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Psychosocial Factors at Work in the Asia Pacific

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Table of contents

Part I. Policy and Practice Framework in the Asia Pacific and Beyond

1. State of the Art: The Context of Psychosocial Factors at Work in the Asia Pacific?
Jodi Oakman, Maureen Dollard, Akihito Shimazu, Rusli Bin Nordin

2. International Initiatives to Tackle Psychosocial Risks and Promote Mental Health in the Workplace: Is There a Good Balance in Policy and Practice?
Stavroula Leka, Aditya Jain

3. Macro-Level Policy and Practice Relating to Psychosocial Factors at Work in the Asia Pacific
Tessa S. Bailey, Yawen Cheng, Awang Idris, Sara Arphorn

4. Guidelines for Primary Prevention for Mental Health at Work
Akizumi Tsutsumi, Akihito Shimazu

5. Strategies to Prevent Work-Related Stress and Cardiovascular Diseases in South Korea
Jungsun Park

Part II. Psychosocial Factors at Work in the Asia Pacific

6. Psychosocial Safety Climate: Past, Present, and Future Research
Yulita, Mohd. Awang Idris, Maureen Dollard

7. Designing Work that Works in the Contemporary World: Future Directions for Job Design Research
Sharon K. Parker, Fangfang Zhang

8. Prevalence, Distribution, and Trends of Workplace Violence and Its Associated Health Problems: Findings from National Surveys of Taiwan
Yawen Cheng, Li-Chung Pien

9. Psychosocial Hazards and Musculoskeletal Disorders: Are There Different Roles for Workplace Factors Between Office Workers in Malaysia and Australia?
Jodi Oakman, Ismail Maakip, Tessa Keegel

10. Psychosocial Safety Climate from Two Different Cultural Perspectives in the Asia Pacific: Iran and Australia Hospitals
Ali Afsharian, Amy Zadow, Maureen F. Dollard

Part III. Practical Approach Towards Healthy Workplaces and Workers

11. Organizational Tools for Psychosocial Risk Management: A Critical International Review
Rachael E. Potter, Alice Fattori, Maureen F. Dollard

12. Development of the New Brief Job Stress Questionnaire
Akiomi Inoue, Norito Kawakami, Teruichi Shimomitsu, Akizumi Tsutsumi, Takashi Haratani, Toru Yoshikawa, Akihito Shimazu, Yuko Odagiri

13. Occupational Stress and Coping Strategies Among Malaysian Employees: Where Is the Role of Organizations?
Rusli Bin Nordin, Cindy Biding Ahin

14. Effects of Internet-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (iCBT) Among Healthy Workers: Current Research Evidence
Kotaro Imamura, Norito Kawakami, Akihito Shimazu

15. Organizational Support for Mental Health, Stigmatization of Employees with Depression and Performance Appraisal: A Management Simulation Study
Angela Martin, Elizabeth Hobman, Emma Howarth, Kyla McDonald

Part IV. Practical Approach in Specific Conditions

16. Improving Psychosocial Factors in Small-Scale Enterprises in Japan and the Asia-Pacific Region
Jiro Moriguchi, Sonoko Sakuragi, Masayuki Ikeda

17. Health Issues of Workers Engaged in Operations Related to the Accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Koji Mori, Seiichiro Tateishi, Koh Hiraoka

18. The Effect of a Nation-Specific Stressor on Well-Being: Guanxi in Chinese Workplace
Qiao Hu, Wilmar B. Schaufeli, Toon W. Taris

19. Beneath the Surface: An Exploration of Remoteness and Work Stress in the Mines
Wesley P. McTernan, Maureen F. Dollard, Michelle R. Tuckey, Robert J. Vandenberg

Part V. Conclusion

20. Key Contributions and Future Research Directions
Akihito Shimazu, Jodi Oakman, Maureen F. Dollard, Rusli Bin Nordin

Keywords: Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Quality of Life Research, Human Resource Management, Health Psychology, Community and Environmental Psychology, Sociology of Work

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