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Preventing Crime and Violence

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction to Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Prevention

1. Integrating Criminology and Prevention Research
Mindy S. Bradley, Brent Teasdale

Part II. Theoretical Foundations to Preventing Crime and Violence

2. Social Structure Social Learning Theory: Preventing Crime and Violence
Jason Nicholson, George E. Higgins

3. General Strain Theory
Robert Agnew

4. Social Control Theory
Barbara J. Costello

5. Building Self-control to Prevent Crime
Stacey Nofziger, Nicole L. Rosen

6. Social Disorganization Theory: Its History and Relevance to Crime Prevention
Rebecca Wickes

7. Routine Activity Theory
Christopher J. Schreck

8. Beyond Risk Factors: An Analytical Approach to Crime Prevention
Per-Olof H. Wikström, Kyle Treiber

Part III. Life-Course Development and Crime

9. Life-Course Development and Crime: An Introduction
Alex Piquero, Wesley G. Jennings, Jennifer M. Reingle

10. Early Childhood Intervention
Chris L. Gibson, Abigail A. Fagan, Molly Buchanan

11. The Social Landscape of Intractable Offending Among African-American Males in Marginalized Contexts
Stacy Coster, Rena C. Zito

12. Crime Prevention Over the Life Course: Elder Abuse
Thomas Goergen, Marie Beaulieu

13. Implications of Life Course Approaches for Prevention Science
Michael L. Benson, Omeed S. Ilchi

Part IV. Methodological Issues in the Prevention of Crime and Violence

14. Sources of Crime Data
Jennifer Schwartz, Anthony Vega

15. Macro- and Micro-approaches to Crime Prevention and Intervention Programs
Karyn Sporer, Amy L. Anderson, Johanna Peterson

16. Research Designs in Crime and Violence Prevention
Ojmarrh Mitchell

17. Propensity Score Matching and Prevention Science
Gary Sweeten

Part V. What “Works” in Preventing Crime and Violence?

18. Risk Reduction via a Community-Wide Approach to Parenting and Family Support
Ronald J. Prinz, Emily N. Neger

19. Domestic Violence Prevention
Katie M. Edwards, Angela M. Neal, Kara Anne Rodenhizer-Stämpfli

20. The Good Behavior Game
Jeanne M. Donaldson, Katie M. Wiskow

21. Promising Avenues for Prevention: Confronting Sexual Victimization on College Campuses
Andia M. Azimi, Leah E. Daigle

22. Situational Crime Prevention
Auzeen Shariati, Rob T. Guerette

23. Hot Spots Policing: Theoretical Perspectives, Scientific Evidence, and Proper Implementation
Anthony A. Braga

24. Pulling Levers to Prevent Violence: “The Boston Miracle,” Its Adaptations, and Future Directions for Research
Samantha M. Henderson, Samuel S. Peterson, Robin S. Engel

25. The Missing Link in CPTED Theory
Gregory Saville

26. Drug Courts: A Secondary Prevention Model
Wendy P. Guastaferro, Laura Lutgen, Kate Guastaferro

27. Prisoner Reentry as Secondary Crime Prevention
Rita Augustyn, Lisa L. Sample

Part VI. New Directions in Crime Prevention

28. Methodological Advances in Crime Prevention Research
Christopher J. Sullivan, Brandon C. Welsh

29. Sustaining Crime Prevention at Scale: Transforming Delivery Systems Through Prevention Science
Ross Homel, Brian Bumbarger, Kate Freiberg, Sara Branch

30. Crime and Decision Making: New Directions for Crime Prevention
Hanno Petras, Weiwei Liu

Keywords: Criminology and Criminal Justice, Criminology and Criminal Justice, general, Public Health, Child and School Psychology

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