Ghirardi, Giancarlo

Space, Time and the Limits of Human Understanding

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Table of contents

Part I. Philosophy

1. Space as a Source and as an Object of Knowledge: The Transformation of the Concept of Space in the Post-Kantian Philosophy of Geometry
Francesca Biagioli

2. Time in Physics and Time in Awareness
E. C. G. Sudarshan

3. Time and Space in Ancient India: Pre-philosophical Period
Nataliya Yanchevskaya, Michael Witzel

4. Śrīharṣa on the Indefinability of Time
Jonathan Duquette, Krishnamurti Ramasubramanian

5. From Time to Time
Nathan Salmon

6. Why Spacetime Has a Life of Its Own
James Robert Brown

7. The Phenomenology of Space and Time: Husserl, Sartre, Derrida
Hans Herlof Grelland

8. Space, Time, and (How They) Matter
Valia Allori

9. Relativity Theory May not Have the Last Word on the Nature of Time: Quantum Theory and Probabilism
Nicholas Maxwell

Part II. Physics

10. Nature’s Book Keeping System
Gerard ’t Hooft

11. Spacetime and Reality: Facing the Ultimate Judge
Vesselin Petkov

12. The Future’s Not Ours to See
Anthony Sudbery

13. Hermann Weyl’s Space-Time Geometry and Its Impact on Theories of Fundamental Interactions
Norbert Straumann

14. Matter, Space, Time, and Motion: A Unified Gravitational Perspective
C. S. Unnikrishnan

15. An Anomaly in Space and Time and the Origin of Dynamics
Joan A. Vaccaro

16. Space, Time, and Adynamical Explanation in the Relational Blockworld
W. M. Stuckey, Michael Silberstein, Timothy McDevitt

17. Spacetime Is Doomed
George Musser

Part III. Mathematics

18. Geometry and Physical Space
Mary Leng

19. The Geometry of Manifolds and the Perception of Space
Raymond O. Wells Jr.

20. Paradox? the Mathematics of Space-Time and the Limits of Human Understanding
Paul Ernest

21. “Now” Has an Infinitesimal Positive Duration
Reuben Hersh

22. What’s Wrong with the Platonic Ideal of Space and Time?
Lorenzo Sadun

23. The Fundamental Problem of Dynamics
Julian Barbour

24. General Relativity, Time, and Determinism
James Isenberg

25. Topos Theoretic Approach to Space and Time
Goro C. Kato

Part IV. Biology/Cognitive Science

26. Syntactic Space
Rajesh Kasturirangan

27. Time Measurement in Living Systems: Human Understanding and Health Implications
Lakshman Abhilash, Vijay Kumar Sharma

28. The Cellular Space—The Space of Life
Pier Luigi Luisi

29. The Consciousness of Space, the Space of Consciousness
Mauro Bergonzi, Pier Luigi Luisi

30. Time and Suffering: False Metaphors, (De-)Synchronous Times, and Internal Dynamics
Norman Sieroka

31. Evolutionary Time and the Creation of the Space of Life
Randall E. Auxier

Part V. Logic/Computer Science

32. A Computational Mathematics View of Space, Time and Complexity
David H. Bailey, Jonathan M. Borwein

33. ‘Photographing the Footsteps of Time’: Space and Time in Charles Babbage’s Calculating Engines
Doron Swade

34. The Black Hole in Mathematics
Alexander Keewatin Dewdney

35. Gödel Incompleteness and the Empirical Sciences
N. C. A. Costa, F. A. Doria

36. Gödel’s Ontological Dreams
Gary Mar

Part VI. Miscellaneous

37. The Novel and the Map: Spatiotemporal Form and Discourse in Literary Cartography
Robert T. Tally

38. Time, Space, and the Human Geographies of Opportunity
Donald G. Janelle

39. Losing Time and Space: Experiencing Immersion
Diana J. Reichenbach

Keywords: Physics, Classical and Quantum Gravitation, Relativity Theory, Epistemology, History and Philosophical Foundations of Physics, Cosmology, Metaphysics

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23 pages
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