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Landscapes and Landforms of Western Canada

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction to the Geomorphological Landscapes of Western Canada

1. Long-Term Geomorphic History of Western Canada
Olav Slaymaker, Dori J. Kovanen

2. Pleistocene Landscapes of Western Canada
Olav Slaymaker, Dori J. Kovanen

3. Holocene and Anthropocene Landscapes of Western Canada
Olav Slaymaker, Dori J. Kovanen

Part II. Case Studies of Periglacial, Aeolian, Fluvial, Glacial, Karst, Coastal and Anthropogenic Landscapes and Landforms Under the Influence of Geological Structure, Climate, and Land Use/Land Cover

4. Slave Geological Province: An Archetype of Glaciated Shield Terrain
Stephen A. Wolfe, Daniel E. Kerr, Peter D. Morse

5. Great Slave Lowland: The Legacy of Glacial Lake McConnell
Stephen A. Wolfe, Peter D. Morse, Steve V. Kokelj, Adrian J. Gaanderse

6. The Banks Island Tundra
Hugh M. French

7. The Peel Plateau of Northwestern Canada: An Ice-Rich Hummocky Moraine Landscape in Transition
Steven V. Kokelj, Jon F. Tunnicliffe, Denis Lacelle

8. Little Limestone Lake: A Beautiful Marl Lake in the Interlake Region, Manitoba
Derek Ford

9. Landscapes of the Assiniboine River Watershed
W. F. Rannie

10. Red River Valley, Manitoba: The Geomorphology of a Low-Relief, Flood-Prone Prairie Landscape
Gregory R. Brooks

11. The Foothills Erratics Train Region
Lionel E. Jackson

12. The Prairie Dune Archipelago
Stephen A. Wolfe

13. The Polar Desert Landscape of Prince Patrick Island
Hugh M. French

14. Cold Climate, Canyons and Karst Along the Canol Road Corridor, Mackenzie Mountains, NWT
D. C. Ford, J. P. Hamilton

15. The Many Landscapes of South Nahanni National Park
D. C. Ford

16. Castleguard Cave and Karst, Columbia Icefield, Alberta and British Columbia
D. C. Ford, C. C. Smart

17. Glacier Landscapes in the Canadian Rockies
Brian Henry Luckman

18. The Northern Interior Yukon: An Example of Periglaciation
Hugh M. French

19. Old Crow Flats: Thermokarst Lakes in the Forest–Tundra Transition
Pascale Roy-Léveillée, Christopher R. Burn

20. The Deglacial Landscape of the Southern Fraser Plateau, British Columbia
Tracy A. Brennand, Andrew J. Perkins

21. The Diverse Landscapes of Haida Gwaii
Alexandre Bevington, John J. Clague, Thomas Millard, Ian J. Walker, Marten Geertsema

22. Lillooet-Harrison Drainage Basin: Variable Landscapes Within the Coast Mountains
Olav Slaymaker, John J. Clague, Robert Gilbert, Pierre A. Friele, Peter Jordan, Brian Menounos, Erik Schiefer

23. Mackenzie Delta: Canada’s Principal Arctic Delta
C. R. Burn

24. Herschel Island (Qikiqtaryuk), Yukon’s Arctic Island
C. R. Burn

25. The Landslide-Modified Glacimarine Landscape of the Terrace–Kitimat Area, BC
Marten Geertsema, David M. Cruden, John J. Clague

26. The Fraser Lowland: A Polygenetic Paraglacial Landsystem
Dori J. Kovanen, Olav Slaymaker

27. Fraser River: History in a Changing Landscape
Michael Church

28. Landscapes of the Alberta Oil Sands
Nigel Atkinson

Part III. The Intrinsic Value of Our Geomorphological Heritage

29. Geomorphological Landscapes and Geoconservation
Olav Slaymaker, Norm Catto, Dori J. Kovanen

Keywords: Geography, Geomorphology, Geology

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