Barr, Rachel

Media Exposure During Infancy and Early Childhood

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Table of contents

1. The “New” Technology Environment: The Role of Content and Context on Learning and Development from Mobile Media
Alexis R. Lauricella, Courtney K. Blackwell, Ellen Wartella

2. Who’s By Their Side? Questions of Context Deepen the Research on Children and Media: Commentary on Chapter 1
Lisa Guernsey

3. The Dimensional Divide: Learning from TV and Touchscreens During Early Childhood
Daniel Hipp, Peter Gerhardstein, Laura Zimmermann, Alecia Moser, Gemma Taylor, Rachel Barr

4. Bridging the Dimensional Divide in the Real World: Commentary on Chapter 3
Kara Garrity Liebeskind, Alison Bryant

5. The Role of Online Processing in Young Children’s Learning from Interactive and Noninteractive Digital Media
Heather Kirkorian, Tiffany Pempek, Koeun Choi

6. What’s in a Look? How Young Children Learn from Screen Media and Implications for Early Educators: Commentary on Chapter 5
Michael Robb

7. What Makes Preschool Educational Television Educational? A Content Analysis of Literacy, Language-Promoting, and Prosocial Preschool Programming
Deborah Nichols Linebarger, Elizabeth Brey, Susan Fenstermacher, Rachel Barr

8. Is Preschool Programming Educational?—Commentary on Chapter 7
Angela C. Santomero

9. Media Characters, Parasocial Relationships, and the Social Aspects of Children’s Learning Across Media Platforms
Melissa N. Richards, Sandra L. Calvert

10. Character Development in Practice: How Producers Craft Engaging Characters to Drive Content Delivery: Commentary on Chapter 9
Linda Simensky

11. Screen Media and Parent–Child Interactions
Daniel R. Anderson, Katherine G. Hanson

12. Context Matters: How Co-using Screen Media Impacts Young Children—Commentary on Chapter 11
Claire Lerner

13. The Parental Media Mediation Context of Young Children’s Media Use
Jessica Taylor Piotrowski

14. Parental Mediation in an Evolving Media Landscape—Commonalities, Contrasts, and Implications for Design: Commentary on Chapter 13
Shalom M. Fisch

15. Building Family Relationships from a Distance: Supporting Connections with Babies and Toddlers Using Video and Video Chat
Elisabeth McClure, Rachel Barr

16. Smarter, Stronger, Kinder—Developing Effective Media-Based Tools for At-Risk Populations: Commentary on Chapter 15
Rosemarie T. Truglio, Jennifer Kotler

17. Putting the Education Back in Educational Apps: How Content and Context Interact to Promote Learning
Jennifer M. Zosh, Sarah Roseberry Lytle, Roberta Michnick Golinkoff, Kathy Hirsh-Pasek

18. Supporting Children to Find Their Own Agency in Learning: Commentary on Chapter 17
Jeremy Boyle, Melissa Butler

19. Conclusions: Making Screens Make Sense for Young Children
Deborah Nichols Linebarger, Rachel Barr

Keywords: Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Work, Pediatrics

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