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30th International Symposium on Shock Waves 2

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Table of contents

Part XII. Plasma and Magnetohyrdrodynamics

1. Experimental Investigation of Magneto-Aerodynamic Interaction Studies in Hypersonic Flows
K. K. N. Anbuselvan, K. P. J. Reddy

2. Pulse Gas Injection in Separation Zone of Hypersonic MHD Flow Over Rotation Body
E. Gubanov, A. Likhachev, S. Medin

3. Observations of the Magnetized Disruption of Collimated Plasma Flows
Mario Manuel, Carolyn Kuranz, Alex Rasmus, Sallee Klein, Michael MacDonald, Matt Trantham, Jeff Fein, Pat Belancourt, Rachel Young, Paul Keiter, R. P. Drake, Brad Pollock, Jaebum Park, Andrew Hazi, Jackson Williams, Hui Chen

4. Shock-Wave Formation by Nanosecond Multichannel Surface Discharges
A.E. Lutsky, I.V. Mursenkova, I.A. Znamenskaya

5. Experimental Investigations on a Free-Flying Supersonic Projectile Model Submitted to an Electric Discharge Generating Plasma
P. Gnemmi, C. Rey

6. Wave Profile and Current Limits for Lightning Return Stroke
M. Hemmati, W. C. Childs, R. S. Horn, H. S. Shojaei

Part XIII. Re-entry to Earth Atmosphere

7. In Situ Ablation Measurement for an Ablative Heat Shield Using an Embedded Sensor
T. Sakai, H. Nakazawa, Y. Dantsuka, K. Kitagawa, K. Hirai, Y. Ishida

8. Preliminary Experimental Investigation of Air Radiation in Superorbital Expanding Flow
H. Wei, R. G. Morgan, U. A. Sheikh, P. A. Jacobs, R. J. Gollan, T. J. McIntyre

9. Comparison of Chemical Reaction Models with Various Experimental Reentry Capsules Using DSMC
Tapan K. Mankodi, Upendra V. Bhandarkar, Bhalchandra P. Puranik

10. Experimental and Numerical Assessment of Aerothermal Environments About Jupiter Trojan Sample Return Capsule
K. Fujita, H. Takayanagi, S. Matsuyama, S. Nishimura, K. Yamada, T. Abe

Part XIV. Shock Waves in Rarefied Gases

11. Numerical Study of High-Energy Collisions Inside the Shock Wave in a Gas Mixture
F. Tcheremissine, O. Dodulad, Yu. Kloss

12. A Numerical Investigation of Shock Propagation and Attenuation in a Three-Dimensional Micro-duct
A. Deshpande, Bhalchandra P. Puranik

13. Experimental Study on the Interaction of Under-expanded Jets in Rarefied Flow Regimes
A. Vinod Yeldho Baby, B. Rajesh G.

14. Structure and Expansion of a Plume Emitted During Laser Ablation of Multicomponent Materials
A. M. Słowicka, Z. A. Walenta, J. Hoffman, J. Chrzanowska, T. Mościcki

15. Impact of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field to Impingement of a Solar Wind Rotational Discontinuity on the Earth’s Bow Shock
E. A. Pushkar

Part XV. Shock Waves in Solids

16. Investigation on Shock Wave-Assisted Deformation of Nano Nickel
Anuj Bisht, G. Jagadeesh, Satyam Suwas

17. On the Shock-Induced Structures in Copper
Yu. Meshcheryakov, N. I. Zhigacheva, A. Divakov, G. V. Konovalov, B. Barakhtin

18. Layered Pre-fragmentation Warhead Reveals Strong Shock Wave Effect
Eitan Hirsch, Roman Shapiro, Amos Raz

19. Structural Transformation in Two-Component Medium
D. A. Indeitsev, D. Skubov, D. S. Vavilov

20. Application of Mathematical Programming for Analysis of Experimental Data Obtained at the Hopkinson’s Stand
Andrei Kuchmin, Andrei Abramyan

21. Criticality of Damage-Failure Transition in Quasi-Brittle Materials Under Dynamic and Shock Wave Loading
O. Naimark

22. Shock Wave Response of Iron-Based Metallic Glass Matrix Composites
Gauri R. Khanolkar, James P. Kelly, Olivia A. Graeve, Andrea M. Hodge, Veronica Eliasson

