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Assessing Contexts of Learning

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Dimensions of Context Assessment
Susanne Kuger, Eckhard Klieme

2. The Assessment of Learning Contexts in PISA
Nina Jude

3. The Methodology of PISA: Past, Present, and Future
David Kaplan, Susanne Kuger

4. An Introduction to the PISA 2015 Questionnaire Field Trial: Study Design and Analysis Procedures
Susanne Kuger, Nina Jude, Eckhard Klieme, David Kaplan

Part II. Student Background

5. Social Background
Rainer Watermann, Kai Maaz, Sonja Bayer, Nina Roczen

6. Ethnicity and Migration
Svenja Vieluf

7. Early Childhood Learning Experiences
Yvonne Anders, Hans-Günther Roßbach, Susanne Kuger

8. Parental Support and Involvement in School
Silke Hertel, Nina Jude

Part III. Outcomes of Education Beyond Achievement

9. Bias Assessment and Prevention in Noncognitive Outcome Measures in Context Assessments
Fons J. R. Vijver, Jia He

10. General Noncognitive Outcomes
Jonas P. Bertling, Tamara Marksteiner, Patrick C. Kyllonen

11. Dispositions for Collaborative Problem Solving
Kathleen Scalise, Maida Mustafic, Samuel Greiff

12. Science-Related Outcomes: Attitudes, Motivation, Value Beliefs, Strategies
Anja Schiepe-Tiska, Nina Roczen, Katharina Müller, Manfred Prenzel, Jonathan Osborne

13. ICT Engagement in Learning Environments
Frank Goldhammer, Gabriela Gniewosz, Johannes Zylka

Part IV. Learning in Schools

14. A Dynamic Perspective on School Learning Environment and Its Impact on Student Learning Outcomes
Leonidas Kyriakides, Bert P. M. Creemers

15. Building More Effective Education Systems
Gregory Elacqua

16. Curriculum and Learning Time in International School Achievement Studies
Susanne Kuger

17. Science Teaching and Learning in Schools: Theoretical and Empirical Foundations for Investigating Classroom-Level Processes
Katharina Müller, Manfred Prenzel, Tina Seidel, Anja Schiepe-Tiska, Marit Kjærnsli

18. Teacher Qualifications and Professional Knowledge
Franz Klingebiel, Eckhard Klieme

19. Assessment and Evaluation in Educational Contexts
Sonja Bayer, Eckhard Klieme, Nina Jude

Keywords: Education, Assessment, Testing and Evaluation, Educational Policy and Politics, International and Comparative Education

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Methodology of Educational Measurement and Assessment
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