Bovenkerk, Bernice

Animal Ethics in the Age of Humans

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Table of contents

1. Changing Relationships with Non-human Animals in the Anthropocene—An Introduction
Jozef Keulartz, Bernice Bovenkerk

Part I. Between Human and Animal

2. Deep History, Evolutionary History, and Animals in the Anthropocene
Anita Guerrini

3. Organisms as Teachers? The Promise of Biomimicry
Sanne van der Hout

4. Interspecies Democracies
Eva Meijer

5. Human-Animal Interfaces from a Pragmatist Perspective
Michiel Korthals

6. What Is It Like to Be a Bird? Epistemic Humility and Human-Animal Relations
Simon Burton, Emily Brady

7. Unfeeling Brutes
Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, Susan McCarthy

8. Comment: Between Human and Animal
Henk Belt

Part II. Between Wild and Domestic

9. Climate Change, Ethics, and the Wildness of Wild Animals
Clare Palmer

10. Animal Captivity: Justifications for Animal Captivity in the Context of Domestication
Bernice Bovenkerk

11. Care for the Wild in the Anthropocene
Jac. A. A. Swart

12. The Wolf and the Animal Lover
Martin Drenthen

13. Blurred Boundaries in Wildlife Management Practices
Susan Boonman-Berson

14. Comment: Between Wild and Domesticated: Rethinking Categories and Boundaries in Response to Animal Agency
Sue Donaldson, Will Kymlicka

Part III. Between Freedom and Captivity

15. Towards an Animal Ethics for the Anthropocene
Jozef Keulartz

16. Animals, Freedom, and the Ethics of Veganism
Aaron Simmons

17. Should Captive Primates Have Reproductive Rights?
T. J. Kasperbauer

18. Wild Animals in Entertainment
Sabrina Brando

19. Comment: Caring for Captive Communities by Looking for Love and Loneliness, or Against an Overly Individualist Liberal Animal Ethics
Clemens Driessen

Part IV. Between Animal Ethics and Conservation Ethics

20. Captivity for Conservation? Zoos at a Crossroads
Jozef Keulartz

21. The Flights of the Monarch Butterfly: Between In Situ and Ex Situ Conservation
Brendon M. H. Larson, Stephanie Barr

22. Between Individualistic Animal Ethics and Holistic Environmental Ethics Blurring the Boundaries
Bernice Bovenkerk, Marcel Verweij

23. Compassion as a Practical and Evolved Ethic for Conservation
Daniel Ramp, Marc Bekoff

24. Comment: We All Live in a Planetary Ark (Planetary Ark, Planetary Ark…)
Hub Zwart

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Nature, Environment, general, Zoology

Publication year
The International Library of Environmental, Agricultural and Food Ethics
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