23. Detonation Shock Waves in Various Media
Alex Zlatkis, Itzhak David, Maxim Teitel, Evgeny Gofman

24. Detonation Velocity Dependence on Front Curvature for Overdriven Detonation in Solid Explosives
Y. Partom

25. Heat Conduction: Hyperbolic Self-Similar Shock-Waves in Solids
I. F. Barna, R. Kersner

26. Compression, Rarefaction, and Failure Waves in Silicate Glasses
G. I. Kanel, A. S. Savinykh, S. V. Razorenov

27. A Study of Mass Loss at Hypervelocity Impacts of Projectiles with Single- and Multilayer Targets
A. D. Devir, A. B. Lessin, A. Vaynshtein

28. The Head-On Collision of Normal Shock Waves with a Concrete Supported Plate
Gedalya Mazor, Dmitry Nemirovsky, Uri Tzadka

29. Mechanisms of Stress Relaxation and Failure in Metals Under Shock Compression
Yu. Bayandin, O. Naimark, N. Saveleva

Part XVI. Shock Waves in Liquids

30. Propagation of Pressure Waves in Compression System Prototype for Magnetized Target Fusion Reactor in General Fusion Inc.
V. Suponitsky, D. Plant, E. J. Avital, A. Munjiza

31. Intense Shock Wave Through Water and Impulse Transmission in Submerged Structure
Nilanjan Mitra

32. The Motion of a 2 mm Tantalum Block Induced by Underwater Explosion
T. Koita, T. Gonai, M. Sun, S. Owada, T. Nakamura

33. On the Refraction of Shock Wave by a Cylindrical Water Droplet
S. Sembian, M. Liverts, N. Tillmark, N. Apazidis

34. Fluid Rheology Effect on Wave Attenuation in an Elastic Pipe
S. Levitsky, R. Bergman

35. A Summary of the Experiments of Shock/Bubble Interactions Performed in IFS Since 1980
K. Takayama

36. Analysis of Bubble Dynamics Created by Ballistic Impacts in Liquid-Filled Tanks
Thomas Fourest, Jean-Marc Laurens, Eric Deletombe, Jacques Dupas, Michel Arrigoni

37. Air–Water Interface Jetting Induced by Explosion Load
Guifu Zhang, Yujian Zhu, Jiming Yang

Part XVII. Shock Waves in Dense Gases

38. Shock Wave Attenuation in Milli- or Microtubes for Laminar and Turbulent Flow Regime
David E. Zeitoun

39. Comparison of BKW and JWL Equations of State for Explosion Simulations
S. Amar, E. Kochavi, Y. Lefler, S. Vaintraub, D. Sidilkover

40. Similarity Parameters for Shock Waves in Dense Fluids
Z. A. Walenta, A. M. Słowicka

Part XVIII. Shock Wave Focusing

41. Experimental Investigation of Shock Wave Amplification Using Multiple Munitions
Veronica Eliasson, J. Gross

42. Shock Focusing Effect for The Interaction of Blunt Bodies with Gas Bubbles in a Supersonic Flow
P. Georgievskiy, V. Levin, O. Sutyrin

43. A Parameter Study of Shock Focusing Phenomenon for Shock-Elliptic Bubble Interaction
P. Georgievskiy, V. Levin, O. Sutyrin

44. Coalescence and Interaction of Blast Waves Using Multiple Munitions
Shi Qiu, Veronica Eliasson

45. Temperature Measurements at the Focus of a Converging Spherical Shock Wave
M. Liverts, N. Tillmark, N. Apazidis

46. Preliminary Design and Optimization of 2D Supersonic Intake Using OpenFOAM
D. Mukundhan, Rakesh Kumar

47. A New Method of Convergent Contour Design for Planar Shock Wave Enhancement in a Shock Tube
Dongwen Zhan, Yujian Zhu, Jiming Yang

48. Investigations of Shock Wave Reflection and Focusing in Different Triangle Wedges
C. Zheng, Z. Chen, X. Sun

Part XIX. Richtmyer–Meshkov Instability

49. Numerical Simulations of the Turbulent Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability in a Spherically Convergent Geometry
I. Boureima, P. Ramaprabhu

50. Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability in a Cylindrical Geometry Using a Conventional Shock Tube
Laurent Biamino, Georges Jourdan, Christian Mariani, Lazhar Houas, Marc Vandenboomgaerde, Denis Souffland

51. A Semi-annular Cylindrically Converging Shock Tube for Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability Studies
Juchun Ding, Ting Si, Minghu Wang, Xisheng Luo

