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Knowledge and Networks

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Table of contents

1. Exploring the Interaction of Space and Networks in the Creation of Knowledge: An Introduction
Johannes Glückler, Emmanuel Lazega, Ingmar Hammer

Part I. Knowledge About Networks

2. Reversing the Instrumentality of the Social for the Economic: A Critical Agenda for Twenty-first Century Knowledge Networks
Nancy Ettlinger

3. Interpersonal Networks in Foreign Assignments and Intercultural Learning Processes
Erika Spieß

4. Family Networks for Learning and Knowledge Creation in Developing Regions
Pengfei Li

5. Studying Networks Geographically: World Political Regionalization in the United Nations General Assembly (1985–2010)
Laurent Beauguitte

6. (Post)graduate Education Markets and the Formation of Mobile Transnational Economic Elites
Sarah Hall

Part II. Network Evolution and Social Outcomes

7. Organized Mobility and Relational Turnover as Context for Social Mechanisms: A Dynamic Invariant at the Heart of Stability from Movement
Emmanuel Lazega

8. Trajectory Types Across Network Positions: Jazz Evolution from 1930 to 1969
Charles Kirschbaum

9. Topology and Evolution of Collaboration Networks: The Case of a Policy-Anchored District
Laura Prota, Maria Prosperina Vitale, Maria Rosaria D’Esposito

10. Platforming for Path-Breaking? The Case of Regional Electromobility Initiatives in Germany
Jörg Sydow, Friedemann Koll

11. Brokering Trust to Enhance Leadership: A Self-Monitoring Approach to Leadership Emergence
Martin Kilduff, Ajay Mehra, Dennis A. (Denny) Gioia, Stephen Borgatti

Part III. Network Geographies of Learning

12. How Atypical Combinations of Scientific Ideas Are Related to Impact: The General Case and the Case of the Field of Geography
Satyam Mukherjee, Brian Uzzi, Benjamin F. Jones, Michael Stringer

13. Connectivity in Contiguity: Conventions and Taboos of Imitation in Colocated Networks
Johannes Glückler, Ingmar Hammer

14. Are Gatekeepers Important for the Renewal of the Local Knowledge Base? Evidence from U. S. Cities
Stefano Breschi, Camilla Lenzi

15. Learning Networks Among Swedish Municipalities: Is Sweden a Small World?
Christopher Ansell, Martin Lundin, Per Ola Öberg

16. The Coevolution of Innovative Ties, Proximity, and Competencies: Toward a Dynamic Approach to Innovation Cooperation
Uwe Cantner, Susanne Hinzmann, Tina Wolf

Keywords: Social Sciences, Human Geography, Innovation/Technology Management, Economic Geography, Knowledge - Discourse

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Knowledge and Space
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