Conte, Antonio Hernandez

Congenital Heart Disease in Pediatric and Adult Patients

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Table of contents

Part I. History, Embryology, Physiology and Pharmacology

1. History of Pediatric Anesthesia and Pediatric Cardiac-Congenital Surgery
Antonio Hernandez Conte

2. Cardiovascular System Embryology and Development
Ali Dabbagh, Abdollah Amini, Mohammad-Amin Abdollahifar, Mohammad Ali Saghafi

3. Pediatric Cardiovascular Physiology
Ali Dabbagh, Alireza Imani, Samira Rajaei

4. Cardiovascular Pharmacology in Pediatric Patients with Congenital Heart Disease
Ali Dabbagh, Zahra Talebi, Samira Rajaei

Part II. Diagnostics and Monitoring

5. Perioperative Care of the Congenital Cardiac Patient in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory
Lorraine Lubin, Robert Wong

6. Perioperative Imaging
Ruchira Garg, Lorraine Lubin

7. Pediatric Cardiovascular Monitoring
Dheeraj Kumar Goswami, David Freed Vener

8. Electrocardiography: Basic Knowledge with Focus on Fetal and Pediatric ECG
Majid Haghjoo, Mohammadrafie Khorgami

9. Central Nervous System Monitoring in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Ali Dabbagh, Michael A. E. Ramsay

10. Respiratory Monitoring
Stacey Marr

11. Coagulation Monitoring
Antonio Pérez-Ferrer, Pablo Motta

Part III. Preoperative Considerations

12. Preoperative Evaluation
Ramin Baghaei Tehrani

13. Anesthetic Management of Adults with Congenital Heart Disease
Lorraine Lubin, Robert Wong

14. Medical Facility Infrastructure Considerations
Antonio Hernandez Conte

Part IV. Intraoperative Care Including Management of Specific Pathologies

15. Limiting the Lifetime Surgical Impact of Congenital Heart Disease and Guiding Care for the Congenital Heart Patient
Marion E. McRae, Ruchira Garg

16. Cardiopulmonary Bypass in Children and Infants
Filip Somer

17. Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD)
Ali Dabbagh, Iki Adachi

18. Atrial Septal Defect and Ventricular Septal Defect
Ali Dabbagh

19. Tetralogy of Fallot
Gerald A. Bushman

20. Transposition of the Great Arteries
Gerald A. Bushman

21. Right-Sided Obstructive Lesions
Robert Wong, Lorraine Lubin

22. Congenital Mitral Valve Anomalies
Shahzad G. Raja, I. Gavin Wright

23. Congenital Anomalies of the Aortic Valve
Premal M. Trivedi

24. Anomalies of the Aortic Arch: Aortic Coarctation and Interrupted Aortic Arch
Ali Dabbagh, Sri O. Rao

25. Patent Ductus Arteriosus
Sthefano Atique Gabriel, Edmo Atique Gabriel

26. Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome: Treatment Options
William M. Novick

27. Double-Outlet Right Ventricle
Zoel Augusto Quiñónez

28. Double-Outlet Left Ventricle (DOLV)
Zoel Augusto Quiñónez, Jamie Wingate Sinton

29. Pulmonary Hypertension
Ali Dabbagh

30. Right Ventricular Failure
Yamile Muñoz, Renzo O. Cifuentes

31. Coronary Artery Anomalies
P. Motta, J. E. Santoro

32. Heart Transplantation and Mechanical Circulatory Support in the Congenital Heart Patients
Alistair Phillips

Part V. Postoperative Care

33. Postoperative Cardiovascular and Hemodynamic Management in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Ramin Baghaei Tehrani

34. Postoperative Arrhythmias and Their Management
Majid Haghjoo, Mohammadrafie Khorgami

35. Postoperative Respiratory Management in Pediatric Cardiac Surgical Patients
Ali Dabbagh

36. Cardiac Anesthesia in Infants and Children: Postoperative Bleeding and Coagulation Management
Pablo Motta, Antonio Pérez Ferrer

37. Postoperative Central Nervous System Management in Patients with Congenital Heart Disease
Ali Dabbagh, Michael A. E. Ramsay

38. Perioperative Management Endocrine Problems in Pediatric Cardiac Surgical Patients
Mahin Hashemipour, Elham Hashemi Dehkordi, Neda Mostofizadeh, Fahimeh Soheilipour, Mahmoud Ghasemi, Ali Mazaheri, Noushin Rostampour

39. Perioperative Pain Management in Patients with Congenital Heart Disease
Evelyn C. Monico, Zoel Augusto Quiñónez

40. Postoperative Renal Management, Fluid/Electrolyte Management and Acid–Base Disorders
Felice Eugenio Agrò, Marialuisa Vennari, Alessandro Centonze

Part VI. Anesthesia and Critical Care Outside the Cardiac Operating Room

41. Congenital Cardiac Intensive Care and Management of Cardiac Arrest
Pooja Nawathe

42. Pediatric Cardiac Surgery in Emerging Countries
William Novick, Marcelo Cardarelli

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Anesthesiology, Pediatric Surgery

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