52. Experimental Study on the Interaction of Cylindrical Converging Shock Waves with Sinusoidal Light-Heavy Interface
Fu Zhang, Zhigang Zhai, Ting Si, Xisheng Luo

53. Effects of Density Distribution on Reshocked Gas Cylinder
Xiansheng Wang, Xisheng Luo, Dangguo Yang

54. A Numerical Investigation of Shockwave-Cylindrical Gas Inhomogeneity Interaction for Convergent and Divergent Geometries
M. P. Ray, Bhalchandra P. Puranik, Upendra V. Bhandarkar

55. On the Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability of a Three-Dimensional Single-Mode Interface: Effect of Initial Interfacial Principal Curvatures
B. Guan, Xisheng Luo

56. Numerical Investigation of 3D Effects on a 2D Dominated Flow
Daniel Reese, Chris Weber

57. Mach Number Influence on Ignition and Mixing Processes in a Reacting Shock–Bubble Interaction
Felix Diegelmann, Volker Tritschler, Stefan Hickel

58. Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability Shock Tube Experiments with Mixing Measurements
V. Krivets, K. Ferguson, J. Jacobs

59. Experimental Investigations of Three-Dimensional Shock-Vortex Loop Interaction: Shock Reflection and Diffraction Phenomena
T. Ukai, H. Zare-Behtash, K. Kontis, S. Obayashi

Part XX. Shock Boundary Layer Interaction

60. Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interaction Control by Rod Vortex Generators
R. Szwaba, P. Doerffer

61. Consistency of Double Wedge Shock–Boundary Layer Interaction Between Numerical Simulation and Experiment
Xiaofeng Shi, Yujian Zhu, Jiming Yang

62. Analysis of Upstream Conditions Effect on Shock Wave–Boundary Layer Interaction at Moderate Mach Number
Pavel Polivanov, Andrey Sidorenko, Anatoly Maslov

63. Experimental Investigation of Shock-Bubble Properties at the Liquid–Air Phase Boundary
W. Garen, B. Meyerer, Y. Kai, W. Neu, S. Koch, U. Teubner

64. Numerical Study of a Transonic Wingtip Flow
James R. Grisham, Frank K. Lu, Brian H. Dennis

65. Control of Unsteadiness in Shock Wave–Boundary Layer Interaction by Repetitive Laser Energy Deposition
T. Shoda, T. Tamba, S. Pham, A. Iwakawa, A. Sasoh

66. Aeroheating Test of Double Cone Configurations in Shock Tunnel
Jiasui Zhou, Tao Jiang, Xiaowei Ma, Rongzong Kong, Kouli Zhang, Runyu Tian

67. Induction Time Measurements in Shock Tube of Different Roughness
O. Penyazkov, A. Skilandz

68. Control of Boundary Layer Separation in Supersonic Flow Using Injection Through Microramps
S. Vaisakh, T. M. Muruganandam

69. Shock-Induced Large Separation Bubbles Near the Leading Edge of a Flat Plate at Hypersonic Mach Numbers
Srinath Lakshman, R. Sriram, G. Jagadeesh

70. Flow Separation Control Over a Ramp with Nanosecond-Pulsed Plasma Actuators
Y. D. Cui, Z. J. Zhao, J. Li, J. G. Zheng, B. C. Khoo

71. Generation and Propagation of Shock Waves in Submillimeter Capillaries
Y. Kai, W. Garen, U. Teubner

72. Influence of Boundary Layer Bleed Slot Width onto Static and Total Pressure Recovery of a Shock Train
A. Weiss, H. Olivier

73. Expansion Wave/Boundary Layer Interaction
J. Thomas, B. W. Skews, R. T. Paton

74. Shock Tunnel Studies of the Unsteady Hypersonic Flowfield Around Spiked Bodies
G. Balakalyani, R. Sriram, G. Jagadeesh

75. Plasma Control of Transonic Shock Wave/Boundary Layer Interaction
Andrey Sidorenko, Alexey Budovskii, Pavel Polivanov, Anatoly Maslov

76. Investigations on Unsteadiness and Instability of Shock/Boundary Layer Interactions of the Ramp Flow by DNS
Dong Sun, Qin Li, Hanxin Zhang

77. Design and Execution of a Hypersonic Boundary-Layer Trip Transition Experiment on Blunt Cone Flare Models with Distributed Roughness
S. Seror, L. Kosarev, Oren Sadot

