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Surgical Emergencies in the Cancer Patient

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Table of contents

1. Preoperative Evaluation of the Cancer Patient for Emergency Surgery
Russell J. Gray, Michael W. Lew

2. Toxicity of Antineoplastic Therapy and Considerations for Perioperative Care
Robert J. Morgan, Rondi Marie Kauffmann

3. Surgical Considerations and Emergencies in the Cancer Patient Receiving Immunotherapy
Joseph Chao, Marwan Fakih

4. Surgery in the Thrombocytopenic and Coagulopathic Patient
Urs W. Holzen, Sachin Agarwal, Roderich Egbert Schwarz

5. Emergency Surgery After Previous Radiation Therapy
Roy E. Abendroth, LiXi Yang

6. Emergent Image-Guided Treatments in the Cancer Patient
Jonathan Kessler

7. Cross-Sectional and Nuclear Imaging as Part of Emergency Workup
Dana Haddad, Yuman Fong

8. Thoracic Emergencies: Tracheobronchial, Pulmonary, and Pleural Diseases
Loretta Erhunmwunsee, Dan J. Raz

9. Esophageal and Mediastinal Emergencies in the Cancer Patient
Jae Y. Kim, Frederic W. Grannis

10. Diagnostic Approach to Life-Threatening Pulmonary Infiltrates
Frederic W. Grannis, James Ito, Argelia Jossie Sandoval, Sharon P. Wilczynski, John Martin Hogan, Loretta Erhunmwunsee

11. Colon and Rectal Surgical Emergencies
Kurt Melstrom, Stephen M. Sentovich

12. Hepatobiliary Emergencies
Susanne Warner

13. Pancreatic Emergencies in the Cancer Patient
Oliver S. Eng, Laleh G. Melstrom

14. Endocrine Surgical Emergencies in the Cancer Patient
John H. Yim

15. Surgical Emergencies in Gynecologic Oncology
Ernest S. Han, Stephen Lee, Mark T. Wakabayashi

16. Fulminating Soft-Tissue Infections
George Calvert

17. Neurological Emergencies
Todd Harshbarger, Rahul Jandial

18. Vascular Emergencies in Oncologic Surgery
Mary E. Ottinger, Karl A. Illig

19. Surgical Management of Head and Neck Emergencies in the Cancer Patient
Robert S. Kang, Ellie Maghami, Thomas J. Gernon

20. Surgical Emergencies in Breast Surgery
Amy Caton Polverini, Laura Kruper

21. Pediatric Perioperative Complications and Emergencies
Jeremy R. Jackson, Henri R. Ford, Eugene S. Kim

22. Dermatologic Emergencies
Timothy Almazan, Jonathan Cotliar, Jae Yeon Jung

23. Management of Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infections in Cancer Patients
Yanghee Woo

24. Management of Perioperative Medications Including Steroids, Growth Factors, and Hormone Receptors
Theresa W. Chan, Niloofar Latifi, Anna Weiss, Sarah L. Blair

25. Emergencies in Patients with Bone Marrow Transplant
Julian A. Sanchez

26. Emergencies After Solid Organ Transplant: Liver Transplantation
Vichin Puri, Steven Colquhoun

27. Surgery for Cancer After Previous Bariatric Surgery
Sandeep Malhotra, Savio George Barreto

28. Emergencies After Cytoreductive Surgery and Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC)
Sinziana Dumitra, Byrne Lee

29. Hepatic Artery Infusion (HAI) for Colorectal Liver Metastases and Complications of HAI Pump
May Cho, Lucille A. Leong

30. Surgical Emergencies in the Palliative Care Setting
Robert S. Krouse, Brian Badgwell

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, General Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Oncology

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