Corpas, Francisco J.

Redox State as a Central Regulator of Plant-Cell Stress Responses

Corpas, Francisco J. - Redox State as a Central Regulator of Plant-Cell Stress Responses, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Cellular Redox Homeostasis as Central Modulator in Plant Stress Response
C. Paciolla, A. Paradiso, M. C. de Pinto

2. Plant Cell Redox Homeostasis and Reactive Oxygen Species
A. Trchounian, M. Petrosyan, N. Sahakyan

3. Redox Balance in Chloroplasts as a Modulator of Environmental Stress Responses: The Role of Ascorbate Peroxidase and Nudix Hydrolase in Arabidopsis

T. Ishikawa, T. Maruta, T. Ogawa, K. Yoshimura, S. Shigeoka

4. Physiological Processes Contributing to the Synthesis of Ascorbic Acid in Plants
C. G. Bartoli, M. E. Senn, G. E. Gergoff Grozeff

5. Redox State in Plant Mitochondria and its Role in Stress Tolerance
N. V. Bykova, A. U. Igamberdiev

6. Oxidative Stress and its Role in Peroxisome Homeostasis in Plants
T. Su, Q. Shao, P. Wang, C. Ma

7. Glutathione-Related Enzyme System: Glutathione Reductase (GR), Glutathione Transferases (GSTs) and Glutathione Peroxidases (GPXs)
J. Csiszár, E. Horváth, K. Bela, Á. Gallé

8. Glutathione Metabolism in Plants Under Metal and Metalloid Stress and its Impact on the Cellular Redox Homoeostasis
Luis E. Hernández, A. González, A. Navazas, Á. Barón-Sola, F. Martínez, A. Cuypers, C. Ortega-Villasante

9. Glutathione and Related Enzymes in Response to Abiotic Stress
I. Štolfa, D. Špoljarić Maronić, T. Žuna Pfeiffer, Z. Lončarić

10. The Function of Cellular Redox Homeostasis and Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in Plants Tolerance to Abiotic Stresses
Qinghua Shi, Biao Gong

11. Abiotic Stress-Induced Redox Changes and Programmed Cell Death in Plants—A Path to Survival or Death?
S. R. Kumar, G. Mohanapriya, R. Sathishkumar

12. The Role of ROS and Redox Signaling During the Initial Cellular Response to Abiotic Stress
Jos H. M. Schippers, R. Schmidt

13. The Cadmium-Binding Thioredoxin O Acts as an Upstream Regulator of the Redox Plant Homeostasis
Moêz Smiri, Sami Boussami, Takwa Missaoui, Amor Hafiane

14. Arsenic Tolerance in Plants: Cellular Maneuvering Through Sulfur Metabolites
D. Talukdar

15. Regulation of Stomatal Responses to Abiotic and Biotic Stresses by Redox State
Y. Murata, S. Munemasa, I. C. Mori

16. The Antioxidant Power of Arginine/Nitric Oxide Attenuates Damage Induced by Methyl Viologen Herbicides in Plant Cells
N. Correa-Aragunde, P. Negri, F. Castello, N. Foresi, J. C. Polacco, L. Lamattina

17. Protein S-Nitrosylation and S-Glutathionylation as Regulators of Redox Homeostasis During Abiotic Stress Response
J. C. Begara-Morales, B. Sánchez-Calvo, M. Chaki, R. Valderrama, C. Mata-Pérez, F. J. Corpas, J. B. Barroso

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Physiology, Plant Biochemistry, Oxidative Stress

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