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Dynamics in Logistics

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Table of contents

Part I. Distributed and Collaborative Planning and Control

1. Model-Based Specification and Refinement for Cyber-Physical Systems
Rolf Drechsler, Serge Autexier, Christoph Lüth

2. Routing and Scheduling Transporters in a Rail-Guided Container Transport System
Xuefeng Jin, Hans-Otto Guenther, Kap Hwan Kim

3. The Influence of Manufacturing System Characteristics on the Emergence of Logistics Synchronization: A Simulation Study
Stanislav M. Chankov, Giovanni Malloy, Julia Bendul

4. Safety Requirements in Collaborative Human–Robot Cyber-Physical System
Azfar Khalid, Pierre Kirisci, Zied Ghrairi, Jürgen Pannek, Klaus-Dieter Thoben

5. A Trust Framework for Agents’ Interactions in Collaborative Logistics
Morice Daudi, Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge, Klaus-Dieter Thoben

6. Quality-Aware Predictive Scheduling of Raw Perishable Material Transports
Xiao Lin, Rudy R. Negenborn, Gabriël Lodewijks

7. Process Maintenance of Heterogeneous Logistic Systems—A Process Mining Approach
Till Becker, Michael Lütjen, Robert Porzel

8. A Synergistic Effect in Logistics Network
Sergey Dashkovskiy, Petro Feketa, Christian Kattenberg, Bernd Nieberding

9. A Step Toward Automated Simulation in Industry
Himangshu Sarma, Robert Porzel, Rainer Malaka

Part II. Predictive Analytics and Internet of Things and Services

10. Application Potential of Multidimensional Scaling for the Design of DSS in Transport Insurance
Victor Vican, Ciprian Blindu, Alexey Fofonov, Marta Ucinska, Julia Bendul, Lars Linsen

11. Methodological Demonstration of a Text Analytics Approach to Country Logistics System Assessments
Aseem Kinra, Raghava Rao Mukkamala, Ravi Vatrapu

12. Big Data Analytics in the Maintenance of Off-Shore Wind Turbines: A Study on Data Characteristics
Elaheh Gholamzadeh Nabati, Klaus Dieter Thoben

13. Mitigating Supply Chain Tardiness Risks in OEM Milk-Run Operations
Antonio G. N. Novaes, Orlando F. Lima, Monica M. M. Luna, Edson T. Bez

14. What Hinders the Implementation of the Supply Chain Risk Management Process into Practice Organizations?
Pauline Gredal, Zsófia Panyi, Aseem Kinra, Herbert Kotzab

15. The Fashion Trend Concept and Its Applicability to Fashion Markets and Supply Chains
Samaneh Beheshti-Kashi

16. Intelligent Packaging and the Internet of Things in Brazilian Food Supply Chains: The Current State and Challenges
Ana Paula Reis Noletto, Sérgio Adriano Loureiro, Rodrigo Barros Castro, Orlando Fontes Lima Júnior

17. Methodology for Development of Logistics Information and Safety System Using Vehicular Adhoc Networks
Kishwer Abdul Khaliq, Amir Qayyum, Jürgen Pannek

18. Power Management of Smartphones Based on Device Usage Patterns
Lin-Tao Duan, Michael Lawo, Ingrid Rügge, Xi Yu

19. Integration of Wireless Sensor Networks into Industrial Control Systems
T. Raza, W. Lang, R. Jedermann

20. Advantages of Sub-GHz Communication in Food Logistics and DASH7 Implementation
Chanaka Lloyd, Sang-Hwa Chung, Walter Lang, Reiner Jedermann

Part III. Transport, Maritime and Humanitarian Logistics

21. Pre-selection Strategies for the Collaborative Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
Kristian Schopka, Herbert Kopfer

22. Transportation Planning with Forwarding Limitations
Mario Ziebuhr, Herbert Kopfer

23. Sustainable Urban Freight Transport: Analysis of Factors Affecting the Employment of Electric Commercial Vehicles
Molin Wang, Klaus-Dieter Thoben

24. Evaluation of Practically Oriented Approaches for Operational Transportation Planning
Heiko Kopfer, Herbert Kopfer, Benedikt Vornhusen, Dong-Won Jang

25. Intelligent Transport Systems for Road Freight Transport—An Overview
Ilja Bäumler, Herbert Kotzab

26. Imposing Emission Trading Scheme on Supply Chain
Fang Li, Hans-Dietrich Haasis

27. Planning of Maintenance Resources for the Service of Offshore Wind Turbines by Means of Simulation
Stephan Oelker, Abderrahim Ait Alla, Marco Lewandowski, Michael Freitag

28. Shopper Logistics Processes in a Store-Based Grocery-Shopping Environment
Jon Meyer, Herbert Kotzab, Christoph Teller

29. Empty Container Repositioning from a Theoretical Point of View
Stephanie Finke

30. Frugal and Lean Engineering: A Critical Comparison and Implications for Logistics Processes
Eugenia Rosca, Julia Bendul

31. Logistics Dynamics and Demographic Change
Matthias Klumpp, Hella Abidi, Sascha Bioly, Rüdiger Buchkremer, Stefan Ebener, Gregor Sandhaus

Part IV. New Business Models

32. Future Logistics: What to Expect, How to Adapt
Henk Zijm, Matthias Klumpp

33. Concept and Diffusion-Factors of Industry 4.0 in the Supply Chain
Hans-Christian Pfohl, Burak Yahsi, Tamer Kurnaz

34. On Upper Bound for the Bottleneck Product Rate Variation Problem
Shree Ram Khadka, Till Becker

35. Crowdsourcing in Logistics: An Evaluation Scheme
Matthias Klumpp

36. Modularization of Logistics Services—An Investigation of the Status Quo
Aleksander Lubarski, Jens Pöppelbuß

Part V. Frameworks, Methodologies and Tools

37. Toward a Unified Logistics Modeling Language: Constraints and Objectives
Michael Freitag, Martin Gogolla, Hans-Jörg Kreowski, Michael Lütjen, Robert Porzel, Klaus-Dieter Thoben

38. Potential of Improving Truck-Based Drayage Operations of Marine Terminals Through Street Turns
Niklas Nordsieck, Tobias Buer, Jörn Schönberger

39. Inventory Routing Problem for Perishable Products by Considering Customer Satisfaction and Green Criteria
Mohammad Rahimi, Armand Baboli, Yacine Rekik

40. Decentralized Routing of Automated Guided Vehicles by Means of Graph-Transformational Swarms
Larbi Abdenebaoui, Hans-Jörg Kreowski

41. Interoperability of Logistics Artifacts: An Approach for Information Exchange Through Transformation Mechanisms
Marco Franke, Till Becker, Martin Gogolla, Karl A. Hribernik, Klaus-Dieter Thoben

42. Airflow Behavior Under Different Loading Schemes and Its Correspondence to Temperature in Perishables Transported in Refrigerated Containers
Chanaka Lloyd, Reiner Jedermann, Walter Lang

43. VANET Security Analysis on the Basis of Attacks in Authentication
Nimra Rehman Siddiqui, Kishwer Abdul Khaliq, Jürgen Pannek

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Operations Management, Computer Applications, Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics

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