Part XXI. Multiphase Flow

78. Water Nucleation Measurements in a Pulse-Expansion Wave Tube
M. A. L. J. Fransen, J. Hrubý, D. M. J. Smeulders, M. E. H. Dongen

79. Modified Ghost Fluid Method for the Fluid Elastic-Perfectly Plastic Solid Interaction
S. Gao, T. G. Liu

80. Evolution of a Cloud of Cavitation Bubbles in a Disturbed Compressible Liquid: A Numerical Study
N. Petrov, A. Schmidt

81. Towards Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements During Shock–Particle Curtain Interactions
Justin L. Wagner, Steven J. Beresh, E. DeMauro, Brian O. M. Pruett, P. Farias

82. Flow Separation in Rocket Nozzles Under High Altitude Condition
R. Stark, C. Génin

83. On the Early-Stage Deformation of Liquid Drop in Shock-Induced Flow
Xiangyu Yi, Yujian Zhu, Jiming Yang

84. Numerical Investigation of Shock-Induced Bubble Collapse in Water
N. Apazidis

85. Suction Force Induced by the Collapse of a Near-Wall Bubble
M. Sun

86. Toward the Prediction of Far-Field Pressure Induced by the Atmospheric Entry of a Small Meteorite
Ryo Maruyama, M. Sun

87. Pressure Field Produced by the Rapid Vaporization of a CO2 Liquid Column
G. Ciccarelli, J. Melguizo-Gavilanes, J. E. Shepherd

88. Penetration of Cryogenic Nitrogen Jets into a Liquid: “Phase Explosion” and Formation of Bubble Clusters
V. Kedrinskiy, V. Kuzavov, G. Lazareva

Part XXII. Blast Waves

89. Shock Wave Energy: Explosions in Air, Ground, and Water
Lippe D. Sadwin, Michael M. Swisdak, Y. Gitterman, Oren Lotan

90. The Energy Distribution of Explosions
Hai Kedar, Lippe D. Sadwin, David Ornai

91. Blast Wave Observations for Large-Scale Underwater Explosions in the Dead Sea
Y. Gitterman, Lippe D. Sadwin

92. Blast Waves Caused by Internal Explosion in Ammunition and Explosive Facility: Vulnerability and Protection Alternatives
David Ornai, Igal M. Shohet, Arie Boimel, Erez Gal, Robert Levy, Sima M. El Kabetz, Liav Yaloz, Eyal Mendel

93. Exploration of Methods in the Exploding Wire Technique for Simulating Large Blasts
E. Nof, O. Ram, E. Kochavi, Gabi Ben-Dor, Oren Sadot

94. Development of a Vertical Shock Tube Facility for Blast Testing Applications
I. Obed Samuelraj, G. Jagadeesh

95. Effects of Negative Overpressure Phase of a Laser Breakdown-Induced Blast Wave on Impulse Characteristics
A. Iwakawa, Z. Wang, H. Tsuruta, T. Shoda, B. Wang, A. Sasoh

96. The Influence of Soil Characteristics on the Blast Intensity of Buried Explosive Charges
Oded Drori, Zvi Assaf, Eylam Ran, Guy Golan, Itzhak Kuchuk Katalan

97. Partitioning of a Scaled Shallow-Buried Near-Field Blast Load
J. D. Reinecke, F. J. Beetge, I. Horsfall, M. Miyambo

98. Prevention of Blast Waves Focusing in Designing and Testing of Blast-Resistant Constructions
M. V. Silnikov, M. V. Chernyshov, N. A. Danilov, V. Ya. Dmitriev, A. S. Pankov, V. N. Shishkin, A. I. Spivak

99. Analysis and Testing of Combined Blast Inhibitors
M. V. Silnikov, M. V. Chernyshov, N. A. Danilov, I. A. Melnikov, A. I. Mikhaylin, A. S. Pankov, V. N. Shishkin, N. N. Vasilyev

100. Reconstruction of Recoilless Weapon Blast Environments Using High-Fidelity Simulations
Suthee Wiri, Thomas Wofford, Troy Dent, Charles Needham

101. Development of a Risk-Informed Decision Support Model for Protecting an Urban Medical Center from a Nuclear Explosion
Benny Brosh, David Ornai, Igal M. Shohet, Gabi Ben-Dor

