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Partial Order Concepts in Applied Sciences

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Table of contents

Part I. Theoretical and Methodological Advances

1. Endowing Posets with Flesh: If, Why and How?
Jan W. Owsiński

2. Incomparability/Inequality Measures and Clustering
Hans-Georg Bartel, Hans-Joachim Mucha

3. Incomparable: What Now, IV. Incomparabilities: A Modeling Challenge
Rainer Bruggemann, Lars Carlsen, Paola Annoni

4. Partial Ordering and Metrology Analyzing Analytical Performance
Lars Carlsen, Rainer Bruggemann

5. Functionals and Synthetic Indicators Over Finite Posets
Marco Fattore

6. Evaluation, Considered as Problem Orientable Mathematics Over Lattices
Adalbert Kerber

7. A Combined Lexicographic Average Rank Approach for Evaluating Uncertain Multi-indicator Matrices with Risk Metrics
Elvis Hernández-Perdomo, Johnathan Mun, Claudio M. Rocco

Part II. Partial Order Theory in Socio-economic Sciences

8. Peculiarities in Multidimensional Regional Poverty
Paola Annoni, Rainer Bruggemann, Lars Carlsen

9. Application of Partial Order Theory to Multidimensional Poverty Analysis in Switzerland
Tugce Beycan, Christian Suter

10. Analysis of Social Participation: A Multidimensional Approach Based on the Theory of Partial Ordering
Stefania Della Queva

11. POSET Analysis of Panel Data with POSAC
Enrico Bella, Matteo Corsi, Lucia Leporatti

12. Partially Ordered Set Theory and Sen’s Capability Approach: A Fruitful Relationship
Giulio Guarini

Part III. Partial Order Theory in Environmental Sciences

13. Ranking Chemicals with Respect to Accidents Frequency
Ghanima Al-Sharrah

14. Formal Concept Analysis Applications in Chemistry: From Radionuclides and Molecular Structure to Toxicity and Diagnosis
Nancy Y. Quintero, Guillermo Restrepo

15. Partial Order Analysis of the Government Dependence of the Sustainable Development Performance in Germany’s Federal States
Alexander Hilckmann, Vanessa Bach, Rainer Bruggemann, Robert Ackermann, Matthias Finkbeiner

Part IV. New Applications of Partial Order Theory

16. A Matching Problem, Partial Order, and an Analysis Applying the Copeland Index
Rainer Bruggemann, Peter Koppatz, Frauke Fuhrmann, Margit Scholl

17. Application of the Mixing Partial Order to Genes
William Seitz, Krunoslav Brčić-Kostić, Petar T. Mitrikeski, Patricia Seitz

18. Analyzing Ethnopharmacological Data Matrices on Traditional Uses of Medicinal Plants with the Contribution of Partial Order Techniques
Stergios Pirintsos, Michael Bariotakis, Danae Laina, Christos Lionis, Elias Castanas, Rainer Bruggemann

Part V. Software Developments

19. PARSEC: An R Package for Partial Orders in Socio-Economics
Alberto Arcagni

20. ≫PyHasse≪ and Cloud Computing
Peter Koppatz, Rainer Bruggemann

Keywords: Environment, Math. Appl. in Environmental Science, Statistics for Social Science, Behavorial Science, Education, Public Policy, and Law, Statistics for Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

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