Araujo, Aurelio L.

Smart Structures and Materials

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Table of contents

1. Role of the Structural Nonlinearity in Enhancing the Performance of a Vibration Energy Harvester Based on the Electrets Materials
Eugenio G. M. Brusa, Mircea Gh. Munteanu

2. Numerical Analysis of Fracture of Pre-stressed Ferroelectric Actuator Taking into Account Cohesive Zone for Damage Accumulation
Sergii Kozinov, Meinhard Kuna

3. Modelling the Constitutive Behaviour ofMartensite and Austenite in Shape Memory Alloys Using Closed-Form Analytical Continuous Equations
Arathi Pai, Thomas Niendorf, Phillip Krooss, Isabel Koke, Ansgar Traechtler, Mirko Schaper

4. Experimental Investigations of Actuators Based on Carbon Nanotube Architectures
Sebastian Geier, Thorsten Mahrholz, Peter Wierach, Michael Sinapius

5. Efficient Experimental Validation of Stochastic Sensitivity Analyses of Smart Systems
Steffen Ochs, Sushan Li, Christian Adams, Tobias Melz

6. Design of Control Concepts for a Smart Beam Structure with Sensitivity Analysis of the System
Sushan Li, Steffen Ochs, Elena Slomski, Tobias Melz

7. Adaptive Inductor for Vibration Damping inPresence of Uncertainty
Bilal Mokrani, Ioan Burda, André Preumont

8. Active Control of the Hinge of a Flapping Wing with Electrostatic Sticking to Modify the Passive Pitching Motion
Hugo Peters, Qi Wang, Hans Goosen, Fred Keulen

9. Control System Design for a Morphing Wing Trailing Edge
Ignazio Dimino, Monica Ciminello, Antonio Concilio, Andrè Gratias, Martin Schueller, Rosario Pecora

10. Towards the Industrial Application of Morphing Aircraft Wings—Development of the Actuation Kinematics of a Droop Nose
Stefan Storm, Johannes Kirn

11. Artificial Muscles Design Methodology Applied to Robotic Fingers
J. L. Ramírez, A. Rubiano, N. Jouandeau, L. Gallimard, O. Polit

12. Methods for Assessment of Composite Aerospace Structures
T. Wandowski, P. Malinowski, M. Radzienski, S. Opoka, W. Ostachowicz

13. Design Optimization and Reliability Analysis of Variable Stiffness Composite Structures
A. Sohouli, M. Yildiz, A. Suleman

14. Robust Multi-objective Evolutionary Optimization-Based Inverse Identification of Three-Dimensional Elastic Behaviour of Multilayer Unidirectional Fibre Composites
Mohsen Hamdi, Ayech Benjeddou

Keywords: Engineering, Structural Mechanics, Structural Materials, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics

Publication year
Computational Methods in Applied Sciences
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8 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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