Part XXIII. Facilities

102. Behavior of the Shock Wave Propagating in the Small-Diameter Tubes
S. Udagawa, W. Garen, T. Inage, M. Ota, K. Maeno

103. Hypersonic Research in the High-Enthalpy Shock Tunnel Göttingen
K. Hannemann

104. Simulating Gas Giant Entry with Increased Helium Diluent in an Expansion Tube
C. M. James, D. E. Gildfind, R. G. Morgan, S. W. Lewis, T. M. McIntyre

105. A New Sliding Joint to Accommodate Recoil of a Free-Piston Driven Expansion Tube
D. E. Gildfind, R. G. Morgan

106. A Comparative Study of Shockwave Propagation in Different Diameter Miniature Shock Tubes
S. Janardhanraj, G. Jagadeesh

107. Indraft Supersonic Wind Tunnel for Shock Train Investigations
F. Gnani, H. Zare-Behtash, K. Kontis

108. Experiments Using Reddy Tube-Driven Tabletop Hypersonic Shock Tunnel
K. P. J. Reddy, N. Sharath, Ramesh Babu, Chintoo S. Kumar

109. Rapid Assessment on Flow Parameter Matching Scheme in Aerodynamic Testing in a Combustion Wind Tunnel
Kunwei Liu, Yujian Zhu, Jiming Yang, Yingchuan Wu

110. The T4 Stalker Tube
David J. Mee, R. G. Morgan, Allan Paull, P. A. Jacobs, Michael K. Smart

111. Stalker Tube Activities in India
K. P. J. Reddy

Part XXIV. Flow Visualization

112. Tomographic Visualization of the Hypersonic Flow Field over a Waverider
K. Nagashetty, Biswajit Medhi, R. Sriram, G. Jagadeesh, K. P. J. Reddy

113. Effect of Primary Flow Mach Number on the Non-mixed Length in a Two-Dimensional Supersonic Ejector
S. K. Karthick, Srisha M. V. Rao, G. Jagadeesh, K. P. J. Reddy

114. Pulse-Burst PIV in a High-Speed Wind Tunnel
Steven J. Beresh, Justin L. Wagner, John F. Henfling, Russell W. Spillers, Brian O. M. Pruett

115. A Novel Pressure-Sensitive Luminescent Coating for Microscale Flow Visualization
Y. Sakamura, S. Kawabata, Y. Arai, K. Nagano

116. Handheld Wavefront Measuring Camera for Quantitative Flow Visualization
Biswajit Medhi, G. M. Hegde, K. P. J. Reddy, D. Roy, R. M. Vasu

117. Flow Visualization of the Exhaust Jet from a Pulse Detonation Engine by Mie Scattering
Frank K. Lu, D. D. Joshi, J. T. Peace, R. T. Bello, J. D. Carter

118. Design of a Focusing Schlieren Setup for Use in a Supersonic Combustion Chamber
Manuel N. Bühler, Felix J. Förster, Nils C. Dröske, Jens Wolfersdorf, Bernhard Weigand

119. Improved Flow Visualization for Fast Recovery of Flow Gradients in Shadow-Casting Technique
Biswajit Medhi, Abhishek Khatta, G. M. Hegde, K. P. J. Reddy, D. Roy, R. M. Vasu

120. Quantitative Flow Visualization by Wavefront Reconstruction: A Focal Stack Approach
Biswajit Medhi, Vikas M. Shelar, G. M. Hegde, K. P. J. Reddy, D. Roy, R. M. Vasu

121. Shock Induced Flow Through a Pipegap
S. Kapfudzaruwa, B. W. Skews, R. T. Paton

Part XXV. Numerical Methods

122. New Methods for Resolution Improvement in Simulations on Subtle Structures Generated by Shock Waves
Qin Li, Pengxin Liu, Hanxin Zhang

123. A Characteristic Space–Time CE/SE Method for Shock Capturing
H. Shen, C. Y. Wen

124. Development of an Unsteady Shock-Fitting Technique for Unstructured Grids
Aldo Bonfiglioli, Renato Paciorri, Lorenzo Campoli, Valentina Amicis, Marcello Onofri

125. On the Propagation of Curved Shockwaves Using Geometric Shock Dynamics
Bright B. Ndebele, B. W. Skews, R. T. Paton

Part XXVI. Commercial Lecture

126. Engineering Tools for the Analysis of Penetration and Fragmentation
T. Hartmann, E. Rottenkolber, Arie Boimel

Keywords: Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Fluid- and Aerodynamics, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Physical Chemistry, Computational Intelligence

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