, I. Simionescu, I. Tabara

18. Application of a Cam Workbench for Education in Mechanical Engineering
H. Chen, T. T. N. Nguyen, M. Müller, S. Kurtenbach, C. Pan, M. Hüsing, B. Corves

19. Kinematic Characterization of the Origami Spring Based on a Spherical 6R Linkage
Hiroshi Matsuo, Daisuke Matsuura, Yusuke Sugahara, Yukio Takeda

20. Scaled Test Stand Simulation for Studying the Behavior of Anti-lock Brake Systems on Bumpy Roads
V. Ciupe, D. Mărgineanu, E.-C. Lovasz

Part VI. MTM—Terminology

21. Activities of Russian—Speaking Scientists in Development of MMS Terminology
V. E. Starzhinsky, E. V. Shalobaev, M. M. Kane, V. I. Goldfarb

22. State of Art in Separate Sections of MMS Terminology and Some Proposals
E. V. Shalobaev, S. V. Shil’ko, R. T. Tolocka, V. E. Starzhinsky, G. N. Iurkova, D. G. Surikov

Part VII. Robotics—Mechanical Design of Robot Architecture

23. Design Solutions to Simplify the Calibration of a Robotic Flexible Manufacturing System
A.-M. Stoian, I. Maniu, E.-C. Lovasz, C. M. Gruescu

Part VIII. Robotics—Mobile Robots

24. Reconbot: A Reconfigurable Rescue Robot Composed of Serial-Parallel Hybrid Upper Humanoid Body and Track Mobile Platform
W. Ding, T. Detert, B. Corves, Y. A. Yao

25. Kinematics Modelling of Mobile Robot with Articulated Limbs Without Wheel Slip
P. Sperzyński, A. Gronowicz

26. Experimental Platform for Hexapod Locomotion
M. Niţulescu, M. Ivănescu, S. Mănoiu-Olaru, V. D. H. Nguyen

27. Quadcopter Propeller Design and Performance Analysis
Endrowednes Kuantama, Dan Craciun, Ioan Tarca, Radu Tarca

28. A Method for Structural Synthesis of Cooperative Mobile Manipulators
Z.-E. Chebab, J.-C. Fauroux, G. Gogu, N. Bouton, L. Sabourin, Y. Mezouar

29. Mobile Robot Used to Collect Data from a Difficult Access Area
R. Zemouri, P. C. Patic

Part IX. Robotics—Parallel Robots

30. Extended Procedure for Stiffness Modeling Based on the Matrix Structure Analysis
T. Detert, B. Corves

31. Translational Parallel Manipulator with Pa2 Kinematic Joints
A. Hernandez, Z. Zhang, V. Petuya, E. Macho, E. Amezua

32. Synthesis and Modeling of Redundantly Actuated Parallel Kinematic Manipulators—An Approach to Efficient Motion Design
T. Haschke, M. Lorenz, J. Brinker, M. Hüsing, B. Corves

33. 6-PSS Based Parallel Manipulators
T A Dwarakanath, K D Lagoo, D N Badodkar

Part X. Robotics—Sensors and Actuators in Robotics

34. Compliant Rotary Actuator Driven by Shape Memory Alloy
H. Yuan, X. Balandraud, J. C. Fauroux, F. Chapelle

35. Modelling and Simulation of Linear Actuators in Mechatronic Systems
V. Dolga, L. Dolga, C. Moldovan

Part XI. Robotics—Robotic Control Systems

36. Dynamic Control for a Class of Continuum Robotic Arms
M. Ivanescu, M. Nitulescu, V. D. H. Nguyen, M. Florescu

37. Actuator Design for Stabilizing Single Tendon Platforms
D. Haarhoff, M. Kolditz, D. Abel, S. Brell-Cokcan

38. Model-Based Stability Prediction of a Machining Robot
S. Mousavi, V. Gagnol, B. C. Bouzgarrou, P. Ray

Part XII. Robotics—Biomedical Engineering

39. Augmented PID Control of a 2PPR-2PRP Planar Parallel Manipulator for Lower Limb Rehabilitation Applications
J. K. Mohanta, M. Santhakumar, S. Kurtenbach, B. Corves, M. Hüsing

40. Human Motion Characterization Using Wireless Inertial Sensors
M. Olinski, A. Gronowicz, M. Ceccarelli, D. Cafolla

41. Trajectory Analysis for Modified Jansen Leg Mechanism Configuration
F. Pop, E.-C. Lovasz, C. Pop, V. Dolga, S. M. Grigorescu

42. Development of an Assisting Instrument of Standing-Up Motion Using Driving Springs for Elderly Persons
H. Terada, K. Makino, K. Ishida, M. Ichikawa

43. An Evolutionary Computational Algorithm for Trajectory Planning of an Innovative Parallel Robot for Brachytherapy
F. Gîrbacia, D. Pîslă, S. Butnariu, B. Gherman, T. Gîrbacia, N. Plitea

44. Inverse Kinematics and Dynamics of an Overconstrained Manipulator for Upper Extremity Rehabilitation
Ö. Selvi, K. Yilmaz

Part XIII. Robotics—Teleoperation, Haptics, Virtual Reality

45. Image Processing Based Stiffness Mapping of a Haptic Device
B. Taner, M. İ. C. Dede

Part XIV. Robotics—Compliant Structures

46. Kinematic Analysis of a Flexible TensegrityRobot
O. Altuzarra, M. Diez, J. Corral, F. J. Campa

47. Adaptive Compliant Gripper Finger with Embedded Contracting and Extending Actuators
A. Milojević, N. D. Pavlović, H. Handroos

48. Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of a 4DOF Parallel Robot with Flexible Links
N. Cretescu, M. Neagoe, R. Saulescu

Part XV. Robotics—Robotic Applications

49. Automated Handling and Draping of Reinforcing Textiles—Challenges and Developments
J. Brinker, I. Prause, P. Kosse, H.-C. Früh, S. Printz, C. Henke, M. Hüsing, B. Corves, R. Schmitt, T. Gries, S. Jeschke

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Design, Machinery and Machine Elements, Robotics and Automation, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools

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