Daróczi, Anikó

The Immediacy of Mystical Experience in the European Tradition

Daróczi, Anikó - The Immediacy of Mystical Experience in the European Tradition, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Antiquity and the Middle Ages

1. Experiencing the Divine in Plato
Gerd Riel

2. Prayer as a drōmenon in the Hermetic Initiative Texts
Endre Hamvas

3. Mystical Experience in Theurgical Practice
Anna Judit Tóth

4. Gymnastics of the Mind: The Theory of gymnos nous in Maximus the Confessor
Miklós Vassányi

5. Ascending to the Third Heaven? A Missing Tradition of Latin Mysticism
Csaba Németh

6. The Experience of God in the Mystical Language of Meister Eckhart
Ferenc Bányai

7. Hugo van der Goes Reading Johannes Tauler? A Literary Context for the Berlin Nativity

Geert Warnar

8. Mediating the Immediate: Richard Rolle’s Mystical Experience in the Translations of his Self-Revelations
Tamás Karáth

9. Confined Meditation or Mediated Contemplation: Nicholas Love’s Mirror of the Blessed Life of Jesus Christ

Zsuzsanna Péri-Nagy

Part II. Early Modernity

10. What Is the Purpose of Human Life? – Immediate Experience of God in Pico’s Works
Monika Frazer-Imregh

11. Characters of Giordano Bruno’s Mysticism
Antonio Dall’Igna

12. The Experience of God in Pascal’s Religious Texts
Tamás Pavlovits

13. Communicative Experience of God in Prayer
Martin Moors

14. What (If Anything) Can Justify the Objective Truth of an Alleged Immediate Experience of God?
Théogène Havugimana

15. Pantheistic Ways of Immediate Experience of God: Spinoza and the Early Schelling
Gábor Boros

Part III. Modern and Postmodern Times

16. At the Sources of Simone Weil’s Mysticism
Enikő Sepsi

17. The Mystical After Auschwitz
Balázs M. Mezei

18. “Ein Spiel der Worte, in dem das »Urwirkliche« atmet.” The Birth of the Mystical Word According to Carl Albrecht
Anikó Daróczi

19. A World in Which Everything Is “Here.” Northrop Frye’s Immanent Vision of the Divine
Sára Tóth

20. A Lonely Lutheran Mystic During Communism. The Spiritual Heritage of Bishop Lajos Ordass (1901–1978)
Tibor Fabiny

21. “It is the Mind That Hears it, Not the Ear…” Sounds, Lights, Visions in Peasant Mysticism
Irén Lovász

22. Experience of God, Reflected by Projective Drawings
Judit Zsirosné Seres, Zoltán Vass, Zsuzsanna Mirnics

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Religious Studies, general, Sociology of Culture

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Sophia Studies in Cross-cultural Philosophy of Traditions and Cultures
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