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Advances in Mechanism Design II

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Table of contents

Part I. General Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, Analysis and Synthesis of Planar and Spatial Mechanisms, Linkages and Cams, Robots and Manipulators

1. IFToMM in MMS Developments
Marco Ceccarelli

2. General Algorithm for Computing the Theoretical Centering Precision of the Gripping Devices
E.-C. Lovasz, V. Mesaroş-Anghel, C. M. Gruescu, C. E. Moldovan, M. Ceccarelli

3. Design and Development of a Heddle Shaft Mechanism for Air-Jet Weaving Machines
F. Schwarzfischer, S. Kurtenbach, J. Onischke, B. Corves

4. On Transfemoral Prosthetic Knee Design Using RRSS Motion and Axode Generation
J. D’Alessio, K. Russell, R. S. Sodhi

5. On Approach Based on Lie Groups and Algebras to the Structural Synthesis of Parallel Robots
L. Rybak, D. Malyshev, A. Chichvarin

6. Life Estimation of the Contact Surfaces
M. Hejnová, J. Ondrášek

7. Calculation of the Contours of a Radial Double Cam Based on an Approximate Course of the 2nd Derivative of the Displacement Law of a Working Link
P. Jirásko, M. Václavík

8. The Elastic Compression in the Contact Region of a Cam Mechanism General Kinematic Pair
J. Ondrášek

9. Design of a Legged Walking Robot with Adjustable Parameters
Y. Zhang, V. Arakelian, J.-P. Le Baron

10. Positioning Control of a Micro Manipulation Robot Based on Voice Command Recognition for the Microscopic Cell Operation
H. Terada, K. Makino, H. Nishizaki, E. Yanase, T. Suzuki, T. Tanzawa

11. Spherical Ultrasonic Motor for Space
U. Nishizawa, S. Toyama, T. Oohashi

Part II. Dynamics of Machines and Mechanisms, Rotor Dynamics

12. Multi-physical Analysis of the Forces in the Flexible Rotor Supported by the Magnetorheological Squeeze Film Dampers
P. Ferfecki, J. Zapoměl, M. Marek

13. Experimental Evaluation of a Rotor Model Based Foundation Identification Procedure
M. Yu, N. Feng, E. Hahn

14. Researching of the Method of Separation of Fine-Grain Particles by Centrifugation in a Liquid Medium
A. B. Kydyrbekuly, L. A. Khajieva, G. E. Ybraev

15. The Steady State Response of Multi-disc Rotors Damped by Magnetorheological Squeeze Film Dampers
J. Zapoměl, P. Ferfecki

16. Inertia Matrix and Vehicle Driveability
P. Brabec, M. Malý, R. Voženílek

17. Unexpected Vibrations of Relatively Simple Cutting Machine Mechanism
P. Šidlof, Z. Braier, P. Klouček, J. Ondrášek

18. Effect of Oil Viscosity on Pulsating Flow in Pipe
L. Hružík, A. Bureček, M. Vašina

19. Experimental Research and Mathematical Modeling of Scroll Machine in Air Motor Mode
V. I. Ivlev, S. Yu. Misyurin, A. P. Nelyubin

20. Analysis of the Mechanism of the Drill Hammer
M. Konečný

21. Free Vibration Frequency Spectrum of Four-Planetary Gearing Box
L. Půst, L. Pešek, A. Radolfová

22. Speed Control of 3-Phase Induction Motor in Presence of Sommerfeld Effect
A. Bisoi, R. Bhattacharyya, A. K. Samantaray

Part III. Computational Mechanics

23. Various Strategies of Elastic Forces Evaluation in the Absolute Nodal Coordinate Formulation
R. Bulín, M. Hajžman

24. Nonlinear Vibration of Nuclear Fuel Rods
Š. Dyk, V. Zeman

25. Thermal Field Simulation of Repair Threads in a Hole in the Cover of a Pressure Vessel by Welding Using Sysweld
R. Jančo, P. Élesztős

26. Simulation of Isothermal Compression Test
I. Matoušek, O. Matúšek

27. Influence of Bubbles in the Shock Liquid at Its Compressibility
M. Sivčák, T. Hruš

28. Procedure for Seismic Analysis of Liquid Storage Tanks Using FEM Approach and Analytical Models
M. Sivý, M. Musil

Part IV. Vibration and Noise in Machines

29. Forced Response Reduction of a Compressor Blisk Rotor Employing Intentional Mistuning
B. Beirow, A. Kühhorn, J. Nipkau

30. Flat Flexural Vibration of Drill-String with an Initial Curvature
A. S. Sergaliyev, L. A. Khajiyeva

31. A Design of the Two Architectures of Electromagnetic Vibration Energy Harvesting Devices
M. Maták, M. Gašparík, P. Šolek, M. Margetin

32. Acoustic Solution for a Car Cab Interior
P. Němeček

33. Possibilities for Reducing Car Gearbox Vibration and Noise
E. Tomeh

34. Reduced Order Analyses of Multi-stage Coupled Structures with Main Focus on Disk-Dominated Modes
R. Weber, A. Kühhorn

Part V. Optimization of Mechanisms and Machines, Mechanisms of Textile Machines

35. Composite Production and Industrial Robot Trajectory Calculation
T. Martinec, J. Mlýnek, M. Petrů

36. The Pinion Teeth Temperatures Measured During the Different Power Levels Operation
M. Mazac, M. Maly

37. A Novel Four Wheel Vehicle
S. Pramanik, S. S. Thipse

38. Cam Mechanism for Car Seat Testing
P. Srb, P. Kulhavy, V. Fliegel, P. Lepsik

39. Offset of Natural Frequencies of Toothed Wheel by Means of Parametric Optimisation
J. Stadnicki, M. Głąbek

40. Diagnosis of a Common Rail High Pressure Injector System
P. Starý

41. Design of a Tribometer for Piston Rings
R. Voženílek, S. Beroun, J. Břoušek

42. Mathematical Model of Elastic Heald
M. Bílek, Š. Kovář, J. Skřivánek

43. Dynamic Model of the Mechanical System of the Needle Bar
J. Komárek

44. Electronic Link Between the Needle Cylinder and the Dial of the Small Diameter Knitting Machine
J. Skřivánek, M. Bílek, O. Baťka, M. Kašpárek

45. Utilization of Magnetic Accumulators for the Traversing Rod of the Yarn Winding System on Rotor Spinning Machines
J. Valtera

46. Mechatronic Model for Traversing Rod Longitudinal Vibration Analysis
P. Žabka

47. Adaptive Timing of Relay Nozzles of an Air Jet Weaving Loom
J. Žák

Part VI. Mechatronics, Control and Monitoring Systems of Machines

48. The Testing Stand of the Direct Linear and the Torque Servo Drives Siemens Controlled by the Simotion C
J. Antoš

49. New Method of Contactless Measurement and Analysis of CNC Machine Spindle Lopping
Z. Braier, P. Šidlof, V. Čejka, P. Žďárek

50. Smart Rehabilitation Splint
J. Cernohorsky, M. Cadek

51. Implementation of Specific Displacement Diagrams for the Control of Kinetic Sculptures with Yaskawa Electronic Cams
P. Dostrašil

52. Semi-automatic Transmission in a Car
M. Gašparík, M. Černý, P. Šolek, M. Maták

53. Improvement of Dynamic Characteristics of the Car in the Light of Technological Evolution
F. Palčák

54. Rotary Table Machine Input Parameters Optimization
A. Richter, J. Ondrášek

Keywords: Engineering, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering, Computational Science and Engineering

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Mechanisms and Machine Science
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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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