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Advances and New Trends in Environmental Informatics

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Table of contents

Part I. Design, Sustainability and ICT

1. Analysis of Product Lifecycle Data to Determine the Environmental Impact of the Apple iPhone
Hans-Knud Arndt, Chris Ewe

2. Sustainable Software Design for Very Small Organizations
Stefanie Lehmann, Hans-Knud Arndt

3. Software Development Guidelines for Performance and Energy: Initial Case Studies
Christian Bunse, Andre Rohdé

4. Green ICT Research and Challenges
Roberto Verdecchia, Fabio Ricchiuti, Albert Hankel, Patricia Lago, Giuseppe Procaccianti

5. Some Aspects of Using Universal Design as a Redesign Strategy for Sustainability
Moyen M. Mustaquim, Tobias Nyström

Part II. Disaster Management for Resilience and Public Safety

6. Development of Web Application for Disaster-Information Collection and Its Demonstration Experiment
Toshihiro Osaragi, Ikki Niwa, Noriaki Hirokawa

7. Social Media Resilience During Infrastructure Breakdowns Using Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Christian Reuter, Thomas Ludwig, Marc-André Kaufhold, Julian Hupertz

8. Collection and Integration of Multi-spatial and Multi-type Data for Vulnerability Analysis in Emergency Response Plans
Harsha Gwalani, Armin R. Mikler, Suhasini Ramisetty-Mikler, Martin O’Neill

9. EPISECC Common Information Space: Defining Data Ownership in Disaster Management
Gerhard Zuba, Lina Jasmontaite, Uberto Delprato, Georg Neubauer, Alexander Preinerstorfer

Part III. Energy Systems

10. Integrating Social Acceptance of Electricity Grid Expansion into Energy System Modeling: A Methodological Approach for Germany
Karoline A. Mester, Marion Christ, Melanie Degel, Wolf-Dieter Bunke

11. Dynamic Portfolio Optimization for Distributed Energy Resources in Virtual Power Plants
Stephan Balduin, Dierk Brauer, Lars Elend, Stefanie Holly, Jan Korte, Carsten Krüger, Almuth Meier, Frauke Oest, Immo Sanders-Sjuts, Torben Sauer, Marco Schnieders, Robert Zilke, Christian Hinrichs, Michael Sonnenschein

12. Distributed Power Management of Renewable Energy Resources for Grid Stabilization
Bengt Lüers, Marita Blank, Sebastian Lehnhoff

13. Proposing an Hourly Dynamic Wind Signal as an Environmental Incentive for Demand Response
Anders Nilsson, Nils Brandt

Part IV. Energy System Modelling—Barriers, Challenges and Good Practice in Open Source Approaches

14. Wind Energy Scenarios for the Simulation of the German Power System Until 2050: The Effect of Social and Ecological Factors
Marion Christ, Martin Soethe, Melanie Degel, Clemens Wingenbach

15. AC Power Flow Simulations within an Open Data Model of a High Voltage Grid
Ulf Philipp Müller, Ilka Cussmann, Clemens Wingenbach, Jochen Wendiggensen

Part V. Sustainable Mobility

16. Empirical Study of Using Renewable Energies in Innovative Car-Sharing Business Model “in Tandem” at the University of Hildesheim
Mohsan Jameel, Olexander Filevych, Helmut Lessing

17. Trends in Mobility: A Competitive Based Approach for Virtual Mobility Providers to Participate in Transportation Markets
Alexander Sandau, Jorge Marx Gómez, Benjamin Wagner vom Berg

Part VI. Life Cycle Assessment

18. Regionalized LCI Modeling: A Framework for the Integration of Spatial Data in Life Cycle Assessment
Juergen Reinhard, Rainer Zah, Lorenz M. Hilty

19. Open Calculator for Environmental and Social Footprints of Rail Infrastructures
Francisco Barrientos, Gregorio Sainz, Alberto Moral, Manuel Parra, José M. Benítez, Jorge Rodríguez, Carlos Martínez, Francisco Campo, Rubén Carnerero

Part VII. Health Systems

20. A Computational Intelligence Approach to Diabetes Mellitus and Air Quality Levels in Thessaloniki, Greece
Kostas Karatzas, Vassiliki Dourliou, Nikolaos Kakaletsis, Nikolaos Katsifarakis, Christos Savopoulos, Apostolos I. Hatzitolios

21. Aggregation and Measurement of Social Sustainability and Social Capital with a Focus on Human Health
Andi H Widok, Volker Wohlgemuth

22. Optimal Noise Filtering of Sensory Array Gaseous Air Pollution Measurements
Barak Fishbain, Shai Moshenberg, Uri Lerner

Part VIII. Frameworks, Platforms, Portals

23. Generic Web Framework for Environmental Data Visualization
Eric Braun, Clemens Düpmeier, Daniel Kimmig, Wolfgang Schillinger, Kurt Weissenbach

24. Creating a Data Portal for Small Rivers in Rostock
Sebastian Hübner, Ferdinand Vettermann, Christian Seip, Ralf Bill

25. Convergent Infrastructures for Municipalities as Connecting Platform for Climate Applications
Jens Heider, Jörg Lässig

Part IX. Others

26. ICT Support of Environmental Compliance—Approaches and Future Perspectives
Heiko Thimm

27. Communicating Environmental Issues of Software: Outline of an Acceptance Model
Eva Kern

28. Partial Optimization of Water Distribution System Accounting for Multiobjective System Safety
Marcin Stachura

29. Towards Environmental Analytics: DPSIR as a System of Systems
Corrado Iannucci, Michele Munafò, Valter Sambucini

Keywords: Business and Management, Business Information Systems, Information Systems and Communication Service, Environmental Management, Renewable and Green Energy, Business IT Infrastructure, Sustainable Development

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