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Table of contents

Part I. Between Tradition and Modernity

1. The Transformations of Mindfulness
Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi

2. The Challenge of Mindful Engagement
David R. Loy

3. ‘Paying Attention’ in a Digital Economy: Reflections on the Role of Analysis and Judgement Within Contemporary Discourses of Mindfulness and Comparisons with Classical Buddhist Accounts of Sati

Richard King

4. Mindfulness Within the Full Range of Buddhist and Asian Meditative Practices
Geoffrey Samuel

5. Mindfulness: Traditional and Utilitarian
David Brazier

6. Can “Secular” Mindfulness Be Separated from Religion?
Candy Gunther Brown

7. The Mindful Self in Space and Time
Jack Petranker

Part II. Neoliberal Mindfulness Versus Critical Mindfulness

8. Selling Mindfulness: Commodity Lineages and the Marketing of Mindful Products
Jeff Wilson

9. Mindfulness and the Moral Imperative for the Self to Improve the Self
Richard K. Payne

10. The Critique of Mindfulness and the Mindfulness of Critique: Paying Attention to the Politics of Our Selves with Foucault’s Analytic of Governmentality
Edwin Ng

11. A Meta-Critique of Mindfulness Critiques: From McMindfulness to Critical Mindfulness
Zack Walsh

12. Notes Toward a Coming Backlash
Per Drougge

13. Is There a Corporate Takeover of the Mindfulness Industry? An Exploration of Western Mindfulness in the Public and Private Sector
Christopher Titmuss

14. Corporate Mindfulness and the Pathologization of Workplace Stress
Alex Caring-Lobel

15. Mindfulness in the Working Life. Beyond the “Corporate” View, in Search for New Spaces of Awareness and Equanimity
Massimo Tomassini

Part III. Genealogies of Mindfulness-Based Interventions

16. Against One Method: Contemplation in Context
Brooke D. Lavelle

17. Mindfulness-Based Interventions: Clinical Psychology, Buddhadharma, or Both? A Wisdom Perspective
David J. Lewis, Deborah Rozelle

18. Mindfulness: The Bottled Water of the Therapy Industry
Paul Moloney

19. The Fourth Treasure: Psychotherapy’s Contribution to the Dharma
Manu Bazzano

20. Constructing the Mindful Subject: Reformulating Experience Through Affective–Discursive Practice in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Steven Stanley, Charlotte Longden

21. Saving the World: Personalized Communication of Mindfulness Neuroscience
Jenny Eklöf

22. The Ultimate Rx: Cutting Through the Delusion of Self-cherishing
Lisa Dale Miller

Part IV. Mindfulness as Critical Pedagogy

23. Critical Integral Contemplative Education
David Forbes

24. What Is the Sound of One Invisible Hand Clapping? Neoliberalism, the Invisibility of Asian and Asian American Buddhists, and Secular Mindfulness in Education
Funie Hsu

25. Through a Glass Darkly: The Neglect of Ethical and Educational Elements in Mindfulness-Based Interventions
Terry Hyland

26. Education as the Practice of Freedom: A Social Justice Proposal for Mindfulness Educators
Jennifer Cannon

27. The Curriculum of Right Mindfulness: The Relational Self and the Capacity for Compassion
Joy L. Mitra, Mark T. Greenberg

28. Community-Engaged Mindfulness and Social Justice: An Inquiry and Call to Action
Rhonda V. Magee

29. A Critical and Comprehensive Review of Mindfulness in the Early Years
Natalie Flores

30. A “Mechanism of Hope”: Mindfulness, Education, and the Developing Brain
Joshua Moses, Suparna Choudhury

31. Using a Mindfulness-Oriented Academic Success Course to Reduce Self-limiting Social Stereotypes in a Higher Education Context
Adam Burke

Part V. Commentary

32. Meditation Matters: Replies to the Anti-McMindfulness Bandwagon!
Rick Repetti

33. Criticism Matters: A Response to Rick Repetti
Glenn Wallis

Keywords: Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Complementary & Alternative Medicine, Neurosciences, Administration, Organization and Leadership, Business Strategy/Leadership

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Mindfulness in Behavioral